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Asylum Seekers Demonstrate on Tyneside as parliamentary committee issues report

31-03-2007 21:02

On Saturday 31 March 2007 activists from TCAR (Tyneside Community Action for Refugees) took to the streets for their latest demonstration against dawn raids and deportations.

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'The Ant': twice attacked by Tony's police 'brutality' state in 2 days

31-03-2007 19:48

Recieved a news update from Jago in the form of an email... thought I'd share.

Apparently Babs and Brian went to court on Friday to ask a few questions of DJ Purdy anregarding requesting the return of Brian's illegally seized display of evidence of genocide and torture that was stolen without the benefit of a warrant. Oops!

Apparently this is what started the payback of that naughty DJ Evans issuing all those summonses to incorrect addresses and the fiasco that was was Monday morning kangaroo court, which escalated into Thursday afternoon contempt trials.

Bullies always need to pick on someone to make themselves fel big... how pathetic.

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African reparations tribunal launches pledge drive

31-03-2007 19:40

Uhuru African Liberation Solidarity Campaign launches pledge drive to support the International Tribunal on Reparations for Afrikan People

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Multimillionaire warns poverty threatens “violent reactions”—but don’t tax the r

31-03-2007 19:37

One of Britain’s richest men, venture capitalist and Commission on Unclaimed Assets Chairman Sir Ronald Cohen, warned recently that the gap between rich and poor is now so deep that it threatens to provoke “violent reaction” in society.

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Evil Weapons

31-03-2007 19:05

The next stage

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31-03-2007 18:44

China News From
Global Trade News
The Economy
All About Solar Energy at
Civil Nuclear Energy Science, Technology and News

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Iran hostages: Gift for militarist faction

31-03-2007 17:18

The timing could not have been better. At the start of the country’s longest public holiday for the Iranian new year, the ministries, parliament and press in Tehran were all out of action, ensuring little or no criticism of president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the military for creating such a dangerous situation at a time of major crisis.

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Some people in Poland are so drastically poor that they eat dogs to survive

31-03-2007 15:40

What would You do if left with 45 pounds monthly? Would You eat Your dog? Or maybe some unwanted dog? Polish poverty, banned from propaganda media of nationalistic dicatators, found in more independent media.

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'Save Coventry Mail Centre' March and Rally

31-03-2007 15:04

assembly point
A march and rally, organised by the Communication Workers Union (CWU), were held in Coventry city centre today to protest against the planned closure of Coventry's postal sorting office. The Royal Mail management are proposing to combine Coventry's and Northampton's sorting offices at a new site near Milton Keynes (Ml corridor), causing over 500 staff in Coventry to be made redundant. Northampton's sorting office had burned down in 2003 and staff are working from temporary accommodation.

According to Des Arthur from the Coventry Mail Centre Campaign, the Royal Mail management had admitted that the closure had nothing to do with the levels of efficiency and productivity at Coventry, which were excellent. Further, the proposed closure of Coventry, Gloucester and Beading sorting offices were in breach of the National Agreement and no immediate opportunity had been given to the UCW to offer a case for keeping them open.

The UCW has now drawn up a 26-page plan for keeping the Coventry office open and has collected more than 60,000 signatures on its petition. The union has vowed to ballot for industrial action if the management opts for compulsory redundancies.

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Blair no credibility in citing international law, says UK daily

31-03-2007 14:46

The view from the Islamic side

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Youth Cease Fire 21/4/07

31-03-2007 14:00

Youth cease-fire and community action,,SE London

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No copyright

31-03-2007 13:47

No copyright

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University project wants YOU to help spot suspicious behaviour on CCTV

31-03-2007 13:44

Appearing around Nottingham University around the weekend, a leaflet offering 4 quid for 30 mins volunteering tells you to email Anthony Carse, or phone mobile no. 07921 706 198 to take part.
"Absolutely anyone is suitable to undertake the experiment". "WHY NOT SEE IF YOU ARE UP TO THE CHALLENGE"

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Polar bear asks the Bradford climate criminals to stop.

31-03-2007 13:25

The Banner
A polar bear today visited a number of travel agents, and the Tomas Cook call centre in Bradford, to ask these climate criminals if they would kindly stop destroying his habitat.

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. . . . it aint tomorrow yet, but the USA coup is collapsing (CUYOHOGA!)

31-03-2007 12:40

. . . . RE: USA 2004 STOLEN ELECTION. . . . COMPUTER FRAUD - from "conspiracy theory" to actual prison sentences for election functionaries - in ohio, the "swing state", in the "swing wards" - latest news - see yesterdays COLUMBUS FREE PRESS include ACTUAL CHARGES of unmonitored wiping of memory drives prior to the completion of the 2004 rechecking of the votes !

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RTF details

31-03-2007 11:32

We have lift off...

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Biased reporting about Iran: Make a complaint

31-03-2007 09:56

The British media is once more following the New Labour propaganda campaign against Iran

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Guantánamo’s kangaroo court convicts Australian David Hicks

31-03-2007 09:55

The sham trial of Australian detainee David Hicks at the Bush administration’s prison camp at Guantánamo Bay is drawing to a close. Yesterday presiding judge Colonel Ralph Kohlman formally convicted Hicks on one charge of “providing material support for terrorism”, and released the details of a plea bargain that will return Hicks to Australia to serve his jail term. The deal provides for a maximum of seven years, but all but nine months have been suspended.

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Guantánamo prisoner charges confession extracted through torture

31-03-2007 09:52

A Guantánamo detainee has charged that he was tortured into confessing to a role in the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole. Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, 41, a Saudi national of Yemeni descent, said he faced years of torture following his arrest in 2002 and that he fabricated stories to satisfy his captors.

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Rave Against the G8 - Resistance Art Festival TAZ

31-03-2007 09:17

Resistance Art Festival will be kicking off alongside the 2007 G8 protests...
Come one, come all...

See Free4alternatives:

Free4alternatives is an activists group coming from the Free Spaces scene (Free Party, Teknival, Squat, Trailer site, TAZ,...) fighting against liberty deprivations and standardization of masses for the right to alternatives and autonomy...