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Coal Blooded Murder in Colombia

24-06-2009 20:45

Colombia union workers and coal miners continue legal battle against global coal multinational Drummond

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ADL Hate Laws Hate Freedom of Speech

24-06-2009 20:22

The Anti-Defamation League (as its contrarian euphemism for an organization that does little, if anything, to fight defamation against Arabs and Muslims by rabid Islamo-phobes in the U.S. like Jewish-American Michael Savage) is “again” proposing another anti-free-speech bill disguised as the “Megan Meier Cyberbullying Prevention Act” HR 1966, which makes it a thought crime to “intimidate” and “harass” anyone over the Internet or on the airwaves.

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Brazil, out of Haiti!

24-06-2009 19:53

Five years against the occupation of UN troops, called MINUSTAH, headed by Brazilian troops

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Selective Sympathy for Iran

24-06-2009 19:13

Concerned human rights activists find themselves in a difficult situation. While they have justifiable concerns about the treatment of anti-government protesters, they must always keep in mind that warfare is the worst human rights abuse of all. The greatest risk to the Iranian people comes from the American president, who had already proclaimed that military action against Iran should not be “taken off the table.”

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Iran in Rebellion in this Week's Socialist WebZine

24-06-2009 18:45

* Neda Agha-Soltan, Presente! Murdered June 20, 2009

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Mainshill Solidarity Camp presented with eviction papers

24-06-2009 18:34

At 17:00 in the afternoon on Wednesday 24th of June occupiers of the Mainshill Solidarity Camp in south Lanarkshire were handed eviction papers by a sheriff officer. The Solidarity camp has been summoned to appear at Lanark sheriff court on Monday the 29th at 9:45 am.

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Update And Info From Calais No Border Camp

24-06-2009 16:55

A farcical curtain of steel has descended on Calais, and the massive campaign of demonisation of our camp by the local authorities continues in the press. The camp is now fully set up with approx 300 people from all over Europe. Many local people are visiting the site and a group of around 40 mostly Kurdish and Afghani migrants. It is nice big site, quite open for people to come walk around and a lot of local kids hanging out. It runs alongside the main motorway from the port out of town and is just a few minutes from the Jungle, the makeshift camps where migrants are living. Many of the migrants seem to be very young, one just 12 year old Afghani visited the camp last night. Migrants report that currently the controls at the border are very tight and that no one has been getting through for few weeks, consequently the number of migrants in Calais are at their highest in several years.

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Kew Bridge Eco-Village - Photos

24-06-2009 16:31

Photographs of the Kew Bridge Eco-Village two weeks after the occupation.
Pictures Copyright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Palestine Today 062409

24-06-2009 16:10


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Wednesday June 24th 2009.

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McDonalds McLibel Protest 2009 + Video

24-06-2009 15:27

McDonalds waste there cash on security while activists get the message out!

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Interview with El Libertario (Venezuela – June 2009)

24-06-2009 13:40

* From Madrid the anarchist group Star, linked to the Iberian Federation of Anarchists Youths (Federación Ibérica de Juventudes Anarquistas-FIJA-), has raised questions whose answers will let us know today and in detail what is doing and saying the known Venezuelan anarchist newspaper.

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Eviction Resisted at Lewisham Bridge School

24-06-2009 13:32

Up to 100 people gathered at the occupied Lewisham Bridge School this morning to stop today’s eviction scheduled for 10:30am.

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IWW protests against Total attacks on workers' right to strike

24-06-2009 12:09

Following the sacking of 647 striking workers by Total last week, the Industrial Workers of the World yesterday (Tuesday) protested outside one of the main Total petrol stations in Birmingham. They called for an end to the further assault on workers' rights.

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Holocaust Denier Nick Kollerstrom to appear at Conway Hall

24-06-2009 11:35

“Conway Hall is a landmark of London’s independent intellectual, political and cultural life.

For over one hundred years the Ethical Society had its centre at South Place in the City of London, where it fostered freedom in moral and spiritual life and thought. In order to have a wider range of influence and greater scope for development the Society decided to build a new home in Red Lion Square, Bloomsbury.”

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Germany: A quarter of a million people at the "education strike"

24-06-2009 10:41

A nationwide mobilization of school and university students: After the last major school students' strike in Germany in November 2008, there were large demonstrations across the country on June 17 in the framework of a week-long "education strike"

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International Protests aboput Iranian Workers

24-06-2009 10:22

If your city is not included -organise a protest on the 26th June !!

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Aviation biofuels protest targets Virgin Atlantic

24-06-2009 10:16

On top of Terminal 3 entrance
Activists from Plane Stupid and Action Against Agrofuels protested at Heathrow Terminal 3 outside the Virgin check-in about the proposed use of biofuels for aviation. Monday 22nd June was chosen as it was the 25th anniversary of Virgin Atlantic who plan to meet 5% of their 2015 aviation fuel quota from biofuels. Most of this will inevitably come from palm oil.

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45 people killed by drone at funeral Pakistan

24-06-2009 09:49

smash the drones and any compny connected
At least 45 people have been killed after missiles were fired from a US "drone" at the funeral of a suspected Taliban commander of the Pakistani Taliban in South Waziristan, Pakistan officials have said.

The attack by the unmanned aircraft was carried out in the village of Najmarai in the Makeen district on Tuesday, Pakistani intelligence officials and witnesses said.