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DSEi march: small, but colourful & fun

06-09-2003 18:12

Folks from Oxford joined 500-1500 people marching through Central
London in protest at the arms fair (DSEi) which is coming to London's
Docklands next week.

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Dungavel Detention Centre

06-09-2003 18:08

the samba band was üplaying at the arrival
The Scottish Trade Union Council called for a demonstration at Dungavel Detention Centre, to close this prison like institution down, AND to treat refugees and asylum seekers humanely and with respect.

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DSEi Boat Action - Noise Demo - welcome to released activists

06-09-2003 18:07

Around 16 people were arrested this morning for their part in an attempt to blockade the DSEi harbour area with boats.

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9/11 "conspiracy" theory finally hits maintream media (Guardian)

06-09-2003 17:41

In an article in the Guardian, former government minister Michael Meacher sets out the truth behind the real reason for the invasion of Iraq, and questions whether the US authorities knew about 9-11 but failed to prevent it so as to garner (geddit?!) support for their "war on terror".

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He is an artist on Job Seeker's Allowance..

06-09-2003 17:40

An overview of a week in Access Space

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Iraqi Solidarity Action Round-Up

06-09-2003 17:38

Round-Up of solidarity activities in Iraq in the past few days and future...

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This war on terrorism is bogus - ALMOST OFFICIAL

06-09-2003 17:30

The 9/11 attacks gave the US an ideal pretext to use force to secure its global domination

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Rumsfeld Rumbled! - activists protest war criminals meeting in Baghdad

06-09-2003 17:29

Activists from Ireland, Poland/England, The US, Kurdistan and Iraq protested outside the Iraqi Convention Centre in Baghdad against the presence of recent Afghanistan and Iraqi war architect and US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

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Voices: Activists Disrupt General Sanchez Press Conference

06-09-2003 17:13

News Of Last Weeks Protest In Iraq

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Al-Jazeera Journos Hold Protest For Jailed Collegue in Baghdad

06-09-2003 16:57

Journalists at Al Jazeera hold a sit-in protest outside the Spanish Embassy in Baghdad tomorrow against the arrest of their collegue Tayseer Aloni. Jazeera have been recieving intense criticism from the US Occupation Authorities and the US government for what they say is biased reporting which is promoting incitement to vioelnce against US Troops.

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DSEi March Photos, Saturday Afternoon

06-09-2003 16:36

march 1
Here are a few photos from the march against the DSEi Arms Fair in London's docklands on Saturday afternoon.

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DSEI march in London

06-09-2003 15:27

Marching against the death fair.

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Offline 15 - DSEI special

06-09-2003 15:26

Here is issue 15 of offline - with info about DSEI arms fair
Please print out and distribute

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06-09-2003 15:22

you, dreaming of freedom,
dreaming of space,


let's open the doors
let's free the space...

from the 15th of oktober


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06-09-2003 14:49

Hunter's Bar against War is holding its first

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Video of DSEi boat action

06-09-2003 13:03

quick hash...

three formats

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PLEASE Increase the fonts size on UK Indymedia

06-09-2003 12:54

This site is very difficult to read for any length of time for visually impaired people--it causes eye-strain within a few minutes.

The site is constructed in such a way that prevents browsers from increasing text size. Why? Why? Why?

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War on terrorism bogus - Meacher

06-09-2003 10:26

Truth will out - eventually....

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boat actions goin off at DSEi - this morning - sat

06-09-2003 09:28

A pixie just told me that this morning people have been protesting against the dsei arms fair, taking direct action on the water against military ships arriving for the fair.

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Video Meeting for DSEI Sun 7th 12pm

06-09-2003 08:14

Video meeting to plan for DSEI Sunday 12pm 7th Sept. after the IMC volunteers meeting at the convergence space