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Jobsite Lie....Animals Die!

12-11-2005 23:52

"Oh, your belly looks bad. All I know is if I had that rash on my belly by ... an incision site, I'd be at the hospital on some serious antibiotics." - Covance technician referring to the infected incision site on a rhesus monkey after irradiation.

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student opposition

12-11-2005 22:22

PROTESTED Council of Higher Education (YÖK)

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Speech From The Plataforma On Criminalisation, Berlin, 10.11.05

12-11-2005 22:09


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President of Iraq Oil Workers' Federation to tour the UK: Appeal for funds

12-11-2005 21:09

Appeal for funds to suppor the Federation of Oil Trade Unions in Iraq: a politically independent, anti-occupation union, opposed to the corporate take-over of Iraq's resources and economy.

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Action against the Separation Wall

12-11-2005 20:05

Description of the action in Oxford on 12/11/05 against the illegal Israeli Separation Wall in Palestine

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Statement from MIB about riots in France

12-11-2005 19:45

This is the Englsih Translation of a statement by MIB ("Mouvement de l’immigration et des banlieues"), a network of migrants living in the suburbs of french cities. The MIB is involved in anti racist action for years, e.h. they took part in the international border camp in Strasbourg in 2002.

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Venezuela: Interview with Richard Gott

12-11-2005 19:38

Pablo Navarrete, Caracas: Below are the answers to some questions I recently put to British journalist and author of Hugo Chávez and the Bolivarian Revolution, Richard Gott.

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12-11-2005 19:02

"Detlev Mehlis’ role in the investigation into the La Belle bombing raises disturbing questions about his role in the investigation of the assassination of Hariri.

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DEMOcracy in Action

12-11-2005 18:00

some of the messages of the antiwar protest on September 24th

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state terror GOP Memo

12-11-2005 14:01

ok so i haven't seen the actual memo, but its a corker of a story

have you seen the memo???

if you have post it here


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Howard’s Terrorists

12-11-2005 12:11

When forced to produce, what do we get? The same fanatic imbeciles that were paraded on the local media after the London bombings and some others armed with PVC pipe, ‘sticky-tape and chewing gum’! Compare these outcomes with real bombings in George St. Sydney, in the seventies. Most Australians are aware that, like all other nations, we have always had our share of extremist fanatics, they can be easily located in mosques, churches and synagogues around the nation. There is nothing new in this regard; the existence of social misfits does not warrant the implementation of draconian policies on a national level.

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Photos: Chimes for remembrance and resistance: 100 bells ring out

12-11-2005 12:02

Chimes for remembrance and resistance: 100 bells rung out on 11th November 2005 - hopefully photos

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Assassination of Nestle Philippines strike leader - audio interview

12-11-2005 08:56

New in Baby Milk Action's broadcast section: campaigners speak of Nestlé's abuse of workers' rights, the assassination of trade union leader Diosdado Fortuna, baby food marketing and what they think of Nestlé's new Fairtrade product. Listen at

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falluja's dossier

12-11-2005 00:55

Documentary movie about use of mass destruction weapons

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Solidarity with the Paris Rioters - ideas

11-11-2005 23:52

The riots across France are the explosive beginnings of a powerful new political movement. The Parisian ethnic minorities are rejecting staggering racism, police discrimination and 40% unemployment. They need our solidarity, and quickly. 2005 is our 1968

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Israeli security expert confirms prior knowledge of bomb in Jordan

11-11-2005 22:40

A quote from a former senior Israeli security official poses questions about this week's hotel bombings in Amman.
What did the Israeli govt know, and when did they know it?
Could they have stopped the bombings?
Why weren't non-Israelis evacuated?

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The rebellion spreads out to europe!

11-11-2005 20:30


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Carry on up the injunction - Life Drawing Session at EDO

11-11-2005 18:32

The injunction at EDO MBM, Brighton's very own arms manufacturers, makes it illegal to take photos at EDO MBM - however the pen is mightier than the sword...

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Chimes for remembrance and resistance: 100 bells rung out on 11th November 2005

11-11-2005 17:53

Today the 11th November 2005 a small group of Southcoast people decided to hold a bell ringing event as part of the campaign to ensure that over 100, 000 bells worldwide ring out for the people who have died in Iraq from the ongoing war and occupation.