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The "Group Against Internal Repression"

10-04-2006 15:16

The "Group Against Internal Repression" claimed responsibility for the explosion of an incendiary device -made of 4 gas canisters and flammable liquids - against the offices of the "Antiauthoritarian Movement" at Str.Makrigianni str. 17, Thursday 6/4, in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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US Special Forces operating in Iran

10-04-2006 14:59

Article from today's Guardian about Iran: Bush is now declaring that a regime change in Iran is needed (whether they are aiming for nuclear weapons or not). More worrisome is the former CIA member stating that there are already US Special Forces operating in Iran.

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Vincent Cannistraro, a former CIA counter-terrorism operations chief said covert military action, in the form of special forces troops identifying targets and aiding dissident groups, is already under way.

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then al qaeda has nothin to do with the 7/7 bombs

10-04-2006 14:17

the problem now is why such inorganised people felt the necessity to plan another serie of bombing 3 weeks later

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Hundreds Pledge themselves for Human Shield Mission to Iran as Movement Comes Ou

10-04-2006 12:52

The Human Shield Mission to Iran steps up a gear following revelations in the New Yorker magazine that the US are planning military action against Iran.

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A Personal Account of the No Borders Demo at Harmondsworth Detention Centre

10-04-2006 12:43

Here there is my personal account of Saturday's demonstration outside the Harmondsworth and Colnbrook detention centres. Some photos will follow afterwards.

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Don't expand Styal Prison - Close it down

10-04-2006 12:06

Within 3 month of its establishment No More Prison organised its first direct action - a demonstration outside styal prison on April 8th 2006. The Demostration was in opposition to plans to expand the failed prison to make it Europe's largest prison for women. No More Prison called instead for the prison to be closed.

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Roma Nation Day: Dig at Barriers of Racism

10-04-2006 10:45

Of all this year's events marking
Roma Nation Day in the UK - and it was
the biggest package yet - the most poignant
for me was the sight of actor Michael Collins,
over here from Dublin for the Red Wheels
Festival, shovelling away an earth barrier at Five
Acre Farm.

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International Law and The Iraq War

10-04-2006 10:27

Press release from Tony Benn

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10-04-2006 09:51

Report of the Harmondsworth and Colnbrook demonstrations, an update about the urgent situation in Colnbrook & info about visiting and future meetings

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Apartheid in Tel Rumeida

10-04-2006 07:49

These emails are from a Brighton based activist spending April in occupied Palestine with the International Solidarity Movement, a network of international activists set up to support Palestinian non violent resistance agaisnst Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. In these emails I will be writing short accounts of aspects of the occupation and resistance.

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Aldermaston contractors blocked

10-04-2006 07:49

ha ha
This morning nonviolent direct action group Block the Builders took their protest against the controversial Orion laser facility to the doors of one of current contractors working on a range of projects at AWE Aldermaston.

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Another Battle.

10-04-2006 07:35

Graphic comment

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8-4-06 No Borders - Yarl's Wood detainee speech

10-04-2006 01:13

Ugandan Refugee and Yarl's Wood detainee Sekindi speaks out at the No Borders demonstration outside Harmondsworth detention centre.

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Rossport Solidarity Camp June Bank Holiday Gathering

09-04-2006 22:00

Rossport Solidarity Camp host a June bank holiday weekend gathering to celebrate our first year of resistance to Shell, Statoil, Marathon and the Irish state

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09-04-2006 21:15

This is a request for anyone who bought a white wristband to return it to Make Poverty History charities as an act of protest for being made by Chinese sweatshop workers contrary to even Chinese law and the Ethical Trading Initiative. Return your wristbands to cronies at the charities and donate money to campaigns such as Campesina and demand real change.

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The War on Immigrants

09-04-2006 21:01

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” Once that was true, but no longer. Emma Lazarus’ beautiful and memorable words we’ve all heard many times and know well are fading into memory.

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Bus protest pics...

09-04-2006 19:41

Clown Army
A head turning Spectacle in Sheffield City cnetre

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Resistance and Repression At Colnbrook Immigration Prison

09-04-2006 17:17

Following the No Borders demo outside of Harmondsworth & Colnbrook Immigration Prisions- detainees in Colnbrook are continuing to refuse food. A number of men have been singled out for repression by the management including Michael Etim, the leading pastor of the Christain congregation within Colnbrook

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09-04-2006 15:41

Successful, but marred by alleged racist action by police at historic Glasgow hall.