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Did the SO19 marksmen kill an "Iraq veteran" or a "top barrister"?

09-05-2008 19:59

Evening Standard, 7 May 2008 (1st edition)
Here are the two editions of the London tabloid 'Evening Standards' on May 7th, 2008.

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Sequani trial update

09-05-2008 18:33

4.10pm Jury and defendants sent home until Monday 12th May @ 10.00am court 9 Birmingham crown court.

No verdict was given today.

Today May 9th marks the 2nd anniversary of the police raids on animal activists homes.

Defendants have been on bail now for 2 years to this day.

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This Week In Palestine – Week 19 2008

09-05-2008 17:22

This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for May 3rd, to through to May 9th 2008.

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May Day in Chicago, 2008

09-05-2008 14:43

Amidst the nationwide flurry of this year’s May Day events—from New York to the West Coast and many points between—not the least was the day-long series of events in Chicago, the city where May Day began.

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Indymedia Birmingham hosts Smash EDO's On the Verge

09-05-2008 14:31

setting up the screen

Indymedia Birmingham yesterday hosted SchMovies' new film, On The Verge, which follows the story of the Smash EDO successful campaign. The screening in the Rainbow Warehouse, Digbeth, was the 43rd in the campaign's national tour, which began last March. Unlike previous screenings [ 1 | 2 ], there was no police harassment this time or attempts to suppress the film. With more than 50 people present, the screening and discussions were followed by DJ's, vegan food and beer until midnight.

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BNP member outraged at grand-daughters mixed race boyfriend - caught on camera!

09-05-2008 14:30

Are the BNP racists? - then why would this BNP member react the way he did on finding out his grand-daughters boyfriend is mixed race!

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Reclaim the Campus conference

09-05-2008 13:47

A one day conference for student activists to discuss the way forward for building a campaigning student movement.

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Greens still doing better than pervyBNP as most effective radical party for30yrs

09-05-2008 12:31

Greens overall still doing better than BNP& have been most effective radical party for over 30 yrs in UK & growing.BNP have just lost 3 councillors after resignations in Wales.
They are also social libertarians against fascism,id cards & have helped lead charge on proportional representation& health & safety issues to do with dodgy tech only usually touched by eco protesters or unions.

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Taking Liberties Now Available Free

09-05-2008 12:10

Important documentary "Taking Liberties" is now available free from 4 on Demand.

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SOCPA: Met Police's consultation response

09-05-2008 12:07

Key quotes:

"The MPS believes that it should be a matter for Parliament to decide if there are any geographical areas where protest should not be allowed [...] such as the footway immediately adjacent to the Palace of Westminster, might also impact so adversely on access to the Palace of Westminster and therefore on the smooth running of Government that Parliament may wish to decide that it should be ruled out as a site for protest in the amended legislation."

"The use of the undefined term ‘demonstration’ in the SOCPA provisions has caused difficulties. The MPS believes that prior notification for assemblies in the defined area above should rely upon the current definition of assembly under the POA and should only apply when two or more people intend to assemble."

"The concept of ‘authorisation’ for any protest should be removed. [...] However, given recent challenges that the MPS has faced in dealing with SOCPA, it believes that the legislation must make it clear that the onus is on those protesting to show that they have complied with the notification requirements."

"The MPS believes that the POA should be amended so that the flexibility that currently applies to conditions on processions also applies to assemblies."

"the MPS believes that the Public Order Act should be amended to allow appropriate and proportionate conditions to be imposed on any procession or assembly taking place anywhere on the grounds of security."

"Sessional Orders, which are orders passed by both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, place a duty on the Commissioner to ensure that access to Parliament is kept free of obstruction. However, these orders do not create any additional police powers [...] The powers available under this Act are very limited, are increasingly being challenged by protestors and do not provide any statutory framework to place conditions on processions and assemblies."

"Parliament Square is a World Heritage Site. [...] This area also attracts large numbers of protestors who hold very strong views and beliefs and some of their activities and behaviour may not be compatible with this vision [...] Government needs to define in the amended legislation any activities or behaviours they see as being unacceptable in this area."

"the MPS is increasingly having to deal with those who choose to protest in the SOCPA area in situations where a power of arrest does not exist [...] The MPS believes that a power to arrest should exist to prevent individuals continuing to commit an offence after they have been formally reported for it. This could be achieved by an amendment to s24(5) PACE."

"the MPS believes [...] it should also have the power to apply conditions on those protests comprising of only one person. [...] There is no obvious reason why this power, to impose conditions on a lone demonstrator, should be limited to the new designated area."

"the MPS believes that the POA should be amended to allow conditions to be placed on any procession or assembly or lone protestor to prevent a security risk wherever it takes place in the country."

Next Campaign for Free Assembly public meeting:
Sunday 11th May 2-4pm
London School of Economics Connaught House
Room H101

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EDF circles British nuclear powerplant sites

09-05-2008 11:02

French nuclear energy colossus EDF, which also operates various types of non-nuclear generation in the UK, has been buying up farmland close to existing British nuke plants.

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Global week of action against Novartis May 26th to 30th

09-05-2008 10:28

to keep the pressure on this disgusting company.

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Novartis – Paulo Costa one of the worst managers

09-05-2008 10:22

This information campaign is dedicated to the victims of Novartis AG. Murder, fraud, corruption, animal torture, greed, exploitation... think of anything evil and you think of Novartis and its subsidiaries Ciba Vision, Syngenta, Lek, Intercell and many more.

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The winds of Fascism blowing across Europe

09-05-2008 06:06

In the wake of the spread of uniformity and the gospel of order and security, one might wonder if all these Center Right governments are in cahoots? It would seem so. Is this the real face of the European Union? It seems so. Is this part of the World-Government-New-World-Order process? Looks like it.

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June 14: Climate Change After Party

08-05-2008 23:43

Climate Caper, the after party for Climate Change, London will be hosted by The Synergy Centre.

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The unethical monstrosity that is the Large Hadron Collider

08-05-2008 23:26

this is NOT an article addressing the issues that you normally find related to the LHC, i do not care about black holes or other cosmic dangers. This article addresses the very real threat to democracy that CERN poses through its latest experiment, an all to human threat.

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Peak Food: Blaming the Victims

08-05-2008 22:39

I've already written about this in previous posts under the 'hidden holocaust' theme, but am prompted to re-address this issue given the way it's been dealt with by mainstream media and associated 'experts'.

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Anti-Terror Demo May12

08-05-2008 22:10

Demo Against Counter Terror Bill

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Leave it in the Ground: open-cast coal mass trespass, 26th May

08-05-2008 21:14

A new open cast coal mine site is about to get underway in beautiful Derbyshire unless we stop it now.