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SOCPA - brian haw to be moved, or not?

14-11-2006 16:49

superintendent terry
a mystery surrounds police plans at the state opening of parliament tomorrow. a protestor has been told that he cannot stand opposite the carriage gates in parliament square. superintendent peter terry claimed that brian haw would be moved away towards westminster abbey too, but brian haw has been told nothing.

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Anarchist Films On The Net

14-11-2006 15:47

Two new films have been added to this archive of Anarchist films.

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14-11-2006 15:38


This is the big push forward to demand Justice for Cleaners: an international campaign for the right of cleaners to organise within ISS - one of the worlds biggest multinational Cleaning Companies.

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Guantanamo Torture & Imprisonment Public Meeting this Thursday

14-11-2006 14:45

There will be a public meeting at 7.30pm this Thursday 16th November 2006 at Carr's Lane Church in Birmingham City Centre, to debate the issues of Guantanamo and the deterioration of human and civil rights in this country with their elected representatives.

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Washington debate sets stage for escalation of violence in Iraq

14-11-2006 14:05

In the wake of the popular repudiation of the Iraq war in last week’s midterm elections, representatives of the US political establishment, both Democratic and Republican, are seeking to work out a new policy that will avert outright defeat and maintain American domination of the oil-rich country.

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The quagmire deepens in Afghanistan

14-11-2006 13:55

In the wake of the US elections, the Bush administration has been anxious to affirm there will be no “course correction” in Afghanistan, despite the escalating armed resistance to the US-led occupation of the country.

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Myths and Truths about the UK military

14-11-2006 10:53

The British military is facing a recruitment crisis, according to a recent report by the National Audit Office. This means, the military will try harder to recruit you – and they might present a very rosy picture to you, which does not match reality.

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Hojjatieh Sect's Funding for Durham University

14-11-2006 10:48

As the clandestine messianic Hojjatieh sect extend their takeover in Iran, they also extend their influence in British university who seem to be too eager to accept their money without questions asked. Will we soon see Mesbah Yazdi, th eleader of the Hojjatieh, get an honorary doctorate from Durham university?

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CNN editors pull Palestinian quotes, replace with US

14-11-2006 05:34

Once again, the media's bias towards the Zionist Extremists currently controlling Israel is exposed for all to see.

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14-11-2006 02:20

In a poor terror tag team propaganda attack, Eliza Manningham-Buller and Prime Minister Blair show they are totally inept at interdicting terror plots even with their new found powers and are using psychological warfare techniques on an unsuspecting public to further usurp the freedoms of the citizens of western nations.

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News from Kebele social centre (Bristol)

14-11-2006 00:03

The Kebele symbol
Kebele social centre in Easton, Bristol, remains (sadly) the only permanent radical volunteer run such centre in Bristol – that means no bosses and no paid staff. As we look forwards to the 11th anniversary of the founding of Kebele, we hope that readers & activists will go out and set up their own radical centre, in their part of town. Bristol needs not one, but many, long-term radical social centres, if we are to truly build an alternative to the dominance of the capitalist consumer culture and its destructive nature.

To celebrate our 11 years of dogged, often creative, activity and resistance, we’ve having a party – on 8 December. It’ll be a late one, with bands, dj’s, PA’s, cabaret, café. Full details to follow shortly.

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13-11-2006 23:50

Racist Home Office deports lesiban to Uganda, know for its 'well documented record of persecuting' its gay and lesiban community using legislation, banning same sex relationships, inherited from british colonial rule.

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Wellbeing@Climate Camp

13-11-2006 23:46

The WELLBEING SPACE @ the Climate Camp
- Analysis and Experiences -

By Activist Trauma Support and the Wellbeing Group at the Climate Camp

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Press Release from Sirius GAO, 13th November 2006

13-11-2006 22:13

China continues with dog "culls", while in Beijing new tougher laws are passed on dog ownership. Demonstration held in Beijing.

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Metroline Bus Drivers on Strike on 14th November 2006

13-11-2006 22:10

London faces first bus strike for seven years

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Protestors stop gas pipeline work

13-11-2006 21:19

Today protestors halted National Grid's work on the new 115 mile gas pipeline running from Milford Haven to Gloucestershire.

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URGENT ACTION - 10 Arabs to hang in Iran

13-11-2006 21:15

Lobby the UN and EU to save these men’s lives

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Work on the controversial LNG Pipeline has been stopped in South West Wales

13-11-2006 19:59

A section of the LNG pipeline has been blockaded at Trebanos, in the Swansea Valley by over a dozen activists. All work on that whole area of the project has been stopped.

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Hundreds of UK trade union activists talk solidarity on weekend in Shoreditch

13-11-2006 19:57

Report from Organisation trade union conference in Shoreditch on Saturday 10 November. JJB sports staff still on strike and health activists inthe North still suspended for fighting NHS cuts. John McDonnell on trade union freedom bill.

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Media DOES promote war

13-11-2006 19:09

As antiwar activists have always known; the UK mainstream media does promote a pro-government, pro-war agenda. Now the academics have proved it, so the government and their toadies can stop whining about the soft media "liberati".