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Plans afoot to criminalise squatting in residential buildings

26-10-2011 17:49

Despite the respondents to its very own consultation overwhelmingly supporting squatting, the Government is still moving full steam ahead to criminalise a solution to emptiness. It's a farcical situation! But one which may have far-reaching consequences...

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World Naked Bike Ride - Nottingham 2012

26-10-2011 16:55

Nottingham cyclists join the WNBR protests in June 2012

Planning is underway for the first Nottingham Naked Bike Ride in June 2012, promoting cycling advocacy and protesting oil dependency.

Supporters are needed to help with planning the protest and to act as marshals on the day. If you can help in any way join our Yahoo group:

Public information on the event will be published at and updated as the planning evolves.

To learn more about the WNBR visit



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Occupy Bristol Round-Up 26th October

26-10-2011 16:55

A round-up of news from/about Occupy Bristol and the wider movement..

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Occupy Belfast

26-10-2011 15:38

Occupy Belfast have been occupying Writer's Square, opposite St Anne's Cathedral in the city centre, since 21 October.

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Urgent Newsflash govt trying to criminalise squatting in legal aid bill Monday

26-10-2011 14:39

Fuckin govt is trying to put clause in on Monday's debate on legal aid and sentencing bill to criminalise squatting in any residential property

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Vatican support + Christian Flashmob St Pauls tonight

26-10-2011 14:28

Christian Flashmob this afternoon at St Pauls + Vatican aligns itself with anti-capitalism protesters

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Christian Flashmob St Pauls tonight + Vatican supports OLSX

26-10-2011 14:00

Christian Flashmob this afternoon at St Pauls + Vatican aligns itself with anti-capitalism protesters

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Daily Telegraph admits banks are "greedy, stupid and wicked"

26-10-2011 10:28

1. The Daily Telegraph admits banks are "greedy, stupid and wicked"
2. Tory MP admits "capitalism is skewed against us"
3. The Independent says the West is "ripe for revolution"
4. Protestors need to pro-actively take control of their public image

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Daily Telegraph hack Richard Alleyne LIED to smear OLSX

26-10-2011 09:11

Police deny being the source of press allegations that 90% of Occupy London Stock Exchange tents are empty overnight. It's a measure of the occupation's true impact that mainstream media hacks like Richard Alleyne are reduced to lying about police intelligence to try and smear protests against corporate greed. Contact Richard Alleyne at .....

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To the streets!

26-10-2011 02:55

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National Construction Industry action Nov9

26-10-2011 00:24

London, November 9th. Unite & Fight.

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5 minute boycott planned across Football League this saturday

25-10-2011 22:49

Football fans across the country are joining together this saturday 29th October under the banner of The 72 Unite to protest against plans to overhaul the youth academy system to the benefit of the richer clubs.

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OK Cafe social centre returns again in Manchester

25-10-2011 22:01

The OK Cafe in Fallowfield, Manchester
Manchester's OKasional cafe has returned. The temporary squatted social centre project has occupied a disused old people's home in Fallowfield, South Manchester. For three weeks the space will provide vegan lunch, dinner, workshops, events, gigs, parties, a library and more.

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The BBC: NATO’s media partner-in-crime

25-10-2011 21:49

Well they’ve finally silenced Muammar Gaddafi, the man the BBC calls “an oddball until the end”. The manner of his capture and death seems not to bother the BBC but then who cares about ‘oddballs’?

Attacked by NATO jets, then tortured and shot in cold blood in front of jubilant ‘rebels’, all BBC’s chief foreign correspondent John Simpson has to offer is the perpetuation of racist Western myths about the Arabs, about the ‘other’. Disgusting stuff but totally in tune with BBC’s role as NATO’s media partner.

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All Revolutions bike ride and launch Leeds

25-10-2011 20:14

radical history cycle ride and launch event uniting 3 autonomous spaces in Leeds.

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Frack Mob at Industry Greenwash Conference

25-10-2011 17:34

The Frack Mob
Action: Frack Mob
Target: Industry greenwashing conference
Date: Weds 2nd November
Time: 3-6pm
Location: Copthorne Tara Hotel, Scarsdale Place, Kensington, London

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Smash EDO: Halloween noise demo Wed 26th

25-10-2011 17:05

The traditional Smash EDO Halloween noise demo returns to the gates of EDO/ITT tomorrow, Wednesday the 26th of October, 4-6.

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Quick update from occupyLSX tues 25th

25-10-2011 16:55

Quick updates:

The General Assembly last night agreed to ban alcohol (and as well any drugs) from the occupation site. An exciting artwork was donated yesterday, in the form of a giant monopoly board with the names of occupations around the world marked out upon it (see pic).

The Tech team gave a status updates, saying that they'd been dealing with health and safety - talking to the London Fire Brigade who were happy with the set up, as well as to the cathedral reps and external H&S who were also happy with the set up too. Power and internet will be restored soon when cages and lockers for the generators and fuel arrive later today. There was also a call out for volunteers with expertise in electics and lighting, especially if people could comit to a couple of days work.

The media / press team reported on a couple of unsavoury articles (Telegraph and Daily Mail) which also profiled individuals at the occupation including family background - they said for people to be aware journalists may not identify themselves as such, and that people didn't have to answer questions that made them uncomfortable. There's always someone from the media team around the Info tent, and if you want help nour suport for an interview just come and find us. The articles about thermal imaging cameras were simply not true since there were many people staying at the camp last night (and other nights). There's also press / media training at Occupy FS this evening at 8pm. The Media / press team will have a new tent set up very soon. The Occupied Times of London newspaper is due out very soon as well.

Outreach and publicity team continue to produce large amounts of the basic info flyer which has the occupation statement on it, and are also producing thousands of copies of a new leaflet for workers who work in the local area.

Events continue with the Daily Tent City University events and the Occupy Half Term schedule for under 18s (including the 2pm young person's forum, which ran yesterday and had good feedback). There's an outreach event with Trade Unions on Thursday, and on Saturday another Public Assembly similar to last weekends with speakers coming from different social justice movements as well as music and entertainment.

Generous donations continue to be made in terms of kit (see wishlist) as well as money. The General Assembly was this afternoon due to discuss a proposal to set up a co-op bank account to enable wider donations - this followed investigation into various alternatives including credit unions.

(see also Indymedia feature + occupylondon wire)

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March Called To Defend Factory Squatted Space

25-10-2011 16:55

The Factory, a squatted space in Bristol, in under threat of eviction. The owners of the building, PG Group, have come under heavy criticism for their approach to the squatters and a demonstration has been called in defence of the space.
The Factory, a squatted space in Bristol, in under threat of eviction. The owners of the building, PG Group, have come under heavy criticism for their approach to the squatters and a demonstration has been called in defence of the space.

The Factory Social Centre, in St. Pauls, recently recieved court papers from the owners looking for a possession order. Today we recieved a second set of papers which brought the hearing forward by 5 days. Our new court date is on Wednesday 26th October at 2:30PM at Bristol Civil Justice Centre. We don't want to be moved on and we don't want this building to be developed. We are asking for your support! The will be a demonstration against the threat of eviction on the day of the court hearing. Assemble at Portland Square, St. Pauls at 12:00PM.

In defence of autonomous spaces!

| Call to action: Profit-driven Bristol Catholic Priest increases homelessness and poverty | Defend The Factory! March and Demonstration! |

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Attention to Greece. Class war intensified.

25-10-2011 16:18

A small analysis as contribution to counter-information about the events of 20th October.