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A.C.A.B not A2B- a few (slightly late) thoughts on Oct 20th

22-11-2012 03:38

An article about the importance of black block and the failings of the T.U.C. see more and similar at

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NUS march - report and pics (#demo2012)

21-11-2012 22:43

at the start of the march there were up to ten thousand students from all over the country - directed on an agreed route to kennington park in south london (hardly the seat of government), barely a thousand made it as far as the rally which then ended in chaos as NUS president liam burns was pelted with eggs as some activists invaded the stage.

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A few thoughts on the matter of deficits: Do they matter or what?

21-11-2012 22:27

Everyone knows that almost all Western nations have been running trade deficits for decades know, and that it was once -famously- said that "deficits don't matter". This may sound strange, but I kind of agree:
It's not the 'deficits/debts' themselves that matter, rather than the 'ability to repay these debts in the future through future productivity" that actually matters.

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Shouting and Singing

21-11-2012 16:26

Using my voice in protest

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#Demo2012 - Loud & Proud

21-11-2012 16:05

10,000 protestors join NUS and National Campaign Against Fees & Cuts demos, 21 Nov 2012

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U.S. Senate bill Rewritten So Cops / Feds Can Read Your Email Without Warrants

21-11-2012 14:43

After Sen. Patrick Leahy’s warrant-less Internet Access bill is passed, Americans should expect a spike in arrests and property forfeitures by the feds and local police.

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PROTEST: Gaza .. The Die In on the BBC Steps!

21-11-2012 12:38

Thursday 22 November 18:00

The Mailbox B1 1RF Birmingham, United Kingdom

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#nodashforgas Telling Osborne Gas is Not The Answer

21-11-2012 12:22

This morning Climate Rushers went out to Westminster so spread balloons and a message: Osborne Don’t Dash For Gas

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VIDEO: Occupation of G4S offices, 20-11-2012

21-11-2012 01:29

Activists occupied the offices of British-Danish security giant G4S in London in protest over their complicity in Israel's Apartheid regime as the Israeli's are bombing Gaza. G4S, supplies equipment and services to Israeli prisons and checkpoints, including Erez checkpoint, which prevents people from leaving Gaza.

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Princes Street Blocked by N14 Solidarity Demo

20-11-2012 20:55

Last Wednesday evening saw a large demonstration in support of the European General Strike of November 14th. More than 200(?

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G4S offices occupied over role in siege on Gaza

20-11-2012 19:55

More than 50 campaigners for Palestinian human rights occupied the central London offices of G4S today in protest over the British-Danish security company’s supply of equipment used to maintain Israel’s illegal siege on Gaza.

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News from France

20-11-2012 19:46

A new syndicalist organisation in France

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Alfie Meadows set for third trial after second aborted over delays

20-11-2012 17:03

The retrial of two protesters charged with public order offences following a student demonstration in 2010 has been aborted three weeks into the trial after a series of illnesses.

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STOP Cameron and Boundary Commission's attack on the East End

20-11-2012 16:43

The Boundary Commission has got itself into a second problem that shows it to be disrespectful towards Society. The Commission's alleged interest in dropping the word 'banglatown” from the name of the Tower Hamlets Council ward that contains the Brick lane London E1 area. It is now known as "Spitalfields and Banglatown". The Kheydaieelaar!  campaign has just been launched to stop this latest attack on the area.

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G8 location announced by Cameron

20-11-2012 15:49

Cameron's announcement that next year's G8 summit meeting will take place in County Fermanagh.

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Japan! - Stop Whaling (email, phone, fax of Japanese embassies)

20-11-2012 11:54

Japanese whalers are again on their way to slaughter whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. To suppert Sea Shepherd which is there to stop them and to protest against these cruel and disgusting „business“ please contact Japanese embassies around the word.

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Interview With Militant Prisoner John Bowden

20-11-2012 09:51

Free John Bowden
Recent interview with John Bowden by Bristol-based publication 'From Here On In' to be published in the next issue (

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NUS National Demo - #demo2012 - Be Street Wise - Tips for Protestors

20-11-2012 09:05

With #demo2012, the NUS national demonstration taking place in London tomorrow, 21 Nov 2012, large numbers of young people will be taking to the capital's streets to protest against Liberal Democrat and Conservative lies, betrayals and attacks on education, and to protest against government corruption and against cuts and austerity. For significant numbers of younger people #demo2012 may be their first experience of a major protest, so here are some common-sense tips and strategies to help make the most of a hopefully cracking day out...

Take a hat and scarf... Film cop faces and ID numbers... Watch out on Westminster Bridge... Be street wise... look BEHIND you!

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Save Our Hospitals Benefit Gig (Festival Of Dissent)

20-11-2012 07:41

Benefit Gig Of Music & Comedy For The Save Our Hospitals Campaign