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Go Bananas @ Chiquita fruit CEOs, organisers of Honduran terrorist coup

26-09-2009 21:21

Contact details for Protest against Honduras embassies & CEOs responsible for organising the continuing terrorist coup, that was mainly done to stop a very basic minimal wage for the majority of Hondurans who live in dire poverty
Support UN calls for international intervention against Gorilletis the banana thieves

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Chain reaction

26-09-2009 18:17

An article on Sofia dog population problem. It was written by Nick Iliev from The Sofia Echo,
"Six countries (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Italy, Malta, Serbia and Spain) operated catch, neuter, release in a limited number of locations, although the reasons for this were unclear, as were the problems encountered when adopting this approach." (Stray Animal Control Practices - Europe, WSPA/RSPCA)

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Direct Action; USA, UK & Italy

26-09-2009 17:22

24th-26th September


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Bond of hate: The BNP and the British Freedom Fighters

26-09-2009 16:53

What’s on under the suit? Two faces of Shaun Grimsley.
The BNP has shunned the old image of the “boots and braces” skinhead, instead favouring cheap suits, old school shoes and tacky gold jewellery. Simon Cressy proves that the neo-nazi bootboys in the BNP haven’t gone away.

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Cape Town Militant Mzonke Poni Goes to Trial on Tuesday 29 September 2009 on a Charge of 'Public Violence'

26-09-2009 16:24

Mzonke Poni, Chairperson of Abahlali baseMjondolo of the Western Cape, is scheduled to stand trial on the charge of public violence on Tuesday 29 September 2009. The charge relates to a protest organised in opposition to state criminality against the Macassar Village Land Occupation. He has written this essay on 'public violence' in response to the charges levelled against him.

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Copenhagen Mass action against Coal Plant today

26-09-2009 16:19

Today in Copenhagen is a large mass action against a Coal Power Station near to the city. Breaking news is of one mass 'preventative' arrest of activists from one of the two blocks (green / purple) and the cops attacking another group with truncheons. A hole has been cut in the fence of the plant at the rear. The action is continuing...

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Demon in Support of Calais Migrants

26-09-2009 16:12

No Borders London call for action in solidarity with migrants in Calais!
Join us in a demonstration at 5.30pm, on Tuesday 29th September 09, outside the French Embassy.

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AMN National Gathering – Oct 3rd – Edinburgh

26-09-2009 15:53

The Anti-Militarist Network is a non-hierarchical, UK-wide network of autonomous campaigns, groups and activists opposed to militarism and the arms industry. It aims to provide support to anti-militarist campaigns and groups, a forum for communication, and an infrastructure for direct action.

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Banned WWF ad

26-09-2009 15:29

The WWF has pulled an ad that used images of the 9/11 attacks on the US.

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Maurice Kirk has been incarcerated for 3 months

26-09-2009 14:55

Arrested and sectioned for bringing charges against South Wales Police, now held at a secure medical facility against his will and drugged daily, under 24 hour observation.

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Honduran President Zelaya: Israeli mercenaries are planning to assassinate me

26-09-2009 14:07

Zelaya accuses the junta government of injecting toxic gas into the embassy
Three months since the US-instigated coup in Honduras, ousted president Manuel Zelaya claims being subjected to mind-altering gas and radiation. Furthermore, he fears being assassinated by Israeli mercenaries.

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Promoting Corporate Welfare

26-09-2009 11:55

Unemployment Benefits give Businesses a 90% wage bill reduction. While Unemployment is at high, benefits rates are at an all time, historical low. This is resulting in a nett transfer of wealth from private individuals to shareholders.

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Obama Stuck between Wars on Iraq, Afghanistan

26-09-2009 10:57

On the second anniversary of Blackwater’s massacre of Iraqis in Baghdad’s Al-Nusur Square, CBS on this September 17 asked in a detailed report: “Why Is Obama Still Using Blackwater?” The answer could obviously be found in exhausting the U.S. “volunteer” military manpower stretched out to the maximum to sustain the two U.S. – led wars on Iraq and Afghanistan.

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LGBT Solidarity at Serbian Embassy

26-09-2009 09:17

A peaceful protest took place at the Serbian Embassy in London on Friday 25 Sept to show international solidarity with the LGBTQ community in Belgrade following the cancellation of Beograd Pride, due to take place last Sunday, 20th September. Photos copyright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Notts police in eco protest training with MoD

26-09-2009 08:59

Notts police officers have been training with MoD police

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Zero tolerance for abusive and slanderous articles and comments

26-09-2009 05:25

A few months ago Indymedia London reported on perceptions of Indymedia from people at the Anarchist Conference. With the increase in personal slander and abuse over this past year, we should take time to heed such a report.

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The 300-350 Show: Fixing the US

26-09-2009 00:35

If the US Climate Bill goes unchanged through the Senate, it could make an adequate and fair global deal on climate change impossible. What does the US need to do start playing a leadership role at the UN climate talks in Copenhagen? We chew over the options for enhanced US action on climate change with Daphne Wysham, presenter of Earthbeat Radio and founder and director of the Sustainable Energy & Economy Network.

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Camp Ashraf Protest at US Embassy

26-09-2009 00:11

Camp outside the US Embassy
The hunger strike by 12 Iranians for 'Camp Ashraf' in front of the US Embassy in London reached 60 days. A demonstration to support the protesters will take place today, 26 September from 18.00-20.00. Photographs from 25 Sept.

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Militant Antifacist smashes EDL and BNP on talk show

25-09-2009 21:35

After the pathetic atempts, by the EDL and Casuals United to stir up race riots, were brought down to size by antifacists and young mulsims up and down the country, documentary film maker Sukant Chandan appears on a Press TV talk show and samshes the BNP and EDL's argument to pieces.