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“The Israeli occupation forces are still attacking, invading shelling and imposi

05-06-2002 05:33

In Nablus a mass arrest campaign took place where the Israeli occupation forces moved the detainees to Howarah Concentration Camp (...) Israeli occupation forces ransacked the houses of the civilians searching them, vandalizing their property and belongings and conducting arrests.

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Urgent Appeal to Stop Implementation of Israel Racist Separation Plan

05-06-2002 05:21

The Palestinian areas have been turned into isolated camps of slow death. The world cannot remain silent while millions are being subjected to this horror.

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UNICEF: Palestinian children under wraps by Israel

05-06-2002 05:17

300 children have been killed so far, out of the 1600 Palestinians shot dead by Israeli soldiers (...) 35 Palestinian children were killed in April alone (...) more than 100 Palestinian children under the age of 18 are being held in Israeli jails, many of them tortured systematically.

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Some Events of the Past 24 Hours in Palestina

05-06-2002 05:10

Last evening the Israeli occupation forces stationed inside the city of Qalqilya, opened their machinegun fire towards the Emergency Hospital destroying the municipal Library located in the hospital and breaking the windows, where only by pure luck there were no human casualties amongst the patients

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Bogart's Cig...To Be Deleted From Movies?

05-06-2002 04:11

This Crusade is NOT about "smoking"; it's about pesticide, chlorine, pharmaceutical, paper, big agriculture and insurance/investment evasion of huge liabilites and, perhaps, criminal prosecution. Even if you don't care about the "smoking" issue....

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Futility of the two-state solution

05-06-2002 02:30

Now, what logic if any is there for accepting such an obscene obliquity? Would the Palestinian leadership be so gullible and so drunk to sign away Palestinian rights?

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05-06-2002 01:01

The only Plan-for-Change that is understandable, applicable worldwide and cuts straight to the critical restructuring needs: Debt, Land; Reparations; Bans on Corporations and Arms Sales; and Ecological Rural Development. Nothing can stop IAPE from rallying International Civil Society and changing everything.

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Student strike in Germany is spreading

04-06-2002 23:43

Student strike in Germany is spreading
At the moment the strike is spreading fast. At the end of May the university of Essen joined the strike and early this week the universities of Cologne, Siegen and Trier also voted for a strike. At June 4 the university of Düsseldorf, Bochum and Aachen joined the strike.

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04-06-2002 22:59

We are under arrest, but we have committed no crime. Our most basic rights have been trampled, but we have nothing to hide. Our personal information will be held in a Metropolitan Police computer for the next seven years, but we have not been charged with any offence.

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Twelve Ways to Improve Your Job

04-06-2002 22:43

The bottom line is to tilt the balance of power in the workers favour

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Jubilee Arrests

04-06-2002 22:22

Here Come the Double Deckers!
On 4th June about 40 people were arrested. Most were enjoying a quiet drink in a pub after a small Movement Against the Monarchy demonstration.

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Politics Without Politicians: An Update on The Argentine Assemblies

04-06-2002 22:14

Neighbors Continue to Weave a New Solidarity In Argentina

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Gothenburg Solidarity Action in London 5 / 6

04-06-2002 20:36

Support the political prisoners in Gothenburg

International Solidarity Action Day:
Wednesday 5th of June:
Swedish Embassy 17- 18.30, 11 Montague place, W1

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Call for justice for political prisoners in Gothenburg

04-06-2002 20:21

Call for justice for political prisoners in Gothenburg

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04-06-2002 20:11

Support the political prisoners in Gothenburg:

International Action day Wed 5th /June:
Swedish embassy 17- 18.30, 11 Montague place, W1

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No justice in legal aftermath: Gothenburg 2001

04-06-2002 20:08

No justice in the legal aftermath after the EU Summit in Gothenburg/Sweden 2001

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Tower Hill Party Arrests

04-06-2002 16:47

Sixty people arriving for a street party were arrested around the Tower Hill area of London.

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London Jubilee Party Arrests

04-06-2002 16:32

60 people arrested around Tower Hill