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Documentation of Cameron Message

14-09-2014 11:25

David Haines Beheaded

IS just released a video where they behead yet another hostage.

This time its David Haines , a hostage from the United Kingdom captured in Syria in 2013.

This is the video text --

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Deep Forest Poetry

14-09-2014 11:04

Where public life suffers oppression, freedom is on the run. The long march to the future beyond a time that has no future becomes the only escape from the destructive forces of capitalism. The project to get and remain ahead the distorted imagination of the death squads of civilisation becomes an existential impulse. The woods or what is remaining thereof becomes the most important if not condition of victory then obstacle of defeat, and the elementary techniques of life here have changed little over the recent millennia.

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ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) and the Dutroux Scandal - Schillings' threats

13-09-2014 20:01


A brief youtube video which indicates the connection between the charity Ark (Absolute Return for Kids) and the Dutroux Scandal and legal threats from Schillings to remove this story from the internet.

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Guardian sinks further away from Journalism

13-09-2014 19:42

1940GMT 13 Sept 2014 The London Guardian's Alan Rusbridger (who has erased the Manchester bit almost without trace) has announced a raft of measures that take him much nearer to Murdoch than would have been previously thought. In justifying the move, Rusbridger has resorted to complacently quoting Mr Scott, the very overly triumphed longest serving Editor of a Century ago. But Mr Rusbridger is, typically, being over the top in his boasts.

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The Need for Scottish Independence

12-09-2014 18:03

It's not too difficult to get your head around is it? Decentralisation, the breaking up of the British state. What's not to not want?

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Sussex Police Act first, Cover up Later!

12-09-2014 12:04

On the 05.12.13 I was stopped by Sussex Police for a variety of reasons. 1. Using a public telephone box (suspicious behaviour apparently) 2. A known associate had been in the area earlier that day. 3. Suspicion that my bicycle was stolen (it has been proved that this was incorrect) 4.I am a priority target for Sussex Police and will be stopped every time that they see me (a clear breach of the Police and Criminal Evidence act 1984 code of practice 'C' and tantamount to harassment).

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National Miscarriage of Justice Day Public Meeting

12-09-2014 11:23

UAI, the national federation of organisations campaigning against miscarriages of justice, is holding its 13th annual public meeting and workshops in the John Foster Building. This excellent venue has been generously provided by the Liverpool John Moores University. All workshops and meetings are free and open to everyone opposed to miscarriages of justice.

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Beyond Development: Alternative Visions from Latin America

11-09-2014 23:12

First translated edited edition:
Transnational Institute / Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. August 2013
Originally printed in Spanish ‘Mas alla del desarrollo’ by Fundación Rosa Luxemburg/Abya Yala Ediciones in November 2011.

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The Islamic State Messages in the Light of the Climate Catastrophe

11-09-2014 16:50

When rainforest covers tropical land, it accumulates all that it needs in a layer of organic soil that over the centuries slowly spreads across infertile rocks and sand. This thin blanket keeps nutrients and water in small scale systems where they circulate through all stages of plant and animal life. Desertification is being defined as the loss of this treasure, and in contrast to its accumulation can kick in in relatively limited time-spans. Once a forest is entirely removed, wind and weather erode the Earth and leave the ground in a condition unsuitable for human life. This is the kind of landscape that forms the background of the Islamic State messages, and unlike in other places in this one it has been there for longer than any of humanity´s written historical records can explain. It is only known that humans lived in the area before it became a desert for a time compared to which even the horizon of documented history appears quite short. Though the background of the messages might appear coincidental, the occurrence of other such details signifies that it is not, even if the originators of the videos just took what they could find in the area for their filming. In the middle of that dead landscape, the orange colour of the missing rainforest soil reappears as the last cloth of the executed. When all the vegetation is gone, it is all that is left and once it is openly visible very soon it will be gone as well, and so do the lives of these filmed in it. It was Al-Baghdadi who declared that the purpose of the conflict was for everyone to find a green garden at the cool river, as opposed to the desert of the present, and the climate meltdowns expected of its future. What can be seen now is still far away from this vision, but from beyond the bias of the cultures whose core narratives relate to that history of regional loss, it is precisely pinching the root cause of the problem: The existence of empires so large that the small caste that rules them is still larger than the uncontacted people they conquer is in the ultimate consequence a lethal threat to the planet because these empires scorch the Earth.

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squat!net downtime / hardware update

11-09-2014 09:16

Dear squat!net users,

Yesterday, Wednesday September 10th squat!net had a /planned/ downtime from approximately 12 AM until approximately 4 PM or earlier, which allowed us to install new hardware.

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London Borough of Hunger Hamlets, the new Chronicle

11-09-2014 07:58

The Tower is the Tower of London which is sited on the south-western
corner of the Boro that is called Tower Hamlets. Apart from that link,
the Tower of London isn’t really part of the main statistical data that has
come into the public, even inquiries, domain.
It is the English borough with the highest rates and incidents of Poverty.
So how come that the Poverty of Tower Hamlets, the London Borough, doesn’t get
in the main news that appears about the same area?

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Stop NATO action against austerity

10-09-2014 14:58

cat litter and debris at the jobcentre
On Monday of the Stop NATO week of action - Mon 1st Sep - an action took place against austerity, evictions and benefit cuts.

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USAF Croughton - march and rally Saturday 4th October

10-09-2014 12:33

A march and rally to mark 'Keep Space for Peace' and 'Drones Action' week. USAF Croughton is a U.S.diplomatic, military, intelligence and drone warfare communications base

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The BRICS: Challengers to the Global Status Quo

10-09-2014 11:53

Can the BRICS wrest control of the global economy from the United States and Europe, or will their internal contradictions tear them apart?

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Keith Vaz will not probe RotherHamlets on Tuesday at the Home Affairs Committee

08-09-2014 22:25


How to stop another Rotherham: by telling the truth about Tower Hamlets

Asian Gangsters mass rape, pimp and abuse 1400 girls in Rotherham! Is that true? How true is it that the Asian Gangers were not seen when they grew into gangsters monsters? Were their neighbourhoods asleep? Were their parents, neighbours asleep? Or were the gangsters given criminal licence by the authorities TO BECOME the nightmare criminals that they did become?

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SOCPA7 Events taking place this week

08-09-2014 19:54

Inside the walls of Europe’s largest animal testing laboratory, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), over 100,000 animals are imprisoned and more than 500 animals are killed every day.

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Westmister Assured Scots are scared of losing their jobs

08-09-2014 17:50

Gordon Brown and the WAS campaign

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Report and media analysis of march on NATO Newport Thursday 4th September 2014

08-09-2014 13:47

A 2,800 word report on the demonstration against the NATO summit in Celtic Manor, Newport on Thursday September 4th with an analysis of the media coverage and 20 enclosed photos.

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Theresa May has got to stop the Morton Hall lies over Rubel Ahmed

07-09-2014 22:07

The 26 year old dies of a preventable illness. Staff ignored his cries for help. Then hie died. So what does the Detention Centre say? It says the young Rubel killed himself?
is that the best Theresa May can do?

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URGENT : Widespread Arrests of Anarchists & Radical Leftists In Egypt

07-09-2014 13:09

Emergency call-out for international solidarity for anarchists & radical leftists facing severe repression under military rule in Egypt.