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Reclaiming May Day in London

25-04-2004 19:17

Reclaiming May Day in London -- anarchists on the Trade Union march

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Emergency Protest against Fallujah massacres April 17th

25-04-2004 19:07

Edinburgh Stop the War organised an emergency protest against the massacres in Fallujah, Iraq.

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the entire shelved E.U. report on antisemitism in europe

25-04-2004 19:04

this is the report they don't want you to see

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the shelved E.U. report on antisemitism, on the case of france

25-04-2004 18:55

this is part of the E.U. report on antisemitism which was shelved because it might be "inflamatory"

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More on the Fallujah Siege

25-04-2004 17:59

Repost of various articles on Fallujah siege and war crimes including closure of hospitals in Falluja and Najaf.

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25-04-2004 17:30

End the Occupation of Iraq/Freedom for Palestine
Assemble 1 pm
Aneurin Bevan Statue
Queen Street

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Fascist Le Pen egged in Manchester.

25-04-2004 16:48

The angry shouts of the groups outside the Cresta Court Hotel in Altrincham could be heard as Mr Le Pen and BNP leader Nick Griffin held a news conference inside.
When Mr Le Pen attempted to leave the hotel, his car was surrounded by angry protestors and pelted with eggs. Police formed a barricade around the vehicle until it was able to drive away.

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Irish Sunday Independent article on Mayday in Dublin

25-04-2004 16:08

THEY will be in Dublin on Saturday, blocking roads and costing taxpayers a fortune. The heads of 24 other European countries, as well as international media and visiting anarchists, are all strutting their stuff. And, just a few weeks later, George Bush comes to Ireland.

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Call Out For Action in Solidarity with 2004 G8 Summit June 8th-10th

25-04-2004 14:14

On June 8th – 10th 2004 the G8 Summit will be staged on Sea Island, 80 miles south of Savannah in the United States. This location has been specifically chosen by the G8 because it is impossible for protestors to access and therefore groups in the United States have put out a call for decentralised actions

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Latest report from Fallujah

25-04-2004 12:15

Dahr Jamail is Baghdad correspondent for The NewStandard. He is an Alaskan devoted to covering the untold stories from occupied Iraq. You can help Dahr continue his crucial work in Iraq by making donations. For more information or to donate to Dahr, visit .

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arab journalist says israel never displaced any arabs

25-04-2004 11:01

arab christian journalist living in america claims that it is a lie that israel displaced native arabs

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Walmart - Outragous Fortune!

25-04-2004 09:40

Programme investigating Walmart's financial history.

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Voice of the Progressive Webgroup Alliance

25-04-2004 09:36

Hello all, apologies to those who already receive this newsletter. Here is the latest newsletter from the Progressive Webgroup Alliance for you to take a look at:

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Pictures Bush doesn't want you to see

25-04-2004 07:59

Coffins being loaded onto a plane flying back from from Kuwait to the US

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Zapatista refugees to return to Zinacantan

24-04-2004 21:44

The zapatista refugees, forced to flee from their homes in the Zinacantan area after the armed attack on the peaceful zapatista convoy on 10th April, are to return to their homes this Sunday 25th April. The zapatista committee of good government for the Highlands region of Chiapas has appealed to national and international civil society to accompany the villagers on their return. International solidarity is important to ensure they are not victimised.

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Occupation of Hamburgs Hafenstrasse on saturday morning

24-04-2004 19:04

The Hafenstrasse in Hamburg this morning
The history of Hamburgs Hafenstrasse in the north of Germany is closely connected to the german Squatting scene and the 80's.
The conflict has not only been a conflict between real estate brokers, Hamburg state government and local squatters. The Hafenstrasse became an example of symbolic policy and the conflict between society and state.

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"Wake Up London" poster subvertised

24-04-2004 18:40

Osama Bin Laden Poster
As seen in London's Farringdon Road this afternoon

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Video clips from aldermaston (CND)

24-04-2004 18:20

aldermaston cnd march (wmv clip, 4.16MB, 1.37 min)

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24-04-2004 14:18

All Trade Unionists and Anti-Fascists are urged to meet on Sunday
25th April at 1.00 pm at: All Saints Park : Oxford Road
Manchester (near B.B.C. T.V.)

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UWIC mistreats staff, issues false statement to press

24-04-2004 14:15

Students in the School of Art & Design at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff have lost their tutors due to a funding crisis. UWIC has tried to cover this up by issuing a false statement to the press. Students and junior staff have reported numerous incidents of harassment and intimidation in the School, both prior to and in the aftermath of this affair.