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17-11-2001 13:18

Meet at 12 noon at Speakers' Corner

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Class vengeance returns to Bristol

17-11-2001 12:52

Bristol's Chief of Neighbourhood and Housing Services gets taught a lesson

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Taliban to re-emerge as a guerrilla force

17-11-2001 12:21

The Taliban's withdrawal from key Afghan cities was a strategic move, and Pakistan may have a role to play in their future course of action.

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Crisis in Pakistan

17-11-2001 11:52

"It is already a crisis for Pakistan and has been for the past decade. We have already suffered a lot as a result of the conflict in Afghanistan - not just the present situation but dating back to the Russian invasion and the US intervention when lots of ammunition, guns and drugs came in to Pakistan. The current situation further threatens the safety of our people politically and economically."

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Humanitarian Crisis Still Looms

17-11-2001 11:45

Despite recent changes in Afghanistan, a humanitarian crisis still looms large over much of the country, Oxfam said today.

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Christian Aid reports on Doha

17-11-2001 11:42

Trade ministers from around the world are gathered from the 9-13 November 2001 in Doha on the Persian Gulf for a crucially important meeting of the World Trade Organisation.

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Uncertainty and heartburn: the making of a government

17-11-2001 11:37

While there are rumours that tribal leaders are working on a peace settlement with possible government alternatives, most experts feel the final days of the conflict will be vicious and bloody

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The American Talk Show (comic strip by Latuff)

17-11-2001 03:43

The American Talk Show (comic strip by Latuff)
Copyright-free image by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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MoD Police to get even more powers in new terrorism bill.

17-11-2001 01:40

Terrorism bill gives new powers to MoD police
Ministry of Defence police will have sweeping new powers, allowing its officers to arrest people anywhere in the country

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Terrorist bill and the internet .

17-11-2001 01:35

The net's eyes are watching
The new anti-terrorism bill may force internet firms to spy on us. S A Mathieson reports

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Victory for Indigenous Peoples in Chiapas

17-11-2001 01:24

ETC group News Release:
9 November 2001
US Government's $2.5 Million Biopiracy Project in Mexico Cancelled
Victory for Indigenous Peoples in Chiapas!

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17-11-2001 01:20

To help publicise Sundays Stop the War demonstration
we are going to blockade Camden High Street this Saturday
(17th) at 2pm, meet outside Camden Tube, please get along
and bring everyone you can.

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lone voices in the wilderness

16-11-2001 23:22

Are there any of us paranoids going on the 18.11 demo who feel discontent at the non-acknowledgement of a purposeful agenda behind 9-11 who would like to form a loose alliance of unveilers cos exposure is the game and we dont want to be perpetually chattering to ourselves on the net for ever?

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Our Masters of Propaganda

16-11-2001 19:59

One of the surest ways of knowing you're being blanketed by propaganda is to be told that whatever makes Washington look bad is propaganda.

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Bizarre story: monkey anarchist squatter in Calcutta

16-11-2001 17:44

Monkey anarchist halts Bank of India building project and raids bank workers offices

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AFGHANISTAN: War heightens risk of renewed poppy cultivation

16-11-2001 16:39

ISLAMABAD, 16 Nov 2001 (IRIN) - With Afghanistan's agriculture and economy in disarray, the head of the UN's drug control programme (UNDCP) in Afghanistan, Bernard Frahi, has warned that the temptation to replant poppies may prove too hard to resist for destitute Afghan farmers.

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AFGHANISTAN: Unexploded bombs posing threat

16-11-2001 16:35

ISLAMABAD, 16 Nov 2001 (IRIN) - Some 5,000 unexploded and highly volatile cluster bomblets may have littered Afghanistan as a result of the US bombing. This unexploded ordnance (UXO) poses a grave threat to civilians, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW).

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AFGHANISTAN: Focus on war crimes accountability

16-11-2001 16:32

ISLAMABAD, 16 Nov 2001 (IRIN) - With emerging reports of massacres in the northern Afghan city of Mazar-e Sharif, debate persists over whether warlords and fighters should be held accountable for war crimes committed.

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Ignoring Africa Increases Terror Risk, Experts Tell Congress

16-11-2001 16:11
November 16, 2001
Charles Cobb Jr.
Washington, DC

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Uzbek media campaign secures popular support for anti-terrorism campaign - or do

16-11-2001 16:08

The tightly controlled Uzbek media has trumpeted the dangers posed by terrorism, while revealing few details about the US military presence in Uzbekistan.