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DISARM DSEi - Spring 2005 Update

12-03-2005 13:26

Updates on:
Shut Down Spearhead! - campaign against DSEi organiser
International Day of Direct Action Against the Arms Trade - 21.03.05
DSEi 2005 - 13-16 September

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Commission For Africa Report - pdf download and some criticisms

12-03-2005 10:33

12th March 05: Tony Blair yesterday launched the much heralded "Our Common Interest" Commission For Africa Report, put togethr by a 17-member international commission which he chaired - with Bob Geldolf providing several 4 star "Fuck" quotes (saying it would cost the United States "fuck all" to free the African continent of the shackles of war, poverty and disease).

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Iranian asylum seekers protesting against military aggression in Iran

12-03-2005 10:21

In an act of protest against the threats of military intervention by the U.S and its allies in Iran, five Iranian asylum seekers will set off on foot from Birmingham on the 12th of March to join the national anti-war demonstration in London on the 19th of March. They will be walking through Coventry, Banbury, Oxford, High Wycombe and then on to London.

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New Arrivals and Employment - Challenging Exploitation in the Workplace

12-03-2005 10:10

CONFERENCE - Saturday March 12, 2005. 1pm - 6pm

Venue - United Services Club, Gough St, Birmingham, B1. 9 off Queensway, Mailbox side.)

Organised by ARC, the Birmingham Anti-Racist Campaign, supported by the T&GWU

For further details call 07973 945873

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G8Alternatives Apply for Permission for Gleneagles Demo

12-03-2005 03:11

The press have reported that G8Alternatives have today (11th march) applied for permission to hold their demonstration on the first day of the G8 Summit - starting from Gleneagles train station, passing by Gleneagles hotel, to end with a rally in the park at Auchterarder (the local village). The reports say that they think approval will be given with some conditions attached.

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Avoiding the Death of WORLD SOCIAL FORUM:

12-03-2005 00:08

up in smoke or Vote to Build
anyone in a social movement organization - will vote on each section and on the overall WSF Economic proposals before the next forum. Then depending on if the vote is near equal (40 to 60 percent either way) then the 2 groups should split up as they are clearly polarized.

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We now live in a police state

12-03-2005 00:05

Today a law came into force that mean that people in Britain can be arrested and held in prison indefinitely without having the opportunity to hear the evidence against them or the opportunity to prove that they are not guilty of a charge - there is no charge.

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So, Why Is Our Post Office Closing..?

11-03-2005 23:41

I called the Royal Mail Customer Complaint Helpline today to try and find out if they could tell me why my local Post Office is closing.

The mp3 below is the result of my enquiries.

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Unusual addition to WTC aircraft

11-03-2005 22:10

WTC Second Aircraft
Would anybody from Indymedia care to explain what this is attached to the underside of this 'passenger' aircraft about to hit the World Trade Centre - preferably before they hide this article for some obscure reason.

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How much will you stand for? - Bristol G8 Dissent! news

11-03-2005 20:35

As the city council slashes services for the elderly & vulnerable, and prepares to increase the council tax; as more land gets flogged off to private developers; as water and other utility bills increase by many times the rate of inflation; and as the Government attempts to rush through Parliament, with some Bristol MP’s support, yet more draconian attacks on our civil liberties; it just so happens that a series of G7/8 ministerial meetings are taking place around the UK, involving Employment, Environment & Development ministers (for info see And of course we have Blair’s conscience-saving Commission on Africa reporting today.

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Carmen Trotta Short Video

11-03-2005 19:24

Carmen Trotta video 2min 27sec

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Photograhs From Iraq: March 1 - 11, 2005

11-03-2005 19:02

Iraqis demand better security; US soldiers secure them to death; roadside bombs in Basra; sabotage, assassinations, carbombs...the freedom rolls on.

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Another Liverpool council estate is privatised!

11-03-2005 18:13

Another Liverpool Council Estate is about to slip quietly and without defiance into the private sector. This week plans were reported on Thursday 10th March in the Liverpool Echo (loyal propaganda agent for council housing privatisation over the past dacade) to push council tenants over to the ever expanding private housing market here in Liverpool.

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seclusion of psychiatric patients- call for assistance

11-03-2005 15:20

At the ESF 2006 (probably in Greece) we want to organise an international meeting to discuss the situation of psychiatric patients in institutes. There are alternatives for seclusion: locking up patients in isolation cells. And putting patients outside society in separate institutes is discussable. We want to speak out about these issues, which have remained in silence for yet much too long.

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Pitstop Ploughshares trial - Day Five

11-03-2005 14:52

I'm afraid this will be rather a short report as the trial thus far today has involved legal argument in the absense of the jury. Under these circumstances, it not possible to give details of the submissions put forward by the defence. Sub judice, and so on...

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Pictures from the Employment Ministers G8 Protest in London

11-03-2005 12:24

Set 1
Some small version pictures from the G8 Employment Ministers Protest in London on Thursday 11th March 05.

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H O U S I N G - is still - T H E B I G I S S U E !

11-03-2005 11:09

On Saturday 5th of March I found the following news item on TELETEXT ITV in the North West and it’s reproduced as I type copied it. I didn’t read about it in the local right wing rag the Liverpool Echo. (Liberal-Democrat controlled) Liverpool City Council is to spend £7,200,000 on private housing, £6000 on each, according to this news report, while it's own rent paying council tenants go without any improvements and backlog of repairs going back for years.

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11-03-2005 10:17


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Pentagon chiefs cleared over prisoner abuse

11-03-2005 06:11

Some human rights groups believe those techniques violate the Geneva Convention and are tantamount to torture, and they have labelled the report a whitewash. But if it were the dogs that were mistreating the detainees how come there hasn't been an independent animal investigation to find out if the dogs were in breach of the rules?

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Blair: Sharon's cellmate

11-03-2005 04:17

If my prime minister Sharon is a war criminal, so is Tony Blair