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SAMBISTA IN COURT tomorrow, jan 6th, 10am

teapot | 05.01.2004 11:54 | DSEi 2003 | London

5 years in prison for being hit by police?
Reverberations of DSEI 2003 - *call for support*

On Tuesday, Jan 6, 10am in the Magistrate Court on Horseferry Road, Francesco Vacchiano, a member of the Torino Samba Band, will be facing his trial for being unprovokedly attacked by the police on Sept 11, 2003 as part of the DSEI protests.
The sentence for his crime is feared to be up to 5 years in prison.
A witness queried the agressor only seconds before the attack: "Are you having fun pushing us around like this?"
To which the latter replied: "Yes, actually, I am!"
Will the system of justice for once also be in the service of justice?

Please turn up at the trial innumerably for support! (tube: St. James' Park)



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