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IMC UK on Resonance FM

06-11-2002 16:44

Indymedia UK's broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM.

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Aresstee - Leeds 31st Nov

06-11-2002 15:30

I Got OFF!- leeds arrestee, 31st nov

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EU Directive 2002/58/EC

06-11-2002 14:47

Directive 2002/58/EC

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Microwaves for Everyone!!

06-11-2002 14:18

The Pentagon is developing a microwave weapon to cause extreme burning sensations in it's target. It is intended for use in both military and civilian situations, including political protests.

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06-11-2002 13:25

Because of 9/11, and the help of big money, the Republicans gained control of the Senate and the House, facilitating Bush's war plans. (ps. it's bad, real bad, Europe & the is the only hope!). (Not in this article)U.S. polls show a majority of Americans don't want to go to war without U.N. resolution. It's up to YOU, at this point!

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BBC: Police informer ended Newbury protest

06-11-2002 13:21

BBC online piece on the spy who helped police destroy the Newbury Bypass protest camp.

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Solidarity with the Professor J

06-11-2002 11:59


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Who controls the European Social Forum?

06-11-2002 10:44

Despite the media image, the European Social Forum is not a radical gathering. It is an instrument of large NGO's, political parties, and business - with a neo-corporatist agenda. Unofficial, unauthorised background to the ESF, opening in Florence today, 06 November 2002

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Picket Of The US Embassy Grosvener Square Wednesday November 13th 5pm to 7:30pm

06-11-2002 08:45

There will be a picket of the American Embassy on Wednesday November 13th against Bush's drive for war organised by Student Camaign for Nuclear Diarmament, Federation of Student Islamic societies amd Student Stop the War coalition.

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Anti-war Protestors Disrupt Leeds

06-11-2002 03:29

Students and local citizens took part in several actions in
Leeds on 31 October as part of the National Day of Civil
Disobedience against War on Iraq. Students disrupted
lectures, occupied the Business School, forced a library to close briefly, occupied the local BBC studios and then joined the main Leeds-wide protest outside Yorkshire TV 5pm

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Peace Initiative By International Youth

05-11-2002 20:55

Peace Initiative By International Youth
We’re international students, from the United World College of the Pacific (Pearson College) in Canada. We hope to bring to you a Youth Peace Initiative we call the UWC Middle East Peace Initiative where we aim to collect signatures supporting non-violent conflict resolution.
We hope to reach to as many people as possible and add signatures to our growing list of 11,000 so far from a 113 different countries. All relevant information can be obtained from our website:

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Nuclear bailout won't work

05-11-2002 18:42

Neither the UK government's illegal loan to British Energy, nor Innogy's proposal to buy nuclear electricity for the next ten years, are likely to work. Nuclear power is a dead duck, and the mess it has left behind will cost over a thousand pounds per taxpayer.

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Florida voting machines rigged

05-11-2002 17:26

voters for McBride find BUSH selected on screen

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05-11-2002 15:59


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Reclaim The Beach - Bonfire Beach Party!

05-11-2002 15:35

Reclaim The Beach - Bonfire Beach Party! This Saturday!

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Video: Halloween Day of Action (Brighton)

05-11-2002 15:10

3min Video of anti-war actions in Brighton on 31/10/2002. Starts with Tony Benn and footage from the anti-war demo in London (28/9/2002). (Filesizes: 7 MB / 16MB) (article 1)

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Extrajudicial Executions are OK

05-11-2002 13:18

CIA missile killed suspected militants in Yemen, casting doubt on the US's condemnation of Israeli 'targeted assassinations' policy.

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05-11-2002 12:46

The Simon Jones Memorial Campaign is organising a showing of its film 'NOT THIS TIME' and a discussion about fighting casualisation at the European Social Forum in Florence this week.

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Robert Newman anti-war benefit, 11.11.02

05-11-2002 12:24

Robert Newman will be doing a benefit for disobedient anti-war campaigns on November 11th. It will start at 7 pm at the Soho Theatre, Dean Street, Soho and will be 'From Caliban To The Taliban - 500 years of humanitarian intervention'.
Entrance is a fiver concessions and £10 if waged.

Please spread the word!

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05-11-2002 11:09

Despite the release of loyalist LVF neo nazi right wing extremist murderers, such as greysteel mass murderers Torrens knight, Johnny Adair and Robin king, under the terms of the peace process good friday agreement. The forgotten prisoner ex INLA man Desie O Hare, imprisoned since 1979, in Portloise Gaol, is still behind bars. Why?