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HLS and NYSE Shareholder Target: Barclays

09-08-2008 23:30
Apart from Barclays being the largest shareholder in HLS. Barclays are in fact a double target as they also own 12 million shares in NYSE who are the ONLY exchange that trades in HLS shares and without NYSE they won't have any shareholders!

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Blackpool CCTV review

09-08-2008 21:00

Blackpool Council is asking residents to send their thoughts on CCTV. It is likely this so called consultation is being used to justify CCTV "upgrades" in Blackpool that will simply further reduce the civil liberties of local residents.

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Climate Campers Continue Search For Missing Teenage Girl Snatched by the Police

09-08-2008 20:39

The teenage girl illegally assaulted and snatched by the police at the conclusion of the day of mass action at the Camp for Climate Action is still missing.

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Bobby Roberts Circus demo - 9th August

09-08-2008 20:28

The demonstration at Bobby Roberts' circus in Towyn near Rhyl on 9th August 2008.

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Climate Camp 08

09-08-2008 20:13

Climate Camp 08

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Silver Group: Patsy The CCS Pig Flies! - Action Day Pics

09-08-2008 20:05

As part of the Silver Group actions, Pasty the CCS pig became airborne at around 11.03 for a short flight, but due to adverse weather conditions the CCS pig never flew far - boooooo!

Keep an eye out for future appearences :-)

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E.ON's Defences Breached Following Olympic Efforts by Protesters

09-08-2008 19:51

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Saturday 09/08/08

Protesters Evade 26 Police Forces To Enter Power Station Site

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Police at the gate of Kingsnorth

09-08-2008 19:45

Climate crime scene
Police at the gate of Kingsnorth

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Video of climate camp orange bloc march to Kingsnorth

09-08-2008 19:43

Video of climate camp orange bloc march to Kingsnorth

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Children of the Kingsnorth March 9th August 2008

09-08-2008 19:41

Climate change is in our hands
Images from the mostly peaceful march to Kingsnorth power station today as part of the Climate Camp 2008.

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Climate Camp Radio - Saturday evening show for download

09-08-2008 19:41

Here is the Saturday evening Climate Camp show, available for download. Daily shows are live streamed (at 1pm and 7pm) and archived at

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Bobby Roberts Sad Circus

09-08-2008 19:29

Information re our protest at this circus which has the last circus elephant in Britian, Anne, who has arthritis and is 54 years old.

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Compendium of mainstream media news links about CCA

09-08-2008 19:26

Compendium of mainstream media news links about CCA

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Video of climate campers detained refusing stop and search

09-08-2008 19:07

In this short video we see some of the campers from the Camp for Climate Action in Kingsnorth being arrested by police for refusing their demands to stop and search them. One of the campers is the mother of the child with long hair, who is seen being escorted away towards the end of the video.

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Israel's Front-Line Thugs

09-08-2008 19:05

All of these events, coupled with the measures the Israeli Government uses to hide its direct support for the illegal settlements and their expansion, demonstrates that, contrary to their Propaganda, the Israeli Government directly supports this behaviour.

Pressure your representatives, and demand that they supercede Brown the "Christian-Zionist", and take action to stop this from happening. Israel has shown itself to be unrestrained by either the law or the empty 'urgings' of the international community.

History will not judge us kindly if we do not end this now.

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Israeli settlers storm Ibrahimi mosque; settler aggression on the rise

09-08-2008 18:59

The fact that Israeli Zionist Extremism is the belligerent party, the true impediment to peace, is becoming impossible to ignore. Pressure your representatives to superceded the Christian-Zionist Gordon Brown, and take action against this activity.

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Developer shelves homes for coal

09-08-2008 18:26

A developer has shelved plans for a housing development on a former Midlands industrial site to go into the coal mining business.

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Inventing Terror at Home

09-08-2008 17:57

U.S. so-called "intelligence" agencies have always been in search of
enemies, real and imagined. They are abetted in this evil enterprise by
corporate media organs that spread domestic hysteria, and by a Congress that
seems eager to classify all dissent as "homegrown terrorism." The author, a
former congressperson and current presidential candidate on the Green Party
ticket, dissects legislation that would classify as terroristic "the
activities of many organizations of the civil rights era." By such
definitions, "Dr. King's type of resistance to the U.S. version of apartheid
could surely be considered homegrown terrorism."

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Diop Olugbala Speaks Out About Obama Protest

09-08-2008 17:42

Obama rally in St. Petersburg, FL, Aug. 1
Uhuru Movement leader speaks out on, "Why We Challenged Barack Obama."

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Nagasaki Day - "Jabiluka Ploughshares Disable Uranium Mining Equipment - 10 Year

09-08-2008 17:34

Walking through the streets of Dublin, Ireland, after the Paul Kelly's gig last night, I thought I should write this reflection.