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05-11-2002 10:46

Friday 6 December at Ocean, 270 Mare Street, London E8

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[PFMPE] Leaders Fit For Fools

05-11-2002 05:20

Here we stand, willing victims of a system which not long ago collapsed the world's "economies."

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05-11-2002 04:22 - back online! was taken down three months ago. Anticipating the site going down after it became clear that James Ujaama would be indefinitely detained by the FBI, I took it upon myself at InterNation to save what I viewed as his most important pages, including a link to his statement in the Seattle PI just before his arrest.

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Flogging Hackney

05-11-2002 02:31

Trouble and strife have never been far from Hackney Council. But now massive debt is pushing the borough into private hands and strategies imposed by central government are leading to community asset stripping on a massive scale

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Educate! Agitate! Organise! FRFI Anti-Imperialist Forum

04-11-2002 23:41

Educate! Agitate! Organise!

A day of discussion, debate and action!

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Preparing for big war

04-11-2002 22:36

All these reservists love their weekend wargames and their spells of macho. And now likely to be called up for indefinite service. Evidence that the 'big one' is going to begin in a little while. Let's hope the population wakes up and takes the necessary measures pretty soon

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Theatre of war

04-11-2002 22:30

Israel assists US war preparations.

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New York: 11 arrested at UN today

04-11-2002 21:47

No Blood For Oil's action today at the UN included a fine, rainy-day turnout, a good amount of press attendance, lots of passionate resistance to war - and the arrest of 11 activists who refused to leave the main gates of the headquarters compund without being allowed to deliver an open letter against the Iraq invasion to the secretary general.

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13,000+ New Englanders Rally for Peace in Boston

04-11-2002 20:02

On Sunday 11/03/02, over 13,000 people from across New England gathered on the Boston Common for a peace rally and march through Boston. A great diversity of signs, some of them highly creative, voiced people’s opposition to a war on Iraq. Some carried signs calling for working through the UN for weapons inspections and against a first strike, while others were simply opposed to all war.

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04-11-2002 19:31

European Social Forum – Florence
Thursday 7 November at 8 PM
Cinema Flora, Piazza Dalmazia, Rifredi - Firenze
WORLD PREMIERE Screening of the Documentary

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04-11-2002 18:11

This is the untold story of Bush Cabal Fraud and how the Clinton Regime delayed the collapse of the United States economy.

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Radical Dairy Events: Zapatistas + Alt. Tech day

04-11-2002 17:53

Radical Dairy Events: [All events are free]

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International Peace Appeal

04-11-2002 17:03

Stop the United States of Aggression!
No war against Iraq!
Three peace inspectors who visited Iraq last April, launch an international appeal against a new war on Iraq.

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Photos of Oct 31st Manchester Day of Action Against War

04-11-2002 16:58

Photos of Oct 31st Manchester Day of Action Against War
Still from a video of the Oct 31st day of action against the war in Manchester (article 1)

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Farnborough Airport -- consultants 'gagged'

04-11-2002 16:52

Farnborough Airport -- consultants 'gagged'
Two years ago, against strong local opposition, TAG Aviation were
granted outline planning permission for a business airport at
Farnborough. TAG envision Farnborough as the business airport for
Europe, a key component of globalisation. For local residents it
is simply hell - noise, deteriorating air quality, destruction of
the local environment (including several SSSIs) and the ever
present risk of a crash. The application must be REJECTED.

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Territorial Army base in Walthamstow graffitied

04-11-2002 16:31

Territorial Army base in Walthamstow graffitied
Photos of the spectacular defacing of Walthamstow's Territorial Army base with anti-war graffiti, that occurred last night. (article 1)

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Man-Made Earthquakes?

04-11-2002 16:19

Several earthquakes in the past week raises the question of telegeodynamics - utilising microwaves to activate volcanoes and EM energy to trigger earthquakes.

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title sums it up

04-11-2002 15:50


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MP's out of touch on gay rights

04-11-2002 15:41

The House of Commons is out of touch on gay rights, with the Tories a very good example!

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Firenze: 8.11.02, HUB SPACE, Piazza Libertà, MEETING ON CITIZENSHIP INCOME

04-11-2002 15:02

FIRENZE: 8th november, 12.30/13.00 A.M., in the HUB SPACE, Piazza libertà: