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Who's Capitulating to Terror?

23-03-2004 11:01

Since the bombings in Madrid on March 11th and the subsequent removal of the government in Spain, consumers of mainstream media have become used to references to `the Spanish capitulation to terror' and `votes for appeasement'. Within the UK, the Daily Telegraph has been particularly vociferous in its condemnation of the Spanish electorate's decision to oust Aznar's government, but they have certainly not been the only ones.

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Earth Activist Training

23-03-2004 10:52

2 week permaculture course for activists in Gloucestershire

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Demonstrate against Israel today (Tuesday)

23-03-2004 10:34


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23-03-2004 10:27

30 Coca Cola Workers in their first week of hunger strike in Colombia

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Picket the Israeli Embassy tonight - 5 - 7pm

23-03-2004 10:21

Stop Israeli assassinations - Free Palestine 5pm outside Israeli Embassy, London (nearest tube Kensington High St: turn left outside the tube station and walk for 3 minutes)

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Eviction At Blackwood Is Happening NOW!

23-03-2004 09:20

Blackwood Eviction Is Happening NOW!

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23-03-2004 08:38

THE public health experts - and their amen corner in the media - owe Helen Gurley Brown an apology.

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For Urgent Public Notice:

23-03-2004 08:04

Dear indymedia readers and contributors,
It has come to my attention that articles covering national liberation struggles overseas particularly from Colombia and Nepal are being removed somehow after they are posted. This is disturbing and very offensive for anyone wanting to post news and information and is in breach of the spirit of this website. Maybe someone can help with this problem? This ongoing right-wing political activity must stop.

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EVICTION OF BLACKWOOD HAPPENING NOW - illegal - action needed!!

23-03-2004 08:04

eviction of blackwood started at 5.30 this morning. they're waiting for the under sherrif to arrive so they can continue - ACTION needed NOW!!!!!

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Boycott Bayer GM - Get yer posters here!

23-03-2004 08:02

Campaigners have produced free, brightly coloured "Boycott Bayer" posters. Ideal for posting next to chemists, vets, garden centres and doctors surgeries to let them and the public know about the campaign against Bayer and it's attempts to introduce GM crops into the UK. Bayer is the only remaining company pushing GM crops in the UK at the moment and the focus of a campaign against them. See below for more information.

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Blackwood eviction... IN PRoGRESS

23-03-2004 07:17

Baliffs and climbers have entered all camps for eviction.
Some activists are in trees, another in tunnel. (currently trying to be talked out)
Walkways have been cut around campaigners. People are still breaching the security cordon in order to defend camps. HELP!

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Group tying self to blast in madrid may not be real

23-03-2004 06:12

by Brian Bender and Farah Stockman

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On the Murder of Sheikh Yassin

23-03-2004 05:44

there will never be a safer israel than a freer palestine

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More pix from Stop The War Demo London 20/03/04

23-03-2004 04:00

More Pix from Saturdays demo. feedback and comments welcome

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Assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin

23-03-2004 02:43

Is this assassination any more than just murder?

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Refusing For Israel

23-03-2004 02:42

"The bloodshed will not end unless we refuse." Arik Diamant, Director

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Colombo Voice Documents related to the Sri Lanka Peace Process

23-03-2004 00:47

These voice files reflect the secretiveness and the lack of transparency in the Sri Lankan peace process during the past two years, concerned citizens have felt the need to expose these files to the public. The conversations on these files reflect the fact that this peace process has been the private affair of some of the powerful individuals at work in Sri Lanka, particularly those belonging to the LTTE, Norway and the UNF including the bureaucracy. These files were recorded during the later half of’ 2002.

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Help coordinate Scotland speaking tour for Iraq eye witness.

22-03-2004 22:43

We are putting together a series of talks for Ewa J, just back from 9 months in Iraq, and several months in Jenin, Palestine. We want the talks to be discussions where individuals can discuss and debate issues around violence, self defence, pre-emptive strikes, media etc.

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Films and speakers - Marching to Aldermaston

22-03-2004 20:53

Short films and speaker meeting on Tuesday 23rd March, 7.30pm at the Friends Meeting House (43 St Giles) in the build up to the Easter March to Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment.