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Last Day of Bristol TAA- get on down

24-10-2009 13:39

BRISTOL TAA 2009 is nearly finished. Get on down quick!! The address is:
The Bell Hotel, 112 Bell Hill Road, Bristol, BS5 7NF. Here is the map:,+Avon+BS5+7NF&gl=uk&ei=nQvfSszmCcefjAf8g8SkBg&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CAkQ8gEwAA

for more info and photos:

SUNDAY: CLEAR UP all hands on deck to get it tidy!

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Why ???

24-10-2009 05:54

German soldiers to get different flu vaccine than civil population:
There should be a good reason for that ..!!

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Pictures of Pedal Powered Picketline (22-10-2009)

24-10-2009 01:02

On a cold Thursday night in the twenty first century, I found myself a part of a situation that my parents would have remembered from their own youthful years back in the 1970s - on a picket line, with the guts of an old Washing Machine providing the heat, in the absence of Brazier as was used back in the day.

This time it was because postal workers, in disgust at the way their management and the government has been treating them decided to walk out en masse from the depot on the Clifton Road Industrial Estate for two days.

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New Mayday magazine with Postal Worker theme

24-10-2009 00:28

Here is the latest front cover of Mayday magazine, its fab:) Launched at the Anarchist bookfair later today.

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Posties on Strike!

23-10-2009 23:04

The first coverage of the postal workers strike from Manchester.

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Spirit of Freedom Prisoner Listing Oct 2009

23-10-2009 22:48

Spirit of Freedom
(October 2009)
Produced by

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SchNEWS 696 - Sooty and Swoop

23-10-2009 19:41

Over a thousand swoopers descended on Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station over the weekend - Britain's 3rd largest carbon emitter - with the aim of shutting the whole place down... plus, Britain’s newest anti-arms campaign, Target Brimar, staged their inaugural demo on Saturday, a counter demo of around 600 anti-racists ensured the English Defence League in Wales came a cropper in Swansea on Saturday, two protesters convicted during the Smash EDO Carnival Against the Arms Trade have had their convictions quashed by an appeal court, and more...

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Nottingham & East Midlands COP15/Copenhagen meeting

23-10-2009 18:18

COP15/Copenhagen meeting
The Sumac Centre 8pm tuesday 3rd November.
Bar open after

Care about anything? Wanna go and go our 'leaders' and decision makers what for?

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Next: A Popular Referendum for a New Honduras Constitution?

23-10-2009 18:14

"The coup was held on June 28 precisely to stop a non-binding referendum – one that asked if Hondurans wanted the right to vote for or against a new Constitution – but the regime’s own insistence on holding faux “elections” on November 29 inadvertently provides the people with the opportunity to do the very thing the coup was intended to stop: To put up ballot boxes outside of every “official” polling place and survey the people on that original question.
Now that the Honduran civil resistance and its diverse social movements are so much better organized in every town and city than ever before, the little bird asked, why not utilize the November 29 date of the regime’s sham “elections” to hold a real referendum?"

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This Week in Palestine -Week 43 2009

23-10-2009 18:06


Welcome to This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for October 17th to the 23rd, 2009

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G20 counter conference

23-10-2009 18:01

Details on alternative event as G20 finance ministers gather.

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Novartis threaten the right to protest banners and costumes

23-10-2009 17:57

On Wednesday 28th Novartis are back in court trying to extend their injunction against Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty. You may think that this is just an animal rights issue, but the new terms that Novartis are seeking will set a frightening precedent that will affect everyone's right to protest.

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3 arrests at Zippos circus

23-10-2009 17:06

On Thursday night there where 3 arrestsa Zippos circus in Cambridge

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Support the EDO decommissioners action from Palestine

23-10-2009 17:03

To coincide with the Support the EDO Decommissioners week of events, activists joined the weekly demonstration against the wall in Bilin, occupied Palestine.

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Guildford Book Festival 2009

23-10-2009 16:43

Now in its 20th year, the Guildford Book Festival is a ten day event held in the autumn.

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Resist Militarism, Smash NATO! Edinburgh Nov.13th

23-10-2009 16:11

In November the NATO Parliamentary Assembly will meet in Edinburgh, lets join together to show them that they're not welcome!

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New Deal is bad for your health

23-10-2009 15:12

Welcome to CDG detention camp
Bastards at CDG and Job centre destroyed my health!

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For Whom the (Steve) Bell tolls...

23-10-2009 15:09

Maggie Maggie Maggie! Out! Out! Out!
Last night a true legend amongst political satirists, by the name of Steve Bell, came to Cambridge and spoke to a very full lecture threatre on Mill Lane.

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Report about Greek prisons

23-10-2009 13:27

Christos Stratigopoulos is a greek anarchist who recently arrested for bank robbery together with Italian anarchist Alfredo Bonnano. They both are in prison