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Disabled activists occupy Birmingham City Council office: photos and video

31-03-2009 23:50

activists assemble at the Council House
Disabled People's Direct Action Network (DAN) returned to Birmingham on Monday March 30th to occupy Louisa Ryland House (Birmingham City Council's main housing and social services office) to demand accessible housing and choice and control over personal assistance for disabled people in Birmingham and across the country

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(A) Book & Video Fair of Caracas

31-03-2009 23:42

* Call to the First Libertarian Print and Audiovisual Documentary Fair of Caracas. D O C U M E N T (a) November 2009.

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Minutes of Manchester NO2ID Meeting, March 2009

31-03-2009 23:18

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Manchester NO2ID meeting, 18th March 2009, 7pm-9pm at the Town Hall Tavern, Tib Lane.

Thanks to Helen for taking and typing up minutes; a version with links is at

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G20: Big Brother's 25th birthday today! I Kid You Not!

31-03-2009 23:12

Some ambiguity surrounds the exact date but it looks like today is as good a day as any 'bright cold day in April' to celebrate rotten brothers many years of intrusion and spying.

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Roger Scruton claims that as long as Poland exists, freedom exists

31-03-2009 23:09

Roger Scruton, British conservatove philosopher, claims that as long as Poland exists, freedom exists. But it seems that his concept of freedom is rather limited, for liberal-thinking people do not face freedom of speech in Poland.

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Last Hours G20 Protest Mobile News Updates

31-03-2009 22:37

Last Hours will be sending news updates to the site as things progress across the day. The updates, sent to the site via mobile phone, will hopefully help to document the days events and contribute towards analysis post-demonstration.

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Day of International Action for the "25 of Caxias", Portugal

31-03-2009 22:27

This next 2nd of April will continue the trial of those accused of the supposed mutiny that occurred inside the prison of Caxias, in 1996, in Portugal.

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Bobby Roberts Sad circus

31-03-2009 21:28

Notorious circus in the North West -PLEASE come to protest

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You don’t want to pay for the crisis of capital? Then just don’t do it.

31-03-2009 20:54

A critique of the calls for demonstrations against the G20 in Berlin, Frankfurt and London under the slogan “We won't pay for your crisis! – For a solidarity society”

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Obama greets Jaibao

31-03-2009 20:46

Obama greets Jaibao
And begs him not to pull the rug out fron underneath the US bonds.

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Fash scum bleating about a beating...

31-03-2009 18:58

Boo Hoo Hoo.

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small agroecological farms are our only natural resource economic base

31-03-2009 17:51

this is a letter I wrote to US president + others out in the world, regarding present economic foolishness + our ecological sustainability, which our best medicine comes when we have balanced ecosystems that are linked.

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Obamas to meet with the Queen 4/1

31-03-2009 17:33

MSNBC announced that the Obamas will meet with the Queen. I'm sure they would be surprised to be unwelcomed and blockaded.

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Palestine Today 033109

31-03-2009 17:16

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center ( for Tuesday March 31, 2009.

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Sex Workers Speak Out

31-03-2009 17:15

Today, sex workers and our allies held a successful SPEAK OUT at the
Eros Fountain, Piccadilly Circus against criminalisation and for
labour rights for everyone who works in the sex industry - a protest against the Policing and Crime Bill.

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Correction to Meltdown twitter

31-03-2009 16:37

There has been no eviction attempt of the Payn House convergence space and it is open and ready for people. The G20 Meltdown twitter incorrectly reported an eviction at the space.

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Direct Action Germany: 18th-29th March

31-03-2009 16:13

Luxury Car torched (Berlin)
29/03/2009 - Luxury Car torched (Berlin)
26/03/2009 - Two Thor Steinar shops attacked simultaneously (Berlin)
21-22/03/2009 - Attacks against Siemens and a cleaning company (Berlin)
20/03/2009 - Car burned on the worker's parking place of the JSA Plötzensee (prison) (Berlin)
18/03/2009 - Autonome storm the stand of the German-Nationalists (Freiburg)
18/03/2009 - Three vans of DHL torched (Karlsruhe)

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G20 CRITICAL MASS - Exposing the Carbon Traders

31-03-2009 15:46

Oops forgot to put date in earlier post.....April 1st,meet 9am for 9.30 depart, Bank Junction, EC2

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Protest against closure of UEL and cancellation of G20 Alternative Summit

31-03-2009 15:17

Following the decision of the University of East London's
Corporate Management Team to close down the entire university on
Wednesday, April 1st and Thursday, April 2nd, staff and students have
launched a petition to keep the university open, arguing that they
"would feel ashamed of UEL if this institution [...] were to become known
as the university that had closed its doors to democratic debate and
education in times of crisis such as these."