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60 Years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

26-11-2008 16:30

Bruce Kent
Tuesday evening 25 November 2008 Amnesty International hosted an evening of talks, music and video clips in Holy Trinity Church top of the cobbled High Street in Guildford to mark 60 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to ask the pertinent question: How much has been achieved?

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The Gaza Ghetto (by Latuff)

26-11-2008 15:54

The world's largest ghetto
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Anti-Capitalist Bloc on Climate March 2008

26-11-2008 15:37

Saturday 6 December, Assembly 12 Noon at US Embassy, Grosvenor Square to march on Parliament. Join the CLIMATE MARCH 2008!


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Big Brother - Train to snoop on AR people

26-11-2008 15:33

Company offering courses on how to snoop on AR people! Wonder if the Human Rights Act is on the course agenda i.e. The Right to Assembly, the Right to Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Speech etc?

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Palestine Today 112608

26-11-2008 15:32

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center for Wednesday November 26 2008

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Sokari Douglas Camp exhibition "Strength of Feeling". Art Exchange, Hyson Green

26-11-2008 14:34

Quote: "“I accuse the oil companies of practising genocide against the Ogoni" Ken Saro-Wiwa.

Currently, at the New Art Exchange in Hyson Green, Nottingham, there is an exhibition of the acclaimed Nigerian-born artist Sokari Douglas Camp.

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Identity Cards Protest, Lunar House, Croydon - Pictures.

26-11-2008 13:44

What Just Happened?
Campaigners gather at the UK Border Agency at Lunar House, Croydon in London on the day the British Government provisionally introduce Identity Cards to the United Kingdom.

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Liverpool anti-ID picket: No One Is Illegal

26-11-2008 13:38

20 students and No Borders/anti-ID campaigners from Manchester made their way to Liverpool on 25th November, the day that the government introduced ID cards for non-EU nationals living in the UK. There they joined a group of 30 Merseyside activists outside Reliance House to protest at the introduction of compulsory ID cards for international students and non-EU spouses on that day.

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HIV carriers to be microchipped in Indonesia

26-11-2008 12:58

HIV carriers in the Papau province of Indonesia will be microchipped from next month if government legislation (popular with MPs) goes through.

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Buy Nothing Day Leeds

26-11-2008 11:56

In Briggate this Saturday (29th of Nov) there will be a Buy Nothing extravaganza. We will have Christmas carols telling people of the woes of shopping, there will be hot tea and coffee to help ex-shoppers readjust to there new found happiness, and ideas of presents that do not involve consumerism. From
11am - till dark we will be asking people to question consumerism and join us in buying nothing!

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House of Lords Critical Mass appeal.

26-11-2008 11:00

From by brief reading of this just published judgement, and correct me if I am wrong, it would seem that the appeal has been upheld and that London CM is a customarily held procession for which prior police notification is not required.

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Solihull protest against the imposition of biometric ID cards on migrants

26-11-2008 10:37

UK Border Agency Office at 41 Station Road Solihull
Yesterday Noborders Birmingham protested against the imposition of biometric ID cards at the UK Border Agency Office in Solihull. They were met by a puzzling disproportionate police response at Dominion Court, 41 Station Road, Solihull - around 12 police officers, including 3 police vans and an evidence gatherer. This may have something to do with the policing of a previous protest around the corner at Sandford House, the home office reporting centre, where hundreds of Congolese demonstrators facing mass deportation occupied the main road

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United and Strong Anti-fascist benefit Sat 29 Nov

26-11-2008 10:08

United and Strong - Anti-fascist benefit
A late night of loud music and cool politics

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Yves Yitgna Njitchoua / Urgent Action needed right now

26-11-2008 07:34

Yves Yitgna Njitchoua
Yves Yitgna Njitchoua a national of Cameroonian and resident of Manchester, currently in Campsfield IRC. Is due to be forcibly removed from UK today Wednesday 26 November 2008 @ 19:00hrs on Kenya Airways Flight KQ101 from London Heathrow terminal 4 to Nairobi, and flight KQ518 to Douala Cameroon.

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Larry Cox, head of Amnesty International, silent as guard assaults activist.

26-11-2008 03:25

Banner, you can do it too.
Larry Cox, head of Amnesty International, stood silent as a guard violently assaulted a human rights activist who asked him a question at a public gathering at the Ethical Culture Society.

The four minute Youtube video was posted at:

The activist was there to draw attention to AI's support of the Merida Initiative, aka, Plan Mexico, a military aid package that arms the Mexican army and police who are involved in the murder and arrest of activists in Oaxaca and Chiapas and the massacres in Atenco.

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Common Purpose 'leadership charity' at the BBC

26-11-2008 00:41

Scoop? Hardly, but here's an interesting list of BBC Common Purpose graduates which was sent to me anonymously. It shows, if genuine, that Common Purpose has been targeting the BBC quite specifically, as I'm sure most organisations won't have such a high proportion of Common Purpose graduates. Most of these people will probably be entirely unaware of the criticism the likes of Ex-Royal Naval officer Brian Gerrish have been levelling at the charity. See if you recognise on-air staff from your BBC region.

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Anti-ID card demo in Cardiff

25-11-2008 22:20

Big Brother is Coming
Over 60 people gathered in Cardiff outside the UK Border Agency, 31-33 Newport Road at noon today to oppose the introduction of ID cards.

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The true cost to the UK

25-11-2008 20:36

From this month the Government begins issuing what it calls, with an obvious nasty spin, “ID cards for foreigners”.

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Thousands to March Against MassEviction for a Themepark in South Afgrica

25-11-2008 20:34

Ten thousand Zulu families, perhaps 50 thousand people or more, face eviction for a Dubai funded Zulu Themepark.....