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2004 - The Cartoon !

05-01-2004 23:56

...for a better and FREE world :)

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Ronald McDonald against war

05-01-2004 23:38

For images of Ronald McDonald on a tour of the UK against the war and other subversive street art nonsense see:

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Anti-G8 Gathering - Feb 7th-8th

05-01-2004 23:28

An open invitation to the next Dissent! Gathering against the G8.

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Bayer Win Protection over GM Protests

05-01-2004 21:08

The homes of thousands of employees of Bayer, the chemicals group, are
to be protected from protesters opposed to genetically-modified crops
by special exclusion zones.

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Freedom From Nauru - Electronic Sit-In

05-01-2004 20:45

At 9am Monday morning (Australian East Coast time), Cyber activists from
across the world started their solidarity sit-in on the websites for Australian
Department of Imigration and Multi-cultural Affiars (DIMIA) and the Liberal Party.
They vow to keeping jamming these websites whilst people are starving to death on
Nauru at the hands of Liberal party policy.

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The Hidden smell at Sheer Hell

05-01-2004 20:22

A more succinct note on a long standing injustice perpetrated at Shire Hall and suppressed by self interest, political indifference and professional protectionism.

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Two more letter bombs go off today and Anarchists blamed again.

05-01-2004 17:57

Anger spreads among Anarchists today that the media take for granted the idea that Anarchists are behind letter bombs.

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Black Voice

05-01-2004 16:47

How black and oppressed people are treated by Indy Media.

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MYG Industrials - Hand in Hand with the Sequani Puppy Killers

05-01-2004 16:12

Three determined PACA (People Against Cruelty to Animals - West Midlands) activists visited MYG Industrials in Hereford early this morning. MYG, a construction firm, help to maintain the property of the animal killers Sequani ltd based in Ledbury, Herefordshire. All the entrances to MYG were locked when the activists arrived, seems they were expecting some bother.

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F2 Chemicals feels the heat

05-01-2004 15:00

Activists held a noisy demo at F2 Chemicals today to let the workers know just what their company is up to. F2 Chemicals paid for HLS to poison six week old beagle puppies to death with toxic gases

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Another day, another visit... Asahi Glass visited again

05-01-2004 14:57

e felt that Asahi Glass in Thornton was being very shy, and as a result were not being fully informed about the fact they are owned by a company with no problem about poisoning 6 week old beagle puppies. We also got the feeling that they did not realise simply how dedicated we are to exposing their vile business and connections to Huntingdon Life Sciences.

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Unrestricted Warfare

05-01-2004 13:57

Soon at the world theatre

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SAMBISTA IN COURT tomorrow, jan 6th, 10am

05-01-2004 11:54

5 years in prison for being hit by police?
Reverberations of DSEI 2003 - *call for support*

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Preventive War, Common Security and the State

05-01-2004 11:19

Does the return of preventive war as a "norm" of international relations take the world back to before July 1914, and if so, what are the likely consequences? What does this tell us about the state system and the prospects for human survival?

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Stickers advertising

05-01-2004 10:39

Here's a sheet of stickers advertising the site:
Print off and use.

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Ken O'Keefe to Burn U.S. Passport in Baghdad

05-01-2004 09:54

Ken O'Keefe
Ex-U.S. Marine, Gulf War Veteran & Truth Justice Peace (TJP) Human Shield Iraq Founder to Burn U.S. Passport in Baghdad.
When – 10 AM, January 7, 2004
Where – Baghdad’s Infamous Saddam Statue Toppling site
Contact – (checked throughout the day)

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UK Anti-G8 Gathering - Feb 7th-8th

05-01-2004 09:05

An open invitation to a Gathering to discuss building resistance to the G8 Summit coming to the UK in 2005.

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911 Widow Suing Bush for Attacks -- Sign Petition!!!

05-01-2004 06:08

911 Widow Suing Bush for Attacks -- Sign Petition!!!

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Capitalism is Legalized Robbery

05-01-2004 05:14

An analysis of capitalism illustrating that not only are there periodic examples of large, conspicuous thefts by capitalists, but also there exists an everyday, subtle, disguised theft of value created by the working class.