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Abdullah Muhsin and the Iraqi Working Class.

13-10-2004 19:28

While protesting that they oppose the occupation, the IFTU have gone out of their way to drum up support for Iyad Allawi, subvert British trade union policies against the occupation, and urge trade union delegates to the Labour conference to vote for the prolongation of the occupation (which, comically enough, the person responsible manages to deny despite documentary proof being available to all)... who are the IFTU and what is motivating them?

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Is attack on Indymedia a Trap

13-10-2004 19:15

This analysis was published on the Spanish site La Haine. It suggests that to focus on the issue of the Nantes photographs is to fall into a trap leading to endless disruptive debate. [and the Italian angle looks much more promising I myself add]. Indymedia should fight back.

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Poll Results: Should AIPAC register as an agent of a foreign government?

13-10-2004 19:10

American poll re: AIPAC (American Israeli lobby)

By a five-to-one margin, people are much more likely to agree than disagree that AIPAC should be asked to register as an agent of a foreign government and lose its tax-exempt status

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Jerusalem: The “City of Peace”

13-10-2004 18:43

This week I was reminded of just how far the names of cities in Palestine are from the realities of how life is in those cities. Jerusalem is the “City of Peace,” and it’s Arabic name, Al Quds, means “The Holy.” Hebron, in Hebrew and in Arabic—Hevron and al Khalil—both mean “Friend”; not the first word which springs to mind when you think of the tragedy there.

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Oct 12th arrests in Venezuela

13-10-2004 18:21

Solidarity with the Revolution within the Revolution

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Statue of Critobal Colón toppled in Plaza Venezeula in Caracas today, resulting

13-10-2004 18:11

Solidarity with arrested people in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

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14 October - Fairford Coaches case at the Court of Appeal

13-10-2004 17:46

Does the High Court uphold the right to protest in the UK? No, in February the courts ruled that Police can prevent a group from attending a demonstration when no one within the group has committed an offence or is actively threatening to do so.

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The struggle of the Venepal workers (Venezuela)

13-10-2004 17:01

On September 7, 2004, the owners of Venepal, a paper mill in Morón, Carabobo, in Venezuela, decided to cease their operations and not pay their 400 workers their wages. This is not the first time something like this has happened. A year ago the company took the same decision alleging financial difficulties. At that time the workers decided to occupy the premises in a bitter eleven-week struggle. Now they are demanding that the government nationalises the company and puts it under workers’ control and management. This is an extremely important struggle which could be crucial for the future of the labour movement and the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela.

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Mock vote for U.S. presidential election

13-10-2004 16:36

The mock trial project, called the Global Democracy Campaign for an Alternative World, is organized by Japanese and South Korean NGOs, and aims to give people from countries outside the United States a chance to express their views on U.S. policies.

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Lightning Tree at beyond ESF tonight

13-10-2004 16:04

Nottingham ace radical folksters the Lighning Tree are live at Middlesex University tonight. Free entry.

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Catalan Solidarity in England

13-10-2004 15:53

Stop Torture!
Catalan Solidarity is a group based in England, that started in the summer of 2004 with the aim of both supporting Catalan political prisoners and raising awareness of their situation.

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13-10-2004 14:39

We want to make a call to those groups who seek the normalization of minorized languages for a better world; civil movements, parties and trade-unions, just to work all together in favour of the linguistic diversity. This diversity still exists nowadays in

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Autonomous spaces - Map (pdf)

13-10-2004 14:21

Maps of the Autonomous spaces arounf London - see indy newsire for latest programmes for the various spaces. This Map came from the Autonomous spaces newspaper you will find out there somewhere.
Each pdf is big but should print out on an A3 sheet x 2

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What is the United States up to at the moment in the Caribbean? attn: Venezuela

13-10-2004 13:40

Twice this year, the government of Barbados has intercepted and seized shipments of arms imported by the United States Embassy into that country, which were not officially declared.

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13-10-2004 12:55


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ESF: Join the anticapitalist Block!

13-10-2004 12:53

1. Call out for an Anticapitalist Block in the international Demonstration at The ESF
2. Interesting workshops and seminars in London.

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Squatters Events at Autonomous Spaces 13th - 17th October

13-10-2004 12:47

Squat worksops actions and bands at autonomous spaces.

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Venezuela: After the Referendum

13-10-2004 12:42

* The August 2004 elections legitimized Hugo Chávez's presidency, approved by the multinational powers-that-be, despite the opposition's claims of electoral fraud. We, at El Libertario (issue 39, September/October 2004), presented an indepth analysis of the consecuences of the referendum, as well as proposals for action in the new circumstances. We shall now quote a couple of notes from that issue that express the essence of the venezuelan anarchists' perspective.

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El Libertario / Venezuela: 9 years, 40 edition

13-10-2004 12:29

* The Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas (CRA) of Venezuela is happy to announce the upcoming (early November) release of issue # 40 of our publication El Libertario, celebrating the 9th anniversary of the CRA and our newspaper.