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01-05-2003 11:45

A detailed description of the situation in Gaza, written by an Israeli professor from Tel Aviv University.

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Bristol Labour Party Offices Occupied

01-05-2003 11:16

May Day Occupation of Bristol Labour Party HQ

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Unite Against Racism

01-05-2003 11:01

Unite Against Racism
One picture and short note re the Unison- called demo in Manchester, Sat 26 April

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Proudhon: About the Education

01-05-2003 09:30

Proudhon: About the Education

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South African Mayday rallyists bus crashes - up to 80 feared dead

01-05-2003 09:27

Up to 80 people are feared dead after a coach carrying trade union members headed for a Mayday rally plunged into a river in central South Africa.

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Strand on Standby

01-05-2003 09:11

London braces itself for Mayday High-Jinx

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Public asked to help find British would-be bomber

01-05-2003 07:15

The British man who managed to escape, after scuffling with bystanders at the pub, was named as 27-year-old Omar Khan Sharif. Sharif, who speaks fluent English, dropped his explosive device while fleeing, and it was detonated safely by police sappers.

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Antiwar spokesperson is also anti-Civil Rights Act (1964)

01-05-2003 06:24

The Texaco mess did not result from "quotas" or "affirmative action" as such. The only law necessary to have brought about this legal race riot was the 1964 Civil Rights Act which enforces non-discrimination.

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The Mirage of Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction

01-05-2003 05:13

"I was always telling the truth. Iraq does not have chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. Time will bear me out, " says Amer Al Saadi, chemical engineer and a senior scientific consultant to the Iraqi government and the first prominent personality to arrange his surrender to the American forces.

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Here's That List of Terrorists You Asked For... Mr. President

01-05-2003 04:42

Here's That List of Terrorists You Asked For... Mr. President
I have the latest update on that terrorist list you've been asking for, Mr. President. I keep submitting my reports to Sen. Richard Shelby, the top Republican on the Intelligence Committee, Sen. Bob Graham, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and Porter Goss, the Florida GOP Rep. and House Intelligence Committee Chairman, but they keep loosing the documents or forgetting I ever gave them the lists... Can you please send it to them for me. I know they will listen to you.

Full article Globalisation and the Everyday City,

01-05-2003 03:42 Globalisation and the Everyday City,
I would like to introduce my project to you. It is an oral-history account that speculatively tries to understand globalisation within an inner-city Australian community.

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The Road Map to Peace is Just More Catch-22

01-05-2003 02:07

This so-called road map to peace that was delivered to the Palestinian and Israeli governments today is just a continuation of the unstated Bush regime policy of "no negotiations as long as there's violence which means no negotiations at all ever".

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The roadmap - and some comments

01-05-2003 01:31

A link to the full text of the Israel-Palestinian roadmap, together with some initial responses.

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Censorship ALERT

30-04-2003 22:15

Writer fired because he spoke out about the ongoing genocide of the palestinian people. Let the censors know the whole world is watching. Email the censors!

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May 1st Elections

30-04-2003 21:29

Please vote for Socialist Alliance, Socialist party, SLP, or CPB candidates tommorrow. Stop the fascists!!

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A Path To Peace In Northern Ireland???

30-04-2003 19:46


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Anarchist in norwich?

30-04-2003 19:41

I wonder about the social movement groups in norwich city, because i am going to live there for some time. I am spanish and i would be kind if someone can tell me. thx.

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US newspaper on the WMDs that are not there

30-04-2003 18:58

Columnist for Buffalo News on the inability to find the weapons of mass destruction Iraq supposedly had, and the credibility problems this is creating.

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Concerning the European Union summit taking place in Thessaloniki (Greece)

30-04-2003 18:31

We are sending you this document in order to keep you informed about the issues that have been decided by the panhellenic assembly of the Anti-authoritarian Movement Salonika 2003, in relation to the actions that we are going to organise during the period of the EU summit in Thessaloniki (or Salonika) in June 2003.

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Remember Um Qasr?

30-04-2003 18:17

Remember Um Qasr?
Our Boyz (hey!) in Um Qasr. Remember?
Anyone seen Claire Short lately?

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