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Argentina; two months of strike in Zanona (radio report in english)

27-11-2001 23:43

(4:41, MP3 or RM, english) Report on the strike of the workers of Zanon.
(C) Solidarity copyright of the strike of the Workers of Zanon *

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Amnesty call for urgent inquiry into Afghanistan prison killings

27-11-2001 23:17

Following an alledged "uprising" by hundreds of Taliban prisoners, US air strikes and anti-Taliban forces killed them all. Amnesty call for an urgent inquiry.

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Monsanto to take control of world's recipes

27-11-2001 22:38

Monsanto has been secretly buying up the world's recipes over the last 10 years, FSM has learned.

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Great Dictators Endorse The Walk For Capitalism

27-11-2001 20:47

Come and join the fun. Dress up as your (least) favourite dictator or capitalist, bring a banner demanding the right to turn third world babies into pig-feed (or somesuch) and MARCH. Portray the capitalists as the murderous, inept, corrupt, apathetic, thick **** that they are in front of the public and (corporate) media. Cant be there tho :-(

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U.S. Greens Demand Invitation of Afghan Women to Bonn Talks

27-11-2001 20:37

Outraged at the exclusion of the Revolutionary
Association of the Women of Afghanistan, Greens
call democracy impossible without representation
of women

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"Slipping thru the safety net" S.O.S.

27-11-2001 19:57

I was remanded in prison for psychiatric reports because I smashed up my flat and didn't turn up for court.
Whilst I was in prison I went on a hunger strike.

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Vote Labour

27-11-2001 18:19

I'm not joking.

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bush 'killer's caravan tour' new venues?

27-11-2001 15:51

I reckon iraq is the next target, but i heard of commandos in the sudan right now too..

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U.S.Insight Magazine:"Police State"

27-11-2001 15:30

If the United States is at war against terrorism to preserve freedom, a new coalition of conservatives and liberals is asking, why is it doing so by wholesale abrogation of civil liberties?

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Tesco world domination plans hit small problem

27-11-2001 14:40

Tesco world domination plans hit small problem, i.e, people.

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27-11-2001 14:05

Al-Ahram Weekly's webmaster, Shohdy Naguib was arrested in the early hours of Thursday November 22 from his home in Sayeda Zeinab. Security forces raided his house at dawn, confiscated his computer...

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"Annual International Capitalism Award" Saturday!

27-11-2001 13:08

A "Walk for Capitalism" is being held on Saturday 2/12/01 in London. It will culminate in an Award Ceremony. Maybe some of us could show our support?!

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27-11-2001 12:24

report on Saturdays actions!

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Calling all future capitalists.

27-11-2001 11:27

World Bank invites constructive criticism.

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Free Speech Case - Truth on trial in Australia....

27-11-2001 08:42

Raymond Hoser - Australia's leading corruption
author is now facing ten year's jail for
telling the truth in his best-selling books.

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FW: Help Save our Supplements- Urgent

27-11-2001 06:11

Hello all you
> In four days the Codex Alimentarius is meeting in Germany to remove
> our worldwide rights on vitamins, all natural supplements, and
> natural health care.

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The End of Traditional Anti-Systemic Movements...

27-11-2001 02:09

and the Need for a New Type of Anti-systemic Movement Today.

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Who's under that disguise? Nobody knows.

27-11-2001 01:59

Who's under that disguise? Nobody knows.
Is that you, Al Gore?

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26-11-2001 23:40

Your  Nobel Peace Prize
smells like war
and your name is an insult.