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Swine Flu Hysteria (by Latuff)

30-04-2009 20:46

Swine Flu 1
Copyleft artworks by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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McDonalds Protester Found "Not Guilty"!

30-04-2009 20:27

An activist from Animal Rights Cambridge arrested under Section 5 of the Public Order Act for a protest inside the McDonalds restaurant in Cambridge in June 2008 was found 'not guilty' today (30th April 09) .

See for more on the case and to see a video of the protest in question.

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Myth of Sectarianism in the 'New Middle East'

30-04-2009 19:47

In the Middle East, we are now witness to a post-sectarian phase; the unity and solidarity that exists between its' peoples - in identifying the key challenges that face this region - is palpable in whichever direction you turn. Western discourse on the Middle East however, remains fixated on talk of civil wars, sectarian strife and religious tension.

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Campaigners visit nuclear bomb-makers Jacobs in the capital

30-04-2009 19:27

Outside Jacobs' office near Tower Bridge - Copyright (c) D. Viesnik 2009
Trident Ploughshares Press Release - Thursday 30 April, 2009

Six anti-nuclear campaigners from Trident Ploughshares affinity group the Muriel Lesters visited nuclear weapons profiteers Jacobs Engineering outside their Tower Bridge office in London earlier today [see note 1]. The campaigners displayed a banner reading "Nuclear Bomb Makers" and various placards to the busy passing traffic and pedestrians and handed out leaflets to passers-by and users of the building, alerting them to the presence of nuclear proliferators in the capital and calling for the suspension of work on the current and new generation of nuclear warheads at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) sites at Aldermaston and Burghfield in Berkshire, England.

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ALF Bomb Hoax for World Week for Laboratory Animals

30-04-2009 19:17

Communiqué from the Animal Liberation Front
Date: April 29, 2009
Institution Targeted: UCLA Primate Vivisection

Received anonymously:

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30-04-2009 17:29

WHEN: from 11am, Saturday, 16th May, 2009
WHERE: Birmingham City Centre
Called by UNITE trade union

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one cop resigns another disciplined g20 thingy

30-04-2009 17:15

Pc Hayter, from the Royal protection unit, allegedly wrote: "I see my lot have murdered someone again."

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London Zine Symposium 2009 - Sunday May 3rd

30-04-2009 16:48

The London Zine Symposium is a day bringing together zines, small press, comix and radicals to celebrate DIY and zine culture. Over 45 stalls of zines, comix, art, crafts and revolution.

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Smash EDO Press Release: EDO Boss Must Come Clean Say Protesters

30-04-2009 15:16

Smash EDO Press Release. 30 April 2009 (16:30)

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City Hall grill Met police over G20 policing

30-04-2009 15:14

Report of today's public meeting Metropolitan Police Authority public meeting on the G20 policing. MPA members question Met Assistant Commissioners over kettling, police identification numbers, deleting photos, the Tactical Support Group, and question Mayor Boris Johnson over his role.

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New survey brings into question the fate of thousands of greyhound pups

30-04-2009 14:37

The largest survey of its kind ever undertaken exposes shocking disparity between greyhounds bred and greyhounds recorded racing. It is thought no more than about 30% of greyhounds not making the grade are homed.

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Parliament Square Hunger Striker Taken to Hospital

30-04-2009 14:33

petition to Downing Street earlier today
It's been touch and go this week as 28 year old hunger striker Parameswarn Subramaniyan's situation has gotten worse. Fearing that he could die, Mr. Subramaniyan has since agreed to end his hunger strike and talks are currently going on inside Parliament between the Foreign Secretary and the Tamil community.

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Palestine Today 043009

30-04-2009 14:29


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Thursday April 30th 2009.

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Direct Action; Mexico, USA, Italy & Poland

30-04-2009 13:43

26th-29th April


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Wake up and smell the pepper spray

30-04-2009 13:35

These 3,609 new laws are here to control us, not protect us.....

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MAYDAY London: Picket for Visteon workers at KPMG

30-04-2009 13:31

As well as all the other events for MAYDAY in London, don't miss the picket of KPMG in support of the Visteon workers (formerly in occupation) now maintaining a 24 hour picket of their factory in Enfield.

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London to Brighton Bikeride for Smash EDO Street Party

30-04-2009 12:30

Meet Sunday May 3, 9am at Ritzy Cinema, Brixton to leave at 9.30

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Stephanie 12, Desmond 11 and Raphael 6, refuse to leave Yarl's Wood

30-04-2009 11:43

Fortunately we were not removed yesterday cos the children refused to be removed as Desmond was terrified went into tears and went under the bed refusing to be pulled out, after several persuasion and trial by the detention officer to pull him out. The immigration officer told him that she will be back in couple of days with another date of removal.

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Upcoming No Borders Events in Newcastle

30-04-2009 11:25

The UK No Borders Tour 2009 is visiting Newcastle from 30/04 to 04/05 and invites you to a series of events that aim to encourage discussion and build awareness of the injustices of the UK and EU Border Regime, as well as to call for action against them.

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Smash EDO Press Release -Brighton Police threaten 'Ringleaders' of Bomb Protest

30-04-2009 10:41

Smash EDO Press Release

For more info contact Chloe Marsh or Andrew Beckett on 07754135290

30th April 2009