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Zionists and Fascists to Sabotage Pro Palestinian Picket Tomorrow - help needed

10-09-2003 14:08

Below is a call out from the folks at Fight Racism Fight Imperialism who have kept up a constant weekly vigil outside Marks and Spencer and are now facing hassle from zionists and racists waving Israeli flags and Union Jacks and trying to push them off the streets>


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police hold 40 near a13

10-09-2003 14:05

police held about 40 protesters adjacent to the a13 for maybe 40 minutes.

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European Education Forum and demo: latest news

10-09-2003 13:55

Latest news around the European Education Forum and Demo, September 18-20 in Berlin

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Insecurity @ DSEi

10-09-2003 13:49

Amid the new culture of fear generated it appears that anxious publics are willing to put up with
many more intrusions, interceptions, delays and questions than was the case
before 9/11. Insecurity Guard plays with a reversal in roles to test how far
do subjects collude with, negotiate and resist practices that are intrusive?

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Second Day Of Action: Shut Down DSEi!

10-09-2003 13:47

updated front

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NVDA Blockade of ExCel west entrance yesterday

10-09-2003 13:43

Blockade of western entrance
13 arrests at blockade of western entrance to ExCel center yesterday afternoon.

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Campaign Against Bayer CropScience Kicks Off!

10-09-2003 13:39

Bayer CropSciences gets targetted as government and industry decide whether they can get away with commercialising GM crops in the UK.

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Pictures from the D-locked DLR train at Poplar

10-09-2003 13:29

Photos of the train that was stopped by an activist who D-locked herself to the train

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dsei 2pm

10-09-2003 13:05


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cm update 12:30

10-09-2003 12:58

CM udate 12:30

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DSEI: Pictures from the underpass

10-09-2003 12:50

Photos of the underpass

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Rap Artist versus New World Order

10-09-2003 12:47

Paris's new album features truth about 9/11 and its consequences (listen at - previously posted)
To stand alongside Michael Meacher in high profile exposure to bring down the Bush (and Blair) regime sooner than we might imagine

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DSEI: A woman D-locked herself to a car at Excel

10-09-2003 12:27

At the blockade at Connaught underpass a woman D-locked herself to a car

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Israeli Arms Company declines Award

10-09-2003 12:16

A group of "Pirates of the Middle East", visited Rafael, an Israeli Arms Company at 3/5 Duke St W1, witha view to giving them a Piracy Award for all their acts of plunder, pillage and murder in the Middle East. Activists were unable to enter the offices, due to a locked door. The Pirates hung about outside with banners and kept calling Rafael to come down and accept the award. They declined.

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Spearhead acquired by Reed Exhibitions

10-09-2003 12:08

Spearhead Exhibitions announced yesterday that it has been acquired by Reed Exhibitions.

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Bin Tax Blockades in Dublin

10-09-2003 11:33

Residents and anti-bin tax activists have blockaded at least six of Fingal (North and West Dublin) County Council's bin trucks into housing estates.

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10-09-2003 11:30

arrived canning town filth everywhere

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Arms for sale on the light rail to DESI

10-09-2003 11:30

Protestors posing as arms dealers joined the hundreds of other dealers and buyers on the trains to the Excel centre this morning. Three suited protesters didnt wait for the fair, but started selling their wares on the train. Announcing they had arms for sale two opened their cases revealing various sets of arms (prosthetic and dolls arms) they had to sell. Another reved up the dealers with human resource management speak and exclaimations of "kill, kill, kill".