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More McHospitals for Merseyside! (part 2)

02-08-2006 16:25

Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology and University Hospitals Aintree were today given 'foundation' status by Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt, meaning that three NHS hospitals on Merseyside are now open to private business. In June, the Liverpool Womens' Hospital opened itself up for bids to 'help' manage its finances.

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02-08-2006 16:10

LVFTZ Governor Beenunula Eyenunula Nunumisa
Uganda's LAKE VICTORIA FREE TRADE ZONE Governor Beenunula Eyenunula Nunumisa received millions of grey-market stock shares to Canadian company EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD. run by American executives controlled by Uganda's infamous American named Van A. Brink who was charged with 142 counts of fraud on 6,000 people who lost $105-million (USD) which U.S. authorities claim cannot be found, until this story surfaced (below).

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02-08-2006 15:01


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Cargo Plane with Hebrew markings at RAF Brize Norton

02-08-2006 13:19


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VIctory! Temal family return home to Glasgow

02-08-2006 12:51

Temal family safely back in Glasgow outside the Unity Centre
The Kurdish Temal family from Turkey returned to Glasgow last week after being dawn raided by an Immigration Enforcement team and the police. Thank you to everyone who helped get this family back to Glasgow.

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Bravehearts: Remembering George

02-08-2006 12:47

In a scene that could have come from George Orwell’s classic book 1984, hundreds of police officers flooded the streets of Oxford on 22nd July. Side Streets were lined with police vans, packed with police officers. Dozens of officers on bikes patrolled the streets, whilst dozens more stood on every street corner. Wherever you looked, yellow tunic officers were in abundance. A dozen police horses were forced to march through the searing heat of Oxford City centre as Thames Valley Police prowled the streets of this once picturesque city.

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Squat in chorlton

02-08-2006 12:33


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Israel invites you...

02-08-2006 12:27

Welcome to Israel
With Israel and the zionist dream never more visiable in the daily news than now, the Zionist Federation invites you are get closer to Israel, an opportunity I'm sure you will welcome...

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Oil Robbery by Law: The Economic Invasion of Iraq

02-08-2006 12:23

The US does not rob Iraq of its oil. The emphasis is on sharing. "Production Sharing Agreements" (PSAs) are long-term agreements between oil corporations and oil states. Richard Perle, a leading neocon hawk, once said solidarity means countries agreeing with the US. George Orwell warned us of this newspeak when dissent and criticism would be expunged from people's vocabularies.

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Huntingdon Life Sciences Exposed Again

02-08-2006 12:23

Huntingdon Life Sciences, Europe's largest animal testing laboratory have been exposed again, with the publishing of a shocking report written by two people who worked there in 2005.

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Gaza & Lebanon: EU supports Israel shooting fish in a barrel

02-08-2006 12:22

UNICEF Executive Director reports on Lebanon: “The untold story of what is going on in this war is that 30 per cent of those who have died are children and 45 per cent of those who are displaced are children so this is really a war that has a very, very immediate and real impact on children.”

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rampART news

02-08-2006 10:27

Here is a run down of the latest news from Londons rampART social centre. Agust is a bit sparse for events but there is plenty of other news. The building has gone on the market for a start which is significant news. There's also a strong plea for fresh energy and involvement - use it or loss it...

(Scroll down for this week’s cinema program)

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Dutch/Belgium EarthFirst! set up treetop camp in Belgium.

02-08-2006 10:16

Monday night Earthfirst activists occupied woodlands surrounding an old fortress in Borsbeek. Both the fortress and the surrounding woodlands represent a fine piece of nature supervised by local ‘Natuurpunt Schijnvallei’.
The woodlands are threatened to be cut due to plans to emerge the nearby business-jet airport Deurne-Antwerpen.

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Titnore Campers make appeal

02-08-2006 08:45

Titnore campaigners need to raise £400 at least for legal costs to challenge the possession order granted in the High Court on Thursday July 27.

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Shell finishing school for corporate crooks

02-08-2006 08:43

This article is about corporate crooks who have emerged after spending long careers at the Royal Dutch Shell Group. Shell once had a proud global reputation in the days when we could be sure of Shell. That all changed after a series of scandals, including the reserves scandal which was described in a BBC TV programme as the biggest corporate fraud in history.

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Liverpool vs Haifa

02-08-2006 06:16

Liverpool FC are drawn to play Maccaba Haifa in the UEFA cup and are refusing to play in Israel even though the match has been moved to Tel Aviv. The first leg is set for Anfield on August 8 or 9 with Haifas home leg due on either August 22 or 23.

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D for Democracy Day II -Patriots Stand up IN SYDNEY to Contempt THIS FRIDAY

02-08-2006 03:10

Support 2 Patriots charged with Contempt for wearing a T-Shirt printed with "Trial by Jury is Demoracy" Sent to Jail

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Black Hawk Down - an american psycho

02-08-2006 01:22

An american colonel is under investigation for ordering his men to slaughter innocent Iraqis, awarding prizes for the most murders. The investigation coincides with the trial of four of his soldiers charged with such murder. The colonel is an all american hero who has slaughtered foriegners before.

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Alcoholism worsens with increased drinking use: study

02-08-2006 01:10

Wine Glut
An old study shows the more alcohol a psychotic person uses, the worse their condition gets. What about that? Its been around for a while but no one is taking much notice lately?

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Inqlab - Asian Earthquake Fundraiser

02-08-2006 00:39

inqlab is a not-for-profit conscious clubnight....Proceeds on the night will be split between grassroots projects in Pakistan and India...