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Important Campaign Update from Stop Animal Experiments at Bradford

07-01-2010 20:45

Important Campaign Update from Stop Animal Experiments at Bradford

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Police in Turkey attacks people who opposes US military bases

07-01-2010 20:25

Police in Turkey attacks people who opposes US military bases
Urgent action needed . Please send protest messages to officials

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Eviction and Resistance strategys in local hoods

07-01-2010 19:48

In Hamburg a debate has started about a possible eviction oh 'our' main Squat 'Rote Flora' and we shall depick the solidarity in communication and metaphysical forces:

The International Brigades continues in post-fascist Europe!

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German Action Guide and Legal Rights

07-01-2010 18:13

Yearly german and european nazis march through the city of Dresden, Germany. This will show you how you could avoid danger and will inform you about the legal rights in Germany.

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Reflections on Cop 15-

07-01-2010 17:11

Call out for articles/artwork

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Gaza, Play, Blood and Sand

07-01-2010 16:51

Gaza visit - sand stories and lots of play

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Freedom To Protest Conference 2010 - planning meeting

07-01-2010 16:12

In 2005 the first Freedom To Protest Conference was held. It brought together around 230 people from 80 varied campaign groups, updating them on changes in the law and providing insight and inspiration on how people were successfully defending their interests and resisting repression - whether on the streets, in court, or elsewhere. Most importantly it promoted co-operation and solidarity among all of us at the sharp end! See for more details.

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Lappersfort Callout For Eviction

07-01-2010 15:27

This morning (Thursday 7th), the police snipped open part of our fence and broke their way in to the forest

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Details of EF! Winter Moot announced

07-01-2010 15:05

The Earth First! Winter moot is an opportunity for people who feel affiliation with the ideas behind Earth First! to network, discuss and reflect on the UK ecological direct action movement and to plan for the future. Earth First! is about direct action to halt the destruction of the Earth. We believe we can make a real difference by doing it ourselves rather than relying on leaders, governments or industry.

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Demo:8th Anniversary of Guantánamo Bay:11 January:12.30-2pm: US Embassy

07-01-2010 13:56

Demonstration to mark the 8th anniversary of Guantánamo Bay and call for liberty and justice for prisoners held there

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Birmingham Man Rape Convictions Quashed

07-01-2010 13:48

My convictions are quashed, but am i innocent in the eyes of the law?

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Sleeping with the Enemy: TCKTCKTCK in bed with EDF, world’s leading nuclear corp

07-01-2010 10:04

EYES WIDE SHUT | TckTckTck exposé from activist insider

The mainstream environmental movement no longer inspires nor leads society to an enlightened existence – it simply bows down to the status quo.

Who Really Deserves the Fossil Fool Award? TckTckTck or us?

The largest climate change campaign in the world is in bed with the world’s most powerful corporations.

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America’s Terror

07-01-2010 09:26

The U.S. assigns to itself the right to slaughter civilians and children wherever it chooses on the planet, yet howls in outrage when its protégés on the other side assert the same murderous privileges. “In the same week that Americans wrung their hands over Mutallab’s holiday season threat, soldiers from their country murdered Afghan children.”

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Are we in the UK all equal or are some more equal than others?

07-01-2010 08:42

Do you think, those seeking/refused asylum, those without papers and those destitute in the UK, have 'Equality & Human Rights' comparable with UK Nationals?

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Sea Shepherd vows to continue campaign after whalers destroy Ady Gil

07-01-2010 04:14

Yesterday was a hectic day in Commonwealth Bay, near Antarctica, in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. The Ady Gil, while stationary, was puposefully rammed at speed by the Japanese whaling security vessel, the Shonan Maru 2. And the Japanese whaling fleet, and the world discovered Sea Shepherds surprise new conservation ship, the Bob Baker, an ex-Norwegian Antarctic ice-class whaling vessel that was bought in 2009 and secretly refitted in South Africa.

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University of Gloucestershire website launches new Student Information page.

06-01-2010 23:29

As the protest against job cuts grows at the University of Gloucestershire a new Student Information page is launched.

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petition against body scanners

06-01-2010 20:01

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to halt the installment of body scanners in airports.

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Antifascist Films at the 1 in 12 Club

06-01-2010 15:28

No Pasaran! - A day of antifascist films at Bradford's 1 in 12 Club.

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Light a Candle For Gaza in Cardiff

06-01-2010 15:24