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Afghanistan: Does not look good

16-08-2004 07:07

I work in Afghanistan and try to give a regular political and personal update from the ground. Look at the articles attached for more detailed information on specific topics.

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Reuters: Chavez Wins

16-08-2004 06:30

Reuters: 3 Venezuelan ministers say Chavez easily survived referendum

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Chavez has won

16-08-2004 05:03

Chavez has won with sixty percent of the vote according to Indymedia Puerto Rico

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For Workers Revolution in Venezuela!

16-08-2004 04:12

“None of the countries of Latin America or the Pacific which are now under the domination of American imperialism to one degree or another is able either to attain complete freedom from foreign oppression or to retain such freedom for any length of time if it confines its struggle to the efforts of its own self. Only a union of the Latin American peoples, striving towards the goal of a united socialist America and allied in the struggle with the revolutionary proletariat of the United States, would present a force strong enough to contend successfully with North American imperialism.”

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preliminary results

16-08-2004 02:19

Clandestine sources email allegedly preliminary results to the international media

Special correspondent Katherine Lahey writes: As the August 15 recall referendum continues, the reality of the voting process slips farther and farther away from the opposition promulgated image of tension, worry and outbreaks of violence.

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Venezuela : observers in The Hague!

16-08-2004 02:17

Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the Hague
Today 15th of august, some 30 demonstrators were present in front of the embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the Hague. We planned to be there to watch over the electoral process. We were there in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolutionary Movement that is posing a real alternative to neo-liberalism and to demand a transparent and fair electoral process.

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Independent Lies

16-08-2004 01:56

UK's Independent Newspaper Falsifies Venezuela Election Results!
By Ron Smith,

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Referendum Results

16-08-2004 01:37

Results delays but some corporate media seem eager to jump the gun...

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16-08-2004 01:31

Okay, forget all the leftist propoganda, Chavez has lost!
Or so implies the Independent...

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No War in Iran

16-08-2004 01:31

There has been a lot of talk about Iran lately: lies, threats, distortions, foreshadowings. The antiwar movement must take note.

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four shooting incidents in Venezuela

16-08-2004 01:06

Four shooting incidents. In the process of confirming some of them as we don't trust mainstream media ;-)

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review of CAMCORDER GUERILLAS' Venezuelan event

16-08-2004 00:47

flyer for the Camcorder Guerillas video screening
Review of the video screening of 12th August - Venezuelan Night, 7.30pm in MONO in Glasgow.

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report London Venezuela Solidarity demo

15-08-2004 23:32

report from today's picket of the US embassy, telling them "Hands off Venezuela!"

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Either one votes for Bush or Chavez

15-08-2004 22:31


By JORGE GUIDOBONO for the L.S.R. (The Revolutionary Socialist League of Argentina)

Initial translation by Earl Gilman, edited by Steve Argue

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Video from London US Embassy hands of venezuela demo

15-08-2004 22:30

Here is a short video from todays demo at the america embassy...

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Report of Venezuela Solidarity day in Edinburgh with 6 photos

15-08-2004 20:45

Banner at start of march.
Here is a short report with 6 photos of today's Venezuela solidarity march in Edinburgh. Six photos of the day are attached as well as an AP (Associated Press) article on the election turnout.

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Photos from US Embassy demo for Venezuela

15-08-2004 20:19

Photos from the demo at US embassy in solidarity with the people of venezuela...

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video: witness description of shooting (es)

15-08-2004 20:15

video interview with person saying something in Spanish about the shooting

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3:35 Attempts at Election Fraud in Venezuela

15-08-2004 20:07

3.35 Attempts at Election Fraud in Venezuela

Summary and translations from:
IMC Global:
Aporrea:, article:

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Venezuela Bolivariana: People and Struggle of the Fourth World War

15-08-2004 19:42

Free download of the film "Venezuela Bolivariana: People and Struggle of the Fourth World War", a documentary about the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela and its links to the world-wide movement against capitalist globalization.