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2010 Year of the soldier doll

31-12-2009 19:42

No War but the Class War

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Demonstrate Tuesday 5 Jan against Britain's racist immigration laws

31-12-2009 17:01

Start 2010 by showing opposition to Britain's racist immigration laws! In the run-up to the next election as all parties compete for the crown of most 'tough' (ie racist) party, show the current Labour government and all contenders to succeed it that there is support for migrant workers and asylum seekers!

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New Porkbolter is out!

31-12-2009 16:02

THE latest issue of Worthing's anarchic newsletter The Porkbolter has hit the streets of the West Sussex seaside town.

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Afghan resistance kill CIA agents

31-12-2009 15:03

A SPECTACULAR blow has been struck by the Afghan resistance against the US occupying forces in the final days of 2009.

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Chinese Embassy Response to Legal Enquire ref Akmal Shaikh

31-12-2009 14:31

This is the result of a citizens look into the Chinese Law with regard to mental illness. I have no legal training, but it appears that China do have laws and procedures to take mental illness into account.

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R.I.P Ian Tomlinson

31-12-2009 13:15

Taken from :

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Charles Clarke Urges Jumping Ship…But It’s Already Sunk!

31-12-2009 10:22

Or 'Charles Clarke....What A Cock!'

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Happy 2010 from Obama (by Latuff)

31-12-2009 02:01

Happy 2010 from Obama!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Venezuela Says Colombia Planning Attack in Venezuelan Territory

30-12-2009 23:49

"Over the last several months, Venezuela has sent 15,000 troops to patrol the 2,000 kilometer-long border region and prepare to defend the national territory in the case of a potential attack.
New Colombian Base near Venezuelan Border
A week and a half ago, Colombian Defense Minister Gabriel Silva announced the construction of a new “joint base” to be shared by police and military forces near the northern border with Venezuela, and the activation of a new fleet of hundreds of Blackhawk helicopters supplied by the U.S.
This Tuesday, Colombian President Álvaro Uribe declared, “I de-authorize any mention that indicates a retaliatory intention, or the intention of international warfare. This government does not permit it.”

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US' Next War Target: YEMEN

30-12-2009 17:43

Northern Yemen Tribes
Yemen is US' Next Target on War Against Terrorism ... Obama promised to crush Al-Qaeda in Yemen ... The US government announced its relentless commitments to crush terrorists in Yemen. Yesterday, Barack Obama promised ‘accelerated offensive’ against militants in Yemen by citing the example of a 23-year-old Nigerian who supposedly wanted to bomb a US bound airliner. The president of that North American country said he would commit ‘every element of national power’ to perform another mission in the Middle East, a region which holds huge oil and gas reserves. But many experts have questioned Washington's seemingly aggressive military drive into the Middle East as whether it is designed to destroy the Al-Qaeda militants or just making up excuses to boost military presence to control vital energy resources.

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Australia Day Honours System Inscrutability Parallels Undeserved British Honours

30-12-2009 17:14

The Notorious Public Service Medal
In 1975 the Australian government decided to drop British honours such as knighthoods in favour of an Australian system. This change was instigated by republican prime minister Gough Whitlam, one of the most disliked Prime Ministers of recent times. He was ultimately sacked by the Governor General following a series of scandals and the blocking of supply by the Opposition.

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Cowards, Sickos and Weirdos: A Quick Drink With The Far Right

30-12-2009 16:46

Is the far right scene still populated by into “Cowards, Inadequates and Losers, Faggots, Passing Trade, Sickos and Weirdos and Drunks.”

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Gaza's border must be opened NOW

30-12-2009 16:21

Solidarity activists join hunger strikers in Cairo
This time is clearly different.

I have traveled to Gaza twice this year, in groups ranging from 40 to 60 persons, and although there was a lot of behind-the-scenes work involved in "greasing the wheels" with the Egyptian authorities, we pretty much sailed in. CODEPINK (the group that organized both of my previous trips) developed a well-earned reputation for being able to pull just the right levers to open the doors to the isolated enclave of Gaza -- even more so than George Galloway's Viva Palestina convoy, which is typically allowed in for only 24 to 48 hours (versus our four days).

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Christmas in Parliament Square

30-12-2009 16:17

An account of the ongoing peace camapign of Brian Haw and Barbara Tucker in London's Parliament Square with 20 photos

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Obama New Year's Eve (by Latuff)

30-12-2009 16:03

From Obama with love...
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Freedom for Alfredo M.Bonanno & Christos Stratigopoulos!

30-12-2009 14:08

Its been over two months now that two anarchists- Alfredo Bonnano and Christos Stratigopoulos had been arrested in Greece following bank robbery. Needless to say those anarchist comrades need our solidarity and support now. Especially 72 years old Bonnano is in grave danger due to his health problems and extremely bad conditions he is kept in Amfissa prison.

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'Making Cents: Life Below the Bottom Rung' (2009)

30-12-2009 11:26

A series of oil paintings examining the daily existence of people making a living in the worst working conditions in the global economy.

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No demo on 16th Jan at GSK anymore

30-12-2009 00:38


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Reclaiming Power in Copenhagen.

29-12-2009 23:54

A decisive step towards a global climate justice movement.

A political analysis of where we stand post-Copenhagen.