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Kettle the Cops - not quite

14-12-2010 17:22

When the cops were revelling in their unleashed brutality on DayX3, they also hit a 20 year old student on the head. At a press press conference on Saturday (video 1 | 2 | 3), it was explained how police neither let people accompagnie him, nor rendered assistance themselves. His mother has also explained how police were trying to stop him being admitted to hospital. After following a vigil last Friday, there was a call to kettle the cops for today. Sadly there was no way the meager turnout of about 50 people could have actually reached around Scotland Yard, not matter how symbolically. See tumbles for updates at the time.

It remains unclear why so few people urned out. Was the event not announced properly? Is there not the most basic human decency and solidarity? Are people too afraid to come because of the snatch squads that have been turning up at protests recently?Just to be clear, whether you were at any of the previous protests, hell any protest ever, or one of your friends was or you have a son or daughter who attended: you should have come. It could have been any of us. And it could have easily ended even worse than it did. If it wasn't for Alfie's caring and courageous lecturer and mother, it probably would have.

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Assange out on bail, Anonymous out in support

14-12-2010 17:22

Assange was released on bail earlier today, after appearing at Westminster Magistrated Court. Over 100 people turned out in support and lined the sidewalk opposite the court, many wearing masks. The event was turned into an impromptu speakers corner by several people addressing various issues around the charges, the leaks as well as wider issues of freedom of speech and information and social justice.

The arrest and refusal of bail on charges of sex crimes had sparked another round of cyber war. There are several issues around the charges and conditions of extradition, e.g. Assange has not yet been formally charged in Sweden. Read more on this story...


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Lawyer for Assange: US has empanelled secret grand jury against WikiLeaks leader

14-12-2010 17:01

As WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was preparing to appear today before a London court to appeal a judge’s denial of bail, his attorney Mark Stephens warned that Sweden had instigated legal proceedings in order to hand Assange over to the US authorities.

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Tech Tools For Activists

14-12-2010 16:23

Tech Tools for activists is a 32 page booklet produced by members of the HacktionLab collective. It has been designed for activists who are not techies.

  1. Browsing the Internet securely
  2. Organising online
  3. Securing your email
  4. Publishing your news
  5. Uploading media to the Internet
  6. Hiding stuff on your computer
  7. And more ...
How to get hold of it

There's a few different ways that you can get your hands on this booklet....

From a social centre near you

Printed copies of the booklet are available from various social and community centres, including:

... etc...

If you get hold of a copy and find it useful and would like to contribute to help us produce more such literature in the future, then please consider making a donation; we suggest one pound per copy of the booklet

Order a load by post

If your group or collective would like to place an order for copies (quantities of more than 20 please), please email us at hackme@ or get in touch via our mailing list (you have to join first). To cover printing, finishing and postage costs, we ask for a donation to HacktionLab of one pound per copy of the booklet, and a minimum order of twenty copies. If you really cannot afford that, we would prefer you take a copy for less (or for free), just so long as you use it and show it to others.

Download and print it yourself

You can also download and print Tech Tools for Activists yourself and distribute copies of it.

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CONDEM is cutting everything yet hyping up Crossrail every single day!

14-12-2010 15:32

There shouldn't be any jobs cuts anywhere at all! Why? Because Crossrail is 'coming'. This is the message being given out by Big Biz that is behind the propaganda for Crossrail. It is a big con. Like the CONDEM!

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Ratcliffe Trial Day 15 – Jury says Guilty

14-12-2010 15:23

14 December 2010

All 20 defendants are found guilty of Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Trespass at Ratcliffe-on_Soar Power Station in April 2009.

They are required to come back to court at 12noon on Friday for sentencing.

All in Nottingham Crown Court again at 10am Tuesday.  After the His Honour Judge Teare made his directions, the jury were first sent out on Friday.  They came back to court a couple of times to ask questions. After the weekend, they came back yesterday [Monday] to continue their deliberations.  Again a couple more questions, but it was becoming clear that they were quite divided. At 3.40pm yesterday, they were looking a bit tired and sent a note to the Judge, asking if they could go home for the day. They had been considering their verdict for 10 hours up to then. The Judge then told them that when they came back today ... he would except a majority verdict.

Today [Tuesday], they retired again at 10.13am.  At 11.10am they returned after a total of 11.07hours.

The clerk read out the indictment:

20x names. are charged as follows, That they:

Conspired to Commit Aggravated Trespass, Contrary to section 1(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1977.

Verdict - GUILTY. [for all the defendants]

Strangely, the verdict was unanimous, when you consider that the judge had said he would accept a majority after their earlier difficulty in reaching a decision.

The Judge said that he was not going to hand down prison sentences now.  However, after hearing of some that had previous convictions he said he may be considering suspended sentences for those. Others were of previous 'good character' might be receiving community punishment order, to do unpaid work. He went on, that this trial had cost the country a vast amount of money.  As their actions have been found to have been unnecessary, then I don't see why they can't contribute.

All are required to return to court at 12noon on Friday 17th December.

Personally. I don't think that their case could have been better expressed.  Having sat through the whole case, I was privileged in hearing the expert evidence that was of some substance and alarming. If the jury can't see that urgency of a need for action, then I am of course pessimistic in how on earth we are going to convince the wider public of the need for action.

Perhaps we are all doomed :-(

I have added my best wishes to all the defendants throughout the progress of this case. As it turns out ... fuck all use my good wishes were. I am sad for the defendants in loosing and being found guilty, but I am also sad for my own health and everybody else’s. If people are deterred from taking more direct action on these issues, nothing else substantial is going on.  As the recent events at the Cancún climate summit in Mexico have clearly demonstrated, if we leave it up to companies and politicians to act, then we will be waiting a very long time. Certainly past the tipping points we heard so much about. Beyond which we might not be able to do very much about our demise.

Will the last one alive on the planet, kindly turn the lights out!

Statement from the Defendants

Press Release

Ratcliffe on Trial Blog


Indymedia daily coverage of the progress of this trial:

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2010 Nottingham Activist Speech On The Ratcliffe Trials

2010 Nottingham Ratcliffe Trial Day 14 – Jury Still Retired

Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK
Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]
"It is not enough to curse the darkness.
                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"

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Statement from the defendants

14-12-2010 15:23

As the UN climate talks finish in Cancun, and fail once again to come up with any legally binding framework to reduce emissions, the British legal system is still upholding business as usual. This can’t continue. Burning coal has no future.

We are twenty of the 114 who were targets of the biggest pre-emptive arrest in UK history, as part of the increasing drive to stifle real action on climate change. We planned not only to stop carbon emissions from Ratcliffe but to be part of a much wider movement for global social justice. Dealing with climate change means looking at its root causes and we need to question why the profits of corporations such as e.on are being prioritised over people on the front line of our changing climate and the protection of our children’s futures.

In the 3 weeks we’ve been on trial over 17,000 people have died from the effects of climate change, species have continued to disappear and a few energy CEOs have continued to line their pockets. It’s the poorest and most vulnerable communities, those least responsible for this crisis, who are being hit the hardest.

Taking action on climate change is not an act of moral righteousness, but of self-defence. History is full of ordinary people who have acted to protect their fundamental rights and we need a strong movement of people doing just that. We want to reiterate our support for everyone fighting for climate justice.

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Hey council! Leave our green alone!

14-12-2010 15:22

Castle Green
Keep Castle Park Green!!!

Thank you to those of you who have supported our campaign to save Castle Park from development. Unfortunately, Bristol City Council and developers still want to build on our green space in Castle Park.

"Proposals for the development of the cluster of vacant, former bank buildings ans adjacent land at the western end of the park are in the process of being brought forward. Previous re-development proposals which involved land all the way up to St. Peter's Square and down as far as the Floating harbour are no longer being pursued.

The revised proposals will involve a reduced develpment area but will not be restricted solely to the existing built footprint."

So the council still want to build on green space and continue to fool around with Castle Green.
And just at a time we all need green spaces to enjoy and unwind in.

This week will see BCC svote to sell off certain green areas in Bristol for a quick profit.

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The Swedish Armed Forces had Foreknowledge of the Drottninggatan Bombs?

14-12-2010 15:03

For anyone following the string of terror attacks since the start of the "War on Terror" it will come as no suprise that there is a claim that the Swedish Armed Forces had foreknowledge of the Drottninggatan bombs, see for example this article from 2006.

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Bristol free Shop needs donations

14-12-2010 14:43

Bristol Free Shop needs donations of clothes and goods
Bristol Free Shop
35 Stokes Croft
Open 2pm to 5pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday

The Bristol Free Shop provides clothes, household goods, furniture, books and much more to all those in need. They are looking for donations of clothes and goods. If you have things that you have finished with and no longer need please take them along.
For further information call into the shop during the opening hours above

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NCAFC STALINISM - 'Professional Activists' stifling The Peasants' Revolt

14-12-2010 14:23

It seems as they are sitting there in their middle class comfortable rooms saying to themselves... "I know something you don't know"... And already they have begun to form parties, to say to people "don't go to other protests" - we are supposed to run to them for protection just like "the party" protects under Stalinism

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Activists found guilty in Ratcliffe coal climate trial

14-12-2010 14:14

Twenty climate activists who planned to shut down one of Britain’s most polluting power stations for a week were found guilty of conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass today.

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Utterly disgraceful and disgusting BBC interview of Jody McIntyre

14-12-2010 14:07

The BBC News interviews Jody McIntyre, the man who was pulled from his wheelchair at the last fees demo.

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Police shooting in London yesterday

14-12-2010 13:39

There was a police shooting of an unarmed man in Eltham yesterday that is not making the newwswires.

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Update from EDO blockade

14-12-2010 13:27

The blockade action at EDO/ITT in Brighton today went off rather differently than usual....

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Destination Tsunami

14-12-2010 13:23

Stories and Struggles from India’s Southern Coast
It is nearly 6 years since the Tsunami devastated the Indian states of Tamil Nadu & Kerala. This moving exhibition of photographs by Sohrab Hura tells the stories and conveys the hardships endured by coastal communities as they try to withstand the pressures of tourism development and the loss of land & livelihood.
Tourism Concern is Britain’s only charity focusing specifically on tourism issues. It supports host communities in their efforts to challenge or benefit from tourism development, and collaborates with industry in the development of more sustainable, fairly traded forms of tourism. Picture Space is at the Pierian Centre, 27 Portland Square, St Pauls, Bristol BS2 8SA. The exhibition is free, and it’s open 10am–6pm Tuesday–Friday and some weekends. More information on 0117 924 4512 or

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Support for students is very strong

14-12-2010 13:20

The old control of the media is not enough to get hegemonic control of society in the context of the new student risings.

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How to hide your identity

14-12-2010 12:29

How to become a ninja
How to hide your identity from the surveillance machine. Please add further suggestions / amendments as I do not profess to be an expert.

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Bristol Women's Speak Out

14-12-2010 12:22

Bristol Women's Speak Out is happening this Saturday 18th December from 12-5pm at the Smiling Chair Library, 40 Stokes Croft. It is an event organised by women, for women, with women.
There will be a self-defense skillshare, theatre games workshop and discussions about body image, eating disorders and living within a patriarchal society. The event is free and lunch will be provided, as will tea, coffee and cake throughout the day. Support will also be on hand throughout the event for anyone that needs it and there will be lots of useful information available to read and take away.

Come along to this women only event and join us in speaking out!

Please text 07831377549 to book a place or email for more information.
We hope to see you there

Bristol Women's Speak Out

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Siva must stay! Father to be Separated from Children

14-12-2010 12:22

Pics and report from demo today on College Green
Siva has been in detention since last Wednesday and is on hunger strike. These demos are a really important way for us to gather support for his right to stay here in Bristol.
featured image
Protest on College Green

Siva is a 26 year old fatherwho will be separated from his two childre if he is deported back to Sri Lanka. He has been living in the UK since he was 14 years old. Last Tuesday, he was sent to Campsfield detention centre where he began a hunger strike. Monday marks the fifth day of this. Siva is a much loved member of his community in Bristol, often cooking for 130 people at the Bristol Refugee Rights welcome centre. He is a keen cricketer, having been a member of two cricket teams here. No one is illegal - Bristol refugee Rights writes;

Around thirty friends and supporters staged a cricket themed demonstrationas he was part of two local teams. We held placards that showed Siva's face and that of his two young children, who he is at risk of being separated from.

Bristol has become Siva’s home and he has many friends here. He is a valued member of two local cricket teams and the Refugee Welcome Centre where he regularly volunteers to cook lunch for 130 people. Caroline Beatty, Manager of the Refugee Welcome Centre, said. “Siva has lived half his life in UK . It is abhorrent suddenly to uproot someone like this.'

Siva’s local MP Stephen Williams is supprting the call to halt the deportation.

“Siva is an amazing young man, full of life and positive energy; he is a spark of inspiration to us all.”, Said Rowan Matthiessen one of the protesters.

This is his 5th day of hunger strike, but we spoke to Siva by phone, and from the filthy cell at Heathrow detention centre and he was cheered on by knowing we were there.
What you can do, Sign petitiion at

Please send letter of support to local MP Stephen Williams directly on quoting his full name, (Siva Rajah) and HO reference, S1338998

Full Story | Siva must stay in Bristol- demo today 13th | Siva must stay! | WikiLeaks: US Cable accuses Sri Lanka president of war crimes (channel 4) |

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