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30-12-2003 14:15

The Board of Deputies has welcomed the Government’s reply to the report from the Religious Offences Committee of the House of Lords. The report examined a number of issues, including the law on blasphemy and the case for introducing new laws to combat incitement to religious hatred.

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Call for Rural Council

30-12-2003 13:38

Call for Rural Democracy and Representation

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"Vanstone was warned that Afghans repatriated from Nauru may be killed"

30-12-2003 02:11

Refugee groups began lobbying Senator Vanstone and the Liberal Government after they were made aware of a flight leaving Nauru on 1 December to return
23 Afghan asylum seekers ‘voluntarily’ home to Afghanistan.(1)

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International And Seattle IMC's In Trouble! IMC Loses Server

30-12-2003 01:11

Seattle IMC Is Closing
International IMC Loses Server

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NEURO -- networking europe / makeworlds gathering

29-12-2003 23:19

radical theory and tech gathering for europe in germoney

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Armed pigs might fly

29-12-2003 21:31

Trained by the CIA, funded by Bush's family friends
Dear Tony The Terrorist

I see that the Yank zionist slave war mongers have twisted your arm into scaring the British public again.

Pigs really are going to fly - pigs armed with guns!

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MAAM New Years Eve Relaunch party Rescheduled

29-12-2003 16:07

The Movement Against The Monarchy relaunch party on New Years Eve at the EMSC has had to be rescheduled.

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Reflections on 2003: Ideologues and prophets, left and right

29-12-2003 15:42

2003 was not a year of Historic Victories or Historic Defeats; it was a year of constantly shifting relations of power between imperialism and popular resistance movements.

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China Property Reform

29-12-2003 13:45

Freedom to own property comes to China.

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US Emirate in Afghanistan

29-12-2003 08:40

Hamid Karzai to become Emir of Afghanistan?

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U.S. Army Arrests Student Demonstrators In Violent School Raid

29-12-2003 06:54

Twenty-six middle school students who threw stones at U.S. troops breaking up a neighborhood pro-Saddam rally Dec. 17
were arrested during a violent raid at their school the following day.

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Revolutionary Music Review: Evan Greer

28-12-2003 21:08

Young political songwriter Evan Greer has made a name for himself in Boston by gracing stages with the likes of David Rovics, Howard Zinn, and Tim Robbins. Erin Osgood of Flamejolt Magazine reviews his music, his politics, and his message.

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Tear down the wall!

28-12-2003 20:58

Protest in Qalqilila
Sjur CP reporting from Palestine

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israeli imc feeling threatened.

28-12-2003 20:30

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) was founded in 1972 as a non-political and independent body, with the goal of protecting human and civil rights in Israel and in the territories under Israeli control.
ACRI presently supporting Indymedia Israel (ACRI) have stated in a letter to the Attorney General of Israel: ''The investigation against Indymedia Israel has turned into intimidation, harming Freedom of Speech on the Internet.''

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Correction, Mars mission is from EC and not a British one.

28-12-2003 17:49

Some incorrect reports about the Mars mission from some British media.

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e-Group Set up for INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2004, March 8th

28-12-2003 16:24

An egroup has been set up for discussion about International Women's Day 2004

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28-12-2003 16:21


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Shooting Of Israeli Anarchist At Fence Protest

28-12-2003 15:54

IOF Shoot Israeli Anarchist at Fence Protest

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CCTV (video)

28-12-2003 13:03

Cameras are all around us.... Who is filming you?

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Diffrent rents

28-12-2003 10:32

If these money grabbing Housing Associations have their way working class people will go backwards to a Victorian age were we will have to tip our caps to the middle classes.