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Tatchell arrested in Holocaust Day asylum protest

27-01-2005 20:43

“Never Again, today means not closing our doors to refugees fleeing persecution. Don’t let Michael Howard dishonour the victims of the Holocaust with his quotas for asylum seekers. Never Again means Never Again.”

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UNISON Official Pension Strike Ballot is On!

27-01-2005 19:51

Today's UNISON's Industrial Action Committee meeting gave the go-ahead for a strike ballot of local government workers in England, Scotland and Wales to oppose proposals to change the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).

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Scrap the Olympic Bid Critical Mass

27-01-2005 18:06

Critical Mass meet 6pm 18th Feb
City Hall, South Bank nr Tower Bridge

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Tesco Boy Cott

27-01-2005 17:51

RFID News The ZombieWire
Dear ZombieWire RFID News Readers

We are launching a boycott campaign against Tesco, the world's
third-largest retailer, for its involvement in item-level RFID tagging
trials. These trials, involving tens of thousands of British shoppers,
set an unacceptable example for the retail industry.

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Peter Tatchell arrested

27-01-2005 17:40

Campaigner pleads for asylum seekers at Holocaust Memorial Day

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Support Cabinet Office anti-war protestors outside police station

27-01-2005 17:16

Anti-war activists questioned by police

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XXI Century film showing

27-01-2005 16:55

XXI Century, the mammoth seven-part underground documentary is coming to Liverpool, and so is its director!

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Iraq: Order 81

27-01-2005 15:55

As part of the systematic corporate looting of Iraq, the US is now about to destroy Iraq's agriculture, and in doing so, will destroy a heritage going back at least 10,000 years.

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Bayer, IG Farben and Auschwitz

27-01-2005 13:49

Today politicians and elderly survivors of the Nazi death camp have gathered in Auschwitz to mark the 60th anniversary of its liberation by Soviet troops and remember the victims of the Holocaust. 

Attached you find some materials about the role the company IG Farben played in the Third Reich and especially in Auschwitz.

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Union leaders welcome new students' union

27-01-2005 13:39

The formation of a new students' union - the English Secondary Students’ Association (ESSA)- to be officially launched on 4th February 2005 - has been warmly welcomed by members of the teaching sector and other trades union bodies including the Trades Union Congress.

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Projectile ~ festival of anarchist film & thought

27-01-2005 12:54

The Projectile festival of anarchist film & thought is happening in Newcastle upon Tyne, 11-13 February 2005.

The final programme

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Critical Mass 28th

27-01-2005 12:41

Critical mass 28th Jan 2005
Waterloo bridge 6-6.30p.m

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Least Filtered News

27-01-2005 11:35

The World Economic Forum is taking place in Davos. "Mainstream" news channels like CNN are being quite severe in how they cut it together - like going to an ad break when someone is criticising the Bush administration. As far as I can tell, the least filtered coverage from the halls is by Swiss national broadcaster SFDRS, in both German and original language (often English).

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Kiss It!xx Campaign March Against Psychiatric Assault

27-01-2005 10:12

March against psychiatric assault (forced treatment) Monday 14 February 2005 Valentine's Day demonstration 11am gather at Whitehall Place (nearest tubes Embankment and Charing cross) For more information, visit:

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Unholy Row at Unity Service Dover Kent

27-01-2005 08:22

A service designed to bring Christians together in Dover, Kentended up with some of the God Squad leaving the building PDQ in a frenzy of Christian Lurve.

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Poland: repressions agianst anti-Putin protestors

27-01-2005 06:48

26-01-2005 16:28 This post will be udpated as we get more info. A few minutes after 16:00 in the Krakow main square, the protests against the visits to Auschwitz by the national leaders responsible for war crimes against humanity (especially against hangman of Chechenya Vladimir Putin) started. For a dozen or so minutes there has been a speech by representatives of the Free Caucasus Committee (Komitetu Wolny Kaukaz) and Polish Anarchist Federation.

More about Chechanya see:

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Australian Govt Guilty of Crimes: Community

27-01-2005 05:37

But no one can say the same about the act of taunting Mamdouh Habib in Australia before he was kidnapped by the US and then tortured. Nor can they say the same about the Australian Governments complicity in his torture by the US.

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Hammer&Tongue 4 Nation Slam

27-01-2005 01:32

The UK competes with USA, Canada and Irland
Click and listen to 6 minutes of last month's Hammer&Tongue event...

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Vehicles in rural areas

27-01-2005 01:00

24th January 2005