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28-11-2001 22:06

Today Afghanistan! Tomorrow--the world?

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Do Greens have the guts?

28-11-2001 21:15

Die Grünen (German Greens) showed it was unwilling to oppose the war on Afghanistan because it was unwilling to relinquish power. Do the British Greens have the guts to expell Die Grünen from the European Parliament's Green group?

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CFE strikes!

28-11-2001 20:52

The Campaign for Free Education organised a small but quite noisy and bolshy demo today at the Department for Education and Skills.

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SWP malicious e-mail virus?

28-11-2001 20:43

SWP sending malicious e-mail virus

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Open Letter to all GR members regarding Brussels Bus

28-11-2001 20:09

Open letter to all Globalise Resistance members regarding the actions of GR leadership over Socialist Youth bus to Brussels

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Hackney Unison Branch Secretary under threat

28-11-2001 18:00

Hackney Unison Branch Secretary under threat
Please circulate the following message.

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Can Freedom be Exchanged for Security?

28-11-2001 17:31

It's easy for elected officials in Washington to tell the American people that the government will do whatever it takes to defeat terrorism. Such assurances inevitably are followed by proposals either to restrict the constitutional liberties of the American people or spend vast sums from the federal treasury.

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Background and more info EU Brussels Protests

28-11-2001 17:09

Background and more info EU Brussels Protests
Background info on EU Summit in Belgium 13,14,15 Dec 2001
Previous info + map:
Cheap travel options at:

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Lamberhurst bypass to trash trees n land

28-11-2001 16:36

Lamberhurst bypass to trash trees n land

In Spring 2002, construction of the A21 Lamberhurst bypass is due to commence within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the rural Kent countryside. The bypass is viewed with similar disdain as the Newbury bypass by many environmental action groups.

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Asylum seeker snatch squads cause death - london

28-11-2001 16:18

UK Green Party Press release, Tuesday, November 27, 2001
Tragic death leads to call for halt to asylum seekers snatch squads in London

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Stop War Demo - Benn Transcript

28-11-2001 15:38

Transcript of Tony Benn's speech in Trafalgar Square on 18th November 2001

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Anti-WEF in New York - end of Jan 2002

28-11-2001 15:08

Resistance Grows to World Economic Forum Meeting in NYC

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28-11-2001 14:21

Irish antiwar movement call for national demonstration.

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No To The WTO!

28-11-2001 13:39

Report of No To WTO! Public Meeting; World Trade = Finance Fraud, Terrorism and Genocide
held on 10th Novemebr, the second day of the WTO talks in Doha, Qatar.

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28-11-2001 13:12

..............buried news post Sept 11. Spin doctoring: a manipulation of news designed to seduce public palatability for unsavoury acts of government.

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The Alternative is Struggle!

28-11-2001 11:01

...unite and strike like a clenched fist of all the forms of mass struggle!

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Hasty Judgement On Somalia Dangerous, Warn Experts

28-11-2001 10:28

The accusation that Somalia is a terrorist state is based on deduction and supposition not proven fact, according to Ken Menkhaus, an associate professor at Davidson College who is a specialist on Somalia and its Islamic movements.
November 27, 2001
By Charles Cobb Jr.
Washington, DC

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DEMAND an inquiry in possible CIA / 9-11 connection (?)

28-11-2001 06:12

Save this Activist Kit and PASS IT ON AND ON. 9 distrubing facts around the CIA and 9-11 (all sourced with URL's to mainstream articles. Contact Lists with Congress, all UN Missions, all British Consulates, hundreds of media contacts. Send these 9 disturbing reports with a DEMAND for inquiry.

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Presidency For Sale?

28-11-2001 05:16

The abuse of democracy in the United States

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Getting To Brussels for (nearly) nothing!

28-11-2001 03:55

Ryanair, book quick and u only pay taxes each way! Security
Sundaty People 25/11 and Mail 24/11 have day trips to calais/oostend £1 or £5. 2.5/11.5 hours to brussels.
Rip Eurostar off if you can, and make help make fares cheaper for us all. Anyone one know of any mass fare bunks;-)????