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Bad Messenger Native Abuse: Hidden from History Exposed!

02-12-2008 17:19

When an issue is as important as genocide and the Indian Residential Schools in Canada, it is as important that those speaking of it speak the truth. And that "spokespersons" NOT come from the very Oppressor group responsible for these crimes in the first place. Hidden from history exposed...

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141 states back DU resolution in UN General Assembly vote

02-12-2008 16:46

The United Nations General Assembly has passed, by a huge majority, a resolution requesting its agencies to update their positions on the health and environmental effects of uranium weapons

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De Menezes - judge tells jury what it must find

02-12-2008 16:27

the judge has decided on the verdict in the De Menezes case

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Welcome to the Zanu-Labour Police State

02-12-2008 16:04

Should not all border entry points, now manned by uniformed guards, not display an official welcoming sign: Welcome to the Zanu-Labour Police State?

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Palestine Today 120208

02-12-2008 16:03

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center for Tuesday December 02 2008

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EON 48 hours of action BRIGHTON

02-12-2008 15:53

RBS/EON F. OFF Demo in Brighton
November 28th and 29th Brighton Activists Stage a series of actions around town centre against Eon and New Coal.

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New Campaign against the Govts Welfare Reforms

02-12-2008 14:58

At last, there is a large broad campaign developing against all the Gov'ts vicious and Victorian welfare reforms. The Left and the activist community has been negliglent in challenging these brutal reforms which will impact on millions, but better late than never.

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Finally, Letters from Bologna have arrived

02-12-2008 14:29

Finally, after much waiting, and with many apologies for the delay, letters from Bologna have arrived!

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Account of the Santa's E.ON HQ occupation

02-12-2008 12:58

Yesterday, activists from across the country staged the third demonstration against e.on’s headquarters in Coventry in eight days. Graham, e.on’s security boss for the day, bemoans the impact on the company...

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Bike Maintenance Skillshares At 56a this weekend

02-12-2008 12:31

Sat 6 Dec, 2-5pm 'The Brake Block' -all you need to know about Brakes inc. adjustments,cable and pad replacement. OPEN TO ALL

Sun 7 Dec, 1-5pm Wmen ,grrrls and transgender only session

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Class struggle contingent with Bangladeshi workers on 6 December climate march

02-12-2008 12:18

Class struggle against climate change! Join Workers' Climate Action, No Sweat and the Colombia Solidarity campaign in marching with garment worker trade unionists from Bangladesh on the 6 December National Climate March.

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Obama's Grand Chessboard and the drums of war ..and a video Americans wouldnt..

02-12-2008 11:50

Obama's Grand Chessboard and the drums of war ..
and a Video Americans wouldnt like to see.. - Afganistan..-

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Domestic Violence Victims failed by government legislation

02-12-2008 11:46

Activists and Politiian gather in Market Square, Cambridge.
One in Four women in the UK will suffer from domestic violence. Although there are measures in place to help most people in this situation, a number of women with insecure immigration status are left trapped in abusive relationships. Last weekend, the Cambridge City Amnesty International Group organized a protest to demand that the UK government provides protection to ALL women who are victims of from domestic violence.

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Dear Barrie - about that SOCPA bollox...

02-12-2008 11:37

Nov 20. 2008 - Southwark Crown Court - appeal as retrial on basis of rights to a fair trial denied at Westminster Maggots Courts... found guilty "no real crime committed" absolute discharge, fines quoshed, court fees quoshed... and westminster are still trying to drag me back for two more old socpa charges from 2006... yes that's right 2006.

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Yale College takes foie gras off the menu - who's next?

02-12-2008 11:17

Yale College, Wrexham, has apparently just taken foie gras off its menu in response to a number of complaints.

See for background.

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Leaders collaborate with police and lose the day for Liverpool anti-fascists

02-12-2008 10:17

Report of anti-fascist demonstration 29 November 2008

James from Liverpool reports on an anti-fascist demonstration with real potential to force the BNP off the streets – if it wasn't for the treachery of anti-fascist leaders

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A Peace Process That Makes Peace Impossible

02-12-2008 10:00

Palestinian – Israeli peace-making can only deliver if Palestinians are united, but the current Annapolis “peace process” was launched first of all as a blueprint for perpetuating the inter- Palestinian divide

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Launching of LIS CRITIQUE: new critical journal of library & information science

02-12-2008 08:33

Last news: November 19, 2008

Library & Information Science Critique has launched its FIRST ISSUE, and you can download it here, in full, free, free of charge, unhampered, democratic and Open Access here, but if you wish we can also send it by e-mail and you can also contact us if you have any problems to access the articles, or queries, or if you like to send us your critical contributions for the next number, our contact here:

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Ayodeji Omotade V British Airways

02-12-2008 08:22

Ayodeji Omotade
"What would you do if someone on your flight was distressed and crying out for help? Would you stay silent or would you speak?  I spoke and BA didn't like it.  This type of corporate tyranny must be challenged and stopped." Ayodeji Omotade

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Don't Deport Abbas Ali Babakir

02-12-2008 07:48

2 December 2008 - Urgent - Take Action Immediately

Campaigner to be forcibly deported to Iraq this evening

This message from International Federation of Iraqi refugees