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Dover's Election Farce: Gwyn Prosser's OLD Labour Claim!

07-04-2005 13:57

On with the motley, the paint, the powder and the coxcomb. Dover's New Labour MP now claims to be OLD Labour to win votes. You need to have a low IQ to take this stuff seriously. Source: Dover Express Comment by SS

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Election tour cartoon

07-04-2005 13:33

Politicians engaging with “ordinary” people! Is there an election coming up?

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FBI monitored British activists

07-04-2005 11:09

Agents tapped the phones and read emails of animal rights campaigners

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What do Anarchists Want?

07-04-2005 10:24

G8 is on it's way to Gleneagles and much like Genoa or even Seatlle there will be confrontation. But from the Dissent Network to the anarchist mnovement, where do we go from there?

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The moral short-sightedness of prime-minister Balkenende and the EU reg Israel

07-04-2005 04:15

Although it is of main importance the Dutch prime-minister Balkenende has referred to the universal values in respect of the holocaust, it is striking that he is lacking in moral indignation with respect to the Palestinian victims of the Israeli occupation.

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A New World in our Hearts: Anarchist May Day Festival!

07-04-2005 04:09

A New World in our Hearts: Building for Revolution May Day Festival

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FILM: SpaceHijackers challenge Parliament to Mayday Cricket match

07-04-2005 02:51

Over 600 letters were handed to the House Of Commons on Monday April 4th, challenging every Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat MP to a game of cricket over their lack of honour and morals.

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Oil and the Power of Arizona Big Shots

07-04-2005 02:26

Arizona is the millionaire retirement and second home Fat-Cat capital of the world – and they like to shoot or humiliate Mexican nationals (and Mexican Americans too!) who cross the border to fill the low paying jobs that US businesses offer them (Wal-mart is a big employer of undocumented workers and a threat to Mexican retail stores too!) For some reason, Arizona is one of the most powerful states in the US with 3 or four Supreme Court justices ( if you count the ones to be nominated soon), War-Boy John McCain who could be the next US president,

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Indymedia UK Guilty of Censorship

07-04-2005 01:53

Indymedia UK are under increasing pressure to explain their censorship issues, as more and more independent web sites pick up on the fact things are not as they seem over at IMUK.

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Wal-Mart Sells the Marine Corps

07-04-2005 01:49

The Marine Corps is now on sale at Wal-Mart. This is the first time that the Marine Corps has used an in-store television network for recruitment pitches.

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EU in bed with Micro$oft on patents issue?

06-04-2005 23:12


"The Commission might end up paying dearly for its rash collusion with Microsoft" -- "Commission president apparently loves to play high-stakes poker with the EP" -- "Bill Gates is at the moment making himself ever more enemies in the EP"

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Cambridge Paper Newswire: Traveller Rights Special

06-04-2005 22:51

On the 9th April IMC Cambridge will send lots of people to cover the London Demonstration about Traveller Rights. Here is a 2 sides of A4 paper version of a selection of articles that have appeared on IMC UK on this issue.

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Campaigners in Oxford condemn GSL Ltd to government inquiry

06-04-2005 22:31

Following the BBC exposé of racism and violence by GSL employees in the programme "Detention Undercover", there will be a government inquiry by the prison ombudsman Stephen Shaw into GSL Ltd's suitability to run immigration detention centres. Campaigners in Oxford have made the following submission to the inquiry:

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Today in Palestine

06-04-2005 22:20

This is a summary of today's news about Palestine.

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amend or reject software patents directive

06-04-2005 22:19

FFII asks MEPs to either fully amend or reject software patents directive

(Brussels, 29 March 2005) -- "Complete restoration of the spirit of the EP's first reading, or rejection" is the message delivered by the FFII to the Members of the European Parliament today. Given the Commission's refusal to grab the chance do its homework properly and the Council playing deaf, the EP's second reading carries the undue burden of having to start from scratch. The FFII hopes that the EP will once more make the right choices.

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Stop Europes Software Patents

06-04-2005 22:17

No Software Patents!

Under the influence of the patent system and big industry lobbyists, the European Union is on the verge of making a huge mistake: to pass a law that would legalize software patents.

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Invite to Hacklab info event + party sat 9th

06-04-2005 21:56

Do patent laws have a place in today's information society?

Patent laws were originally put in place to protect innovators from having their ideas stolen. They now provide a tool for large businesses to control how inventions, research, knowledge and even life forms can be exploited for profit.

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06-04-2005 21:48

Guildford Greens launch campaign. Come and join us.

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06-04-2005 21:46

Come and execute a tyrant with words as poisoned as his heart.

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some kid

06-04-2005 21:27

re: Claridges Protest, repost from bristol indymedia