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Climate Chaos Films (Free to download)

29-12-2009 22:05

Two well made and free to download films on climate chaos.

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Local coverage of Smash EDO Remember Gaza demo

29-12-2009 21:24

Bickering has already started amongst readers of the local Brighton paper The Argus about the Smash EDO January 18th Remeber Gaza demo.

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ALBA Declaration on Copenhagen Climate Summit

29-12-2009 19:27

"Today, through the carbon markets, those who cause climate change, continue contaminating, while the weight of emissions reductions transfers to the developing countries. They thought that in Copenhagen they could convince us to buy their right to contaminate, in exchange offering promises of paltry amounts of money.

1. We strongly denounce and we request that the documents generated by the chair of the summit without the mandate of the participants, be contested, and that we can state our position against the groups of friends of the chair openly. The chair has not guaranteed equality of participation at all levels, including the presidential level.

2. We reiterate our commitment to the struggle against climate change and to the principles of the Kyoto Protocol, now more valid than ever, whose content we consider capable of improvement with the decisions of the participants, and subsequent accords, but something that we shouldn’t allow to die. The complexity of the recent negotiations has shown us that the economic interests in conflict wont allow an accord if the developing countries won’t accept respect for the principles.

3. In this sense, we express our political desire to continue working in the framework of the Convention and the Kyoto Protocol. The relaunch of these negotiations should be based on respect, inclusion, transparency, and legitimacy.

4. We recall that while the conference failed in an irreversible way, the voices of the youth who know that the future is theirs, grows stronger. They strongly denounce the manoeuvres of the developed countries and they know that the struggle will continue. We join with them and their protests, and we salute and support them. The people must stay on their guard.

Today more than ever, before the lamentable manoeuvring that has been practiced in Copenhagen for petty economic interests, we reiterate that, “Don’t change the climate, change the system!."

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Who Is Winning the Battle for Food Regime? Vegans or Carnivores? Dare To Know

29-12-2009 16:32

The huge importance of veganism to social change is well acknowledged, it is part of the revolutionary process we need to initiate right now... our task is not to market vegan products but to initiate revolutionary change and unite various movements in alliances against market and capitalism.

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Akmal Shaikh.

29-12-2009 15:41

Just working class cannon fodder for the imperialists war on the working class

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End the Blockade of Cuba! Close Guantanamo Torture Camp!

29-12-2009 14:58

1 January 2010 marks the 51st anniversary of the Cuban Revolution – when the US-sponsored dictator Fulgencio Batista fled the country and the revolutionary movement, led by Fidel and Raul Castro and Che Guevara, seized power.

Join us for a rally to call for an end to the US blockade and the closure of the US torture camp at Guantanomo Bay, illegally occupied Cuban terroritory.

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Vegan Outreach in Bristol

29-12-2009 13:44

Just spotted this - looks really inspiring :)

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Solidarity with Austrian AR campaigners

29-12-2009 08:55

The UK AR scene offers solidarity to our Austrian colleagues soon to face state repression

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Third attempt to remove Yves Yitgna Njitchoua

29-12-2009 08:21

Yves Yitgna Njitchoua
Yves Yitgna Njitchoua a national of Cameroon and resident of Manchester, is currently detained in Brookhouse IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Kenya Airways flight KQ101 on Monday 4th January 2010 at 19:00.

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Protest Delegation At The Egyptian Embassy

29-12-2009 01:30

PROTEST DELEGATION AT THE EGYPTIAN EMBASSY********************************* South Street London W1 (off Park Lane, Marble Arch or Hyde Park Corner tubes) 10am Tuesday 29thThe contact details for the Egyptian Embassy in London: 0044-20-7499-3304 /

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B&K Universal- Blood on their Hands RALLY

29-12-2009 00:37

activsts from he north will decend upon b and k universal in grimston
and rally the blood and MURDER they cause
suppilers of hls
sequani labs
and the mod
plus many other vile groups

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Sabotage at Broken Cross Open Cast Coal Mine (Mainshill Solidarity Action)

28-12-2009 20:30

In the early hours of the 25th December

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Another Protester of Pacific Rim Mining Corporation’s El Dorado Site Assassinate

28-12-2009 20:19

On December 26, Dora “Alicia” Recinos Sorto, age 32, was assasinated, the second anti-mining activist killed this week in the small community of Nueva Trinidad in the department of Cabañas, El Salvador. Recinos Sorto was eight months pregnant and carrying her two-year old child when she was shot on her way back from doing laundry at a nearby river. She and her husband, José Santos Rodriguez, were outspoken opponents of the non-operational El Dorado mine which Pacific Rim, a Vancouver-based mining company is desperate to reopen despite widespread community opposition.

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GreenPeace/GreenPolice: A communique from the COP15 Black Bloc

28-12-2009 17:10

This communique was given out by a portion of the Black Bloc during the march to the Bella Centre on Saturday at the protests against the U.N. COP-15: There seems to be a common logic between the government delegates, the NGOs who control the march, and even the radical ecological activists: we are all saving humanity together. Who would not want to fight for this? And even if you did not, do you even have a choice?

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The Gaza Assault in Perspective

28-12-2009 16:27

Given the muddying and falsifying of the record of the attack, it is useful to review three things: the causes of the attack, the attack itself, and the logical conclusions to be drawn from the attack

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Gaza Freedom March Update: French delegates take over the boulevard in Cairo

28-12-2009 15:08

French Delegates Take Over the Boulevard in Front of French Embassy in Cairo

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Hunger Strikers for Gaza aid enter Day 2

28-12-2009 14:37

Swansea Hunger Striker D Murphy in Jordan
Humanitarian aid convoy bound for Gaza is being held up by Egypt. Drivers from UK and Ireland are on hunger strike

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Chinese death sentence on British national Akmal Sheikh

28-12-2009 12:20

Akmal Sheikh is a 53-year-old British national who has been sentenced to death in China for alleged drug smuggling. You can act to try to save his life.

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White Christmas operation in Coccaglio 2009

28-12-2009 11:46

Christmas 2009
The ''White Christmas'' operation in Coccaglio, aiming the expulsion of all ''illegals'' in the town, is not only a sign of utter racism and xenophobia, it also reveals the inhuman Italian asylumpolicy, which has hardened this year
Therefore it is of great importance to undertake action against as well the White Christmas operation as Italian asylumpolicy in general