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Gush Shalom update / 21 March

22-03-2004 09:20

GUSH SHALOM - pob 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033 -

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the day the US nearly nuked cairo: USS liberty, isrel and LBJ

22-03-2004 06:19

by william hughes

"The White House knew within minutes of the USS Liberty attack, that the perpetrator was really Israel.

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Stop Britain's Other War!

22-03-2004 05:21

Upcoming Event in London
Stop Britain's Other War! Justice and Reparations for the African Community!

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Violent Repression Of Anti-Wall Demonstration In Kharbatha Bani Harith

22-03-2004 01:17

Sun March 21, 2004
For Immediate Release

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Interview with London Demonstrator, March 20 Anti-war Demo

21-03-2004 22:31

2:54 Quicktime Movie, 10MB

Interview with a demonstrator in London on the March 20 anti-war demonstrations, touches on Blair, the war, lying, etc.

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Demo in Glasgow and overall view worldwide

21-03-2004 22:07

information over demo in Glasgow
and a link to pics and numbers of demonstrators in some other cities worldwide

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Pics. 20th March No More lies Mr Bliar - STW demo

21-03-2004 21:49

demo 1
photos of demo 20th March

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M20 London - a protestor's-eye view

21-03-2004 20:59

Get yer placards... (hope they recycle them)
[LONDON, 20th March 2004] One year after the 'shock and awe' invasion of Iraq, I'm more convinced than ever that it was the wrong thing to do. So, armed with camera, mobile phone, A-Z and home-made placard, I joined the march and rally in London. Here are some photos and my account of the day.

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Photos of the Anti-War march in London, March 20th 2004. (set 3)

21-03-2004 20:41

Photos of the Anti-War march in London, March 20th 2004. (set 3)

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Help Save Alaska's wolves from eradication

21-03-2004 20:30

The Alaska Wildlife Alliance has launched an online petition to send the democratic voice to our politicians in Alaska.

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Photos of the Anti-War march in London, March 20th 2004. (set 4)

21-03-2004 19:41

Photos of the Anti-War march in London, March 20th 2004. (set 4)

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The Lord of the Rings: Good versus Evil

21-03-2004 19:39

A comparison of the two good versus evil confrontation theories being propagated by the Bush administration with one that I think bears a closer resemblance to reality.

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London M20 Demo Video

21-03-2004 19:37

2:34 Mpeg4 file of London marches yesterday. Can be viewed using Quicktime. Currently the MIME types for Mpeg4 files are a little bit weird, you will have to right-click on the movie links and select "Save link as..." to download the movie files to your hard disk. IMC-UK techs are working on this and will have a fix very soon.

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More Photos from anti-war demo...

21-03-2004 19:00

HERE are some photos from Saturdays anti-war demo...

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52 APF activists arrested under Apartheid law

21-03-2004 18:59

This morning, police opened fire with stun grenades on members of the Gauteng Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF) who were protesting against water privatisation and the installation of pre-paid water meetings. Fivety-two APF members were arrested, including 6 children, on charges of violating the Gatherings Act.

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More anti-war march pictures....

21-03-2004 18:57

March 20th Demonstration Pictures..

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More Menwith Hill photos

21-03-2004 17:46

Police at the main gate
Photos taken from the main gate protests at Menwith Hill this Friday. Appologies for the poor quality of photos but they were taken with an old camera in poor low light levels, and have been later adjusted for clarity.

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Excellent Free Anti-War mix

21-03-2004 17:18

I found this excellent antiwar mix, and its free to download and distrabute.

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One-Year-On Demo

21-03-2004 17:11

Leaving Hyde Park
On 20 March 2004, tens of thousands of protesters reminded Tony Blair that the ongoing, illegal war in Iraq has not been forgotten

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Photos from Trafalgar Square March 20th Anti-War

21-03-2004 17:05

One year since the Iraq war began, tens of thousands of people gathered in London's Trafalgar Square to remember the year that has been and protest the UK's continuing involvement in the war.

More photos at