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Riots in Sydney over death of aboriginal teenager

16-02-2004 01:37

Fifty police officers were injured in Sydney in a riot that was sparked by the death of an Aboriginal teenager.

Angry youths torched a railway station and pelted police with bottles and petrol bombs in the predominantly Aborigine neighbourhood of Redfern.

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Drug War Film Festival Fund Raiser

16-02-2004 00:52

911 and the BC Compassion Club Society present:
Friday, March 12 8pm
$6 / $4 (911 members)

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Anti fur demo in London

15-02-2004 20:39

There are hundreds of shops selling fur within a short walk of Piccadilly Circus. We will be touring the area with banners and placards, giving out leaflets and factsheets about fur to shoppers and tourists, informing them of the cruelty involved in the fur trade, and asking them to boycott shops selling fur.

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Statement from Microsoft Regarding Illegal Posting of Windows Source Code

15-02-2004 19:53

Microsoft Statement
Statement from Microsoft Regarding Illegal Posting of Windows Source Code

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South Korea: Migrant's Union Leader Arrested

15-02-2004 19:38

Samar on one last year's anti-war demonstration in Seoul
Yesterday in the South Korean capital Seoul immigration officers arrested Samar Thapa, the chief of KCTU/ETU-MB.

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Nursing makes you sick?

15-02-2004 19:25

Nursing makes you sick.After a life time working in health I find myself on Invalidity Benefit.I have given evidence to both the House of Lords and the House of Commons on the nature of bullying.The system that has been developed damages the health of those who work it.Its pretty bad for those to whom its given .

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What did Swindon Animal Concern do in 2003?

15-02-2004 19:20

Swindon Animal Concern raised over £3500 for various animal welfare organisations during the course of 2003, and more importantly, helped to raise the general public's awareness of the impact on animal welfare of the way they conduct their day-to-day lives.

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MET Police Letter of Apology Over Jubilee Arrests

15-02-2004 16:54

crappy letter of apology
Following the news that 23 anti-royal protestors will get £3,500 each and a written apology for their unlawful arrest at a pub and false imprisonment (including on a number 11 double decker bus!) on the queens jubilee back in June 2002, here's a copy of the letter and a few picstures.

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White House admits Bush lied in 2002 re: AlQaeda plans re: US nuke plant

15-02-2004 15:49

White House Admits Bush Lied in 2002 State of The Union Over Al Qaeda Obtaining U.S. Nuke Plant Plans: President Bush claimed in his 2002 State of the Union address that the U.S. discovered in Afghanistan detailed plans of U.S. nuclear plants. The Bush administration was forced to admit this week that the claim was not based on factual evidence after the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said there was no evidence any such plans were found in Afghanistan.

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A New Brand of Paint

15-02-2004 15:43

A New Brand of Paint for a new kind of Artist

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New website against fluoridation

15-02-2004 15:29

Your drinking water is about to be poisoned with toxic industrial waste. It is illegal, it is mass medication, it violates your freedom of choice, and it is known to cause serious adverse health effects. Only one thing can stop it - YOU!

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A nation of sickos

15-02-2004 13:37

Junk mail reveals a worrying statistic
Why are we so sick?

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Valentines RTS in San Francisco

15-02-2004 13:19

San Francisco: Reclaim the Streets and Desires: The RTS Valentine's Day Street Party began at 12 noon at Haight & Stanyan streets on Saturday February 14th. A ship of about 300-400 pirates marched from Golden Gate park and eventually took over the block of Haight & Ashbury and the party was in full swing with a full-on sound system with rotating djs, a pirate marching band, street theater, couches, mattresses, paint splattered on GAP, and an impromptu soccer game in the middle of the street. There was also a breakaway solidarity action that marched to the nearby Safeway.

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Peak rock sighted in Sheffield

15-02-2004 13:18

Just in case you wondering what happens to the stone from the quarries INSIDE the Peak District National Park.

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pics from venus' "reclaim LOVE" action at piccadilly, valentine's day 2004

15-02-2004 12:19

eros holds some heart balloons
venus was joined by rhythms of resistance samba band in an action at eros yesterday to reclaim valentine's day from the corporate marketeers by staging a mass group hug.

here are a few pics from the afternoon.

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Culinary richness of Iraq. Movie.

15-02-2004 11:48

A laid table.
Animation/movie about resistance in Iraq.

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The World economic Forum - European Economic Summit: Warsaw

15-02-2004 11:47

Warsaw, Poland April 28-30, 2004


On the eve of accession to the European Union (significantly planned for May 1 to change the nature of that holiday), the European Economic Summit (which was cancelled in Dublin due to planned protests) is coming to Warsaw.

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York Sainsbury's target of Palestine Solidarity Action

15-02-2004 02:40

Yesterday (14th Feb) members of York Palestine Solidarity Campaign made an unanounced visit to the central York branch of Sainsbury's to show the manager how much Israeli stuff could be found in his store. The response was totally not what we expected.

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Ideas for action for nine ladies and other stuff

15-02-2004 01:05

just some thoughts and a bit of a dance...

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US Postal Service issues New Stamps

15-02-2004 00:24

A pretty picture of a chemtrailed sky or HAARP clouds to lick and stick on your envelope
To remind you of the naturalness of the phenomena