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29-04-2005 15:40


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anti g8 benefit friday 29th april at the institute for autonomy

29-04-2005 14:17

anti g8 benefit friday 29th april at the institute for autonomy! 8pm until 1am

rhythms of resistance samba, djs, vegan food from the cooking collective

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29-04-2005 14:00

Ugh, ugh, ugh, and ugh...

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Nationalisation of Constructora Nacional de Valvulas in Venezuela

29-04-2005 13:55

The Nationalisation of the oil valve manufacturer in Venezuela is the second factory to be nationalised under workers control

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BP Treesit Eviction Alert Today at 3pm

29-04-2005 13:21

BP Treesit action update - Friday 29th, 2pm.

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Amnesty launches appeal to help Saudi gays.

29-04-2005 13:13

Amnesty Intl has today launched an Urgent Appeal on behalf of 35 men under sentence of 'flogging' because they were apparently at a 'gay marraige' in Saudi Arabia.

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Projectile 2006: Call for anarchist films

29-04-2005 11:26

PROJECTILE: A festival of anarchist film and culture
Announcement and call for submissions for Projectile 2006

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anti-G8 graffiti on A9 (near Stirling)

29-04-2005 11:14

simple and sweet
Activists from the newly formed Stirling Re-decoration Kollektiv re-decorated parts of the A9 moterway warning about the upcoming G8 summit.

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Nora Castañeda and Angelica Alvarez bring the Venezuelan Revolution to Europe

29-04-2005 10:52

Nina Lopez welcomes Nora Castañeda & Angelica Alvarez to a Reception in London
The first European tour by Venezuelan women, began in London (via Barcelona) on 13 March. Nora Castañeda, president of the Women’s Development Bank (Banmujer) and Angelica Alvarez, promoter co-ordinator of Banmujer in Bolivar state received a warm and enthusiastic welcome at the packed Crossroads Women’s Centre, base of the Global Women’s Strike. The strike co-ordinated the tour as part of its activities for International Women’s Day and the UN Year of Micro-credit.

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Friday 29 - Latest from BP action: Eviction alert! & more pics

29-04-2005 10:46

Friday 29th April -
Update from the tree occupation action outside the headquarters of BP in ST James Sq, SW1, central London.

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29-04-2005 10:30

The campaign is geared towards establishing an independent free phone helpline to combat race crime in Northern Ireland and to ensure qualitative and consistent ‘cultural sensitive’ support are given to victims, especially to those suffering in silence.

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29-04-2005 09:54

Attached please kindly find the human rights abuses towards Burmese refugees who were forcefully relocated in Thailand. First of all, they were emotionally and physically forced into exile by Burma. Thank your for your concern.

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Rory Bremner backs Keys and Murray

29-04-2005 09:45

Writing in today's Daily Mail, Rory Bremner said:

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Project to Stop "Policy Laundering"

29-04-2005 08:52

Privacy International, in concert with its partners the American Civil
Liberties Union and Statewatch, today announced the formation of a new
international "Policy Laundering Project".

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NWO: Police State Cyber Raids?

29-04-2005 07:34

Organizers of a controversial pro civil rights group have once more experienced a concerted effort by as yet unidentified ‘cyber terrorists’.

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Report from Istanbul wıth 7 photos

29-04-2005 05:49

Thıs ıs a short account of my vısıt to Istanbul wıth 7 labelled photos.

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British democracy and Rwandan genocide

29-04-2005 05:13

We need to put our long-term organisational disagreements aside and get out the vote: those who let the Rwandan genocide happen are still in Westminster and not voting is not protesting.

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Tell Australia to Stop Stealing from East Timor

29-04-2005 05:13

Fax Australia's Prime Minister Howard - Tell the Australian Government to Stop Stealing East Timor's Resources and East Timor's Future:

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Timor Society Demands Fair Median Line

29-04-2005 05:11

" ... the Australian government is anxious about discussions regarding the Maritime Boundary and prefers to discuss the distribution of natural resources, of which we are all aware that according to international UNCLOS law, 100% of the natural resources in the Timor Sea belong to Timor-Leste." 11 East Timorese NGOs

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International Asbestos Memorial Pledged for Rochdale

29-04-2005 01:17

we will never forget those who have suffered from asbestos exposure...
General Election Candidates Lorna Fitzsimons (Labour) and Paul Rowen (Lib Dem) have both supported calls for a permanent memorial to all those who have suffered as a result of asbestos exposure. The pledge was made as dozens of people attended a candlelit vigil outside Rochdale Town Hall for International Workers' Memorial Day.