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FITWatch Call - Disarm Dsei day of action, Tuesday 8th Sept

05-09-2009 17:48

This is a call out for all those at the DSEi action, plus anyone who has ever thought about engaging in FITwatch tactics, to confront FIT on Tuesday, to kick them off the demo and to shut them down.

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Pictures of action on Barclays from climate camp

05-09-2009 17:39

message to barclays
Actions against the banks look like being repeated over the next week during Disarm Dsei protests. These pics were taken during the action against climate polluter and arms trade investor, Barclays Bank. Just a warm up, perhaps?

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greek embassy in serbia attacked and anarchists arrested

05-09-2009 17:36

A group of six anarchists were arrested in Belgrade at the 3rd of september under suspicion being connected with Black Elijah (Crni Ilija), which took responsibility for the 24th August molotov attack on the Greek embassy in Belgrade.

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Fall Delegation to Bolivia: Food Sovereignty and Indigenous Resistance

05-09-2009 17:28

Fall Delegation to Bolivia: Food Sovereignty and Indigenous Resistance

Spend Thanksgiving celebrating indigenous resistance and exploring food sovereignty issues in Bolivia, the first country in the hemisphere to be governed by an indigenous president.

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I declare a 14 day national holiday!

05-09-2009 16:13

Everyone expects a huge surge in swine flu, with employers expecting a 50% abscence rate over the Autumn. It is a genuine threat and people will die. You may as well make the most of it, protect yourself and stay at home.

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Whose Blades? Our Blades! Whose Factory? Our Factory!

05-09-2009 14:22

"We have definitely stopped them from removing the blades from Newport. 25-30 supporters from the mainland plus the hard core of the workers set up a camp to blockade the Marine Gate today. Our thinking is that, seeing the size of the mobilisation today, Vestas decided not to come to Newport. Both this camp, and the 'Magic Roundabout' camp in front of the factory will be maintained - and will have kitchens, running water, and power. Join the blockades!"

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Breaking News: EDL demo in Brum is kicking off big time

05-09-2009 13:55

The English Defence League demo is kicking off

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Camp for Climate Action - Some Thoughts

05-09-2009 13:51

Despite what some people are saying about climate camp i.e. it’s full of middle class students who only do fluffy actions, my impression was completely different.

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Stop Ffos-Y-Fran. InformAction

05-09-2009 13:20

"This opencast mine is a massive scheme that will blight our lives for at least the next 17 years, and it's only 37 Metres from the nearest housing estate and edge of a large community! We are suffering desperately with the noise from the operation (60dbA+ at times and regularly at 55dbA) and - to varying degrees governed by the topography, weather conditions, and wind direction - from the dirt and dust output also."

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Public organising meeting on Afghanistan: Why the troops must come home

05-09-2009 12:49

Details in brief

Date: Monday 7th September
Time: Meeting to start 7.30 pm
Location: Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge

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PanAm 103 Over Lockerbie

05-09-2009 11:53

If there's anyone out there who is not already thoroughly cynical about those on the board of directors of the planet, the latest chapter in the saga of the bombing of PanAm 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland might just be enough to push them over the edge.

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Lockerbie - Never mind the political point-scoring... who planted the bomb?

05-09-2009 11:47

Friday Drivetime - Bristol’s weekly current affairs roundup. Discussing the big stories in Bristol and around the world with Martin Summers & Maryna Morris

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Washington Refuses to Call Off Its Dogs in Honduras

05-09-2009 11:40

School of the Americas Graduate General Romeo Vasquez
"While President Obama issues vacuous statements claiming to support the general principle of electoral democracy, his own State Department officials blame President Zelaya for provoking the coup.” Nobody in Latin American believes the U.S. is not complicit.

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RTF 5 - Reclaim the Future 5 - 5 Sept 2009

05-09-2009 10:06

RTF 5 - Reclaim the Future 5 - is most definitely happening, details of venue follow

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Direct Action; Mexico, Australia, France, USA, Spain & Italy

05-09-2009 02:06

27th August - 4th September


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ELF Topples Radio Station Towers in Washington

05-09-2009 01:06

September 4, 2009

Earth Liberation Front Topples Radio Station Towers in Snohomish County, WA

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Disarm DSEi announces meet-up point for start of protest

05-09-2009 00:00

Disarm DSEi will be meeting at 12 noon on Tuesday 8th September outside the Royal Bank of Scotland on Whitechapel High Street, near Aldgate East Tube, before going on to visit several companies in the City of London that invest in the arms trade.

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A stop in hell: Pagani, a prison for migrants at the gate of Fortress Europe

04-09-2009 23:40

The Greek island of Lesvos is just a short sail from the Turkish coast – you can see Turkey from the island. Here many migrants try crossing into Europe, usually on inflatable boats. Frontex patrols the coast to prevent them from landing; those who land may be detained in one of the most appalling prisons for migrants we have ever seen or heard of.

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G20 April Fools Prosecution - Space Hijackers

04-09-2009 23:14

Spot The Copper
The decision has been made to prosecute peaceful activist artists the Space Hijackers for impersonating police on 1st April 2009 at the G20 Summit demonstrations.