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Smash EDO protest Camp against the Arms Trade - Brighton - Aug 29th-Sept 2nd

12-07-2004 16:04

Open invite to a camp in Brighton against EDO technology, a company manufacturing release mechanisms for F16s

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OutRage! demo against anti-gay cleric

12-07-2004 15:04

Gay rights group OutRage! etc staged a demo outside the conference attended by the anti-gay muslim cleric this morning.

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Palestine Demonstration this Saturday, here in Manchester!

12-07-2004 13:47

As a consequence of the attack on the Marks and Spencers Picket and the threat by ex-members of the Israeli Defence Force to turn up at the next picket line, a variety of groups have decided to come together and called for a demonstration against Israeli aggression, not in Jenin or Nablus, but yes ladies and Gentlemen here in Manchester!

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Anti Nuclear Oratorio Premieres In Parliament Hall

12-07-2004 13:44

Inside Parliament Hall
Today a new oratorio, "Trident: A British War Crime", was given a special premiere in Parliament Hall, Edinburgh, for the benefit of the Scottish High Court Judges, Advocates and Lawyers. Performed without permission by 17 non-violent peace activists from Trident Ploughshares this new oratorio highlights the hypocrisy of "justice" around Trident, Britain's nuclear weapons system. Peace protestors are branded criminals for taking action against these illegal weapons of mass destruction, while Trident itself continues to be maintained, sucking resources away from other vital public services.

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Welsh Farmer visits Sainsbury's (Cardiff)

12-07-2004 13:03

Welsh Farmer Gerald Miles visits Sainsbury's in Cardiff to say Fair Farmgate Prices and GM-Free Milk.

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Wikipedia - Anarchy in Action?

12-07-2004 12:40

As the content is created entirely by the users it does not belong to any one person and articles remain dynamic unfinished works to be added to, rather than the authoritative knowledge which is usually fed to us, consumed and then forgotten about.

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socialist from north west in serious motorway accident on M6 ?

12-07-2004 11:57

we herd on local radio last night, while on the M6 that a socialist from skagill's socilist party was seriously injuried in his car last night he wa from toksteth near manchestr.

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RAAAA! 4x4 Safari in Chelsea

12-07-2004 11:54

A Safari into deepest darkest Chelsea to hunt out the 4x4 driving Sloane Rangers

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Cows greet sainsburys shareholders

12-07-2004 11:18

Anti-GM campaigners dressed as cows leafleted shareholders entering the Sainsburys AGM taking place at the QEII conference centre in London today.

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12-07-2004 11:05

Bush nukes Boston...
A fictional story...

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US soldiers seek asylum in Canada

12-07-2004 10:25

Two US soldiers pleading for asylum in Canada after walking out on their units over fierce objections to the Iraq war have appeared in a Toronto courtroom.

Both men argue they face prosecution tantamount to persecution in the US because of their strong political beliefs and should therefore be granted haven in Canada.

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Plymouth Sainsburys Demo by Farmers and Shoppers

12-07-2004 09:47

Farmers with Banners (Michael Hart and John Sherrell holding flags)
15 shoppers and farmers say no to GM feed and exploitation of farmers

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Blair had decided to go.

12-07-2004 09:13

Blair had decided to go after the European elections but Bush got in the way.

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Farnborough Airshow actions

12-07-2004 06:40

Details of actions organised by Disarm DSEi for the week of Farnborough Airshow.

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Bush planning to postpone November Presidential Election (U.S.)

12-07-2004 03:12

Bush plans to suspend November Election if another terror attack occurs.

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Dear non-Portuguese speakers,

11-07-2004 22:13

Just so that you can understand what the fuss is all about. Two years ago we had an election. We have normal, democratic elections here.

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founding member of Indymedia (Ecuador) assassinated

11-07-2004 20:35

23 year old Lenin Cali Najera, national leader of the youth of Pachakutik and founding member of Indymedia Guayaquil (Ecuador) was assassinated on the night of June 29th.
more info at IMC Ecuador

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Bush plans to cancel US election

11-07-2004 19:53

US Cluster bombing toward democracy
While the UN asks for election monitors and "Bush-lite" Kerry forges ahead.. the Bush cartel has Plan B..

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85 year old woman to go on a 48 hour Hunger Strike outside the Oxford primate lab

11-07-2004 19:22

A 48hour non-stop protest and hunger strike is to take place from 10am on Wednesday July 14th to 10am Friday July 16th outside the construction site of the new Oxford University animal research laboratory in South Parks Rd.

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Moviment Graffitti

11-07-2004 18:45

Moviment Graffitti is active against oppression and exploitation of people, environment and animals; with a vision of freedom and radical democracy.