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Stop the HOLOCAUST of animals

02-10-2006 21:56

Stop the HOLOCAUST of animals
Stop the HOLOCAUST of animals
(not more than 5 words)

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Liverpool Exhibition: Hello Sailor!

02-10-2006 21:49

A new exhibition called "Hello Sailor!" is charting the harshness of gay life in the 1950's.

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02-10-2006 21:47

These posts are from a Brighton based activist spending part of October in occupied Palestine with the International Solidarity Movement, a network of international activists set up to support Palestinian non violent resistance agaisnst Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. In these posts I will be writing short accounts of aspects of the occupation and resistance…

In October I will also be trying to foster grassroots links with grassroots organisations in the Jordan valley region, the most fertile area of the West Bank in danger of annexation by the Israeli state suffering from exploitation by Israeli and international corporations...


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G-A-Y Campaign

02-10-2006 21:39

A peition has been launchged to save the Astoria in Central London, home of the G-A-Y nightclub, one of the London gay scene's biggest regular club nights.

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Creditor instead of Citizen: Democracy as a Discontinued Model

02-10-2006 21:32

Do the capital markets undermine democracy? This question was hardly ever raised because all criticism of free capital transactions and democracy was regarded as politically incorrect.. Democracy would be good. However the governments do not play by the rules of the game.

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March to War: Naval build-up in the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean

02-10-2006 21:30

There is an evident military build-up of conventional, ground, air, naval, and nuclear forces in and around the Middle East and Central Asia. It includes the mobilization of British troops on the Iranian border, and the extension of military tours of service in Anglo-American occupied Iraq and NATO garrisoned Afghanistan. Many of the Arab dictatorships will also secretly support the Anglo-American alliance.

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Caritas Sony - dawn raided this morning

02-10-2006 21:21

Caritas Sony (24) and her two children (2 and 4 months) were dawn raided this morning, and are currently being detained in Dungavel prior to deportation.

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Support the Court Costs for Equal Marriage Heroines

02-10-2006 20:54

The lesbian couple who lost their bid to have their Canadian marriage recognised in the United Kingdom have appealed for help to pay the crippling costs of their battle for equality.

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Canberra’s dirty tricks ahead of Solomon Islands no-confidence vote

02-10-2006 20:54

Neo-colonial grip over the country
Whatever the outcome of this week’s parliamentary session in the Solomon Islands, the Howard government has made clear that it will stop at nothing to oust Sogavare and impose a government more in tune with Australian interests.

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First They Came for Amalie

02-10-2006 20:44

A journalist and Los Angeles area police death squad survivor tells her story.

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Shell still havn't got the message in Mayo

02-10-2006 20:39

Shell are currently attempting to resume control of their refinery construction site at Ballinaboy, in Mayo in the west of Ireland. Building has been shut down by pickets since the beginning of July 2005.

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Full quality video of 23rd September march 3mins of colour

02-10-2006 19:45

Only the bright survive in this super short cut of the most colourful parts of the time to go demo on the 23rd September in Manchester

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Israeli And French Tanks Face Off In Lebanon

02-10-2006 19:32

Usually, Israeli leaders ignore UN Resolutions because they come from the General Assembly, so they don't consider them legally-binding. In this case, however, the order for them to withdraw comes from the Security Council, and is legally-binding.

Israel has already displayed its willingness to murder UN workers who get in their way, or dare to criticize their methods, when they fall into the category of War Crimes.

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Omar Sheikh and British intelligence / Atta's Mossad Double

02-10-2006 19:29

Remember that in the case of Pearl, despite just coming from Israel, when he was arrested by Iraqi Police, he was found in possession of antisemitic literature and a Koran. Before he could be processed and questioned, however, he was whisked away by Western "security forces" - then ended up in a bizarre beheading video, used to whip up Islamophobia in the US/UK, and rally support for the illegal war in Iraq.

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BRITAIN: The mysterious case of the disappearing 'terror’ plots

02-10-2006 19:20

I've been wondering about this myself. The outrageous claims are made, the Government gets its "fear spike", then retractions are made quietly, if at all.

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Bayer failed to report risks of drug

02-10-2006 19:04

WASHINGTON Bayer, the German pharmaceutical giant, failed to reveal to U.S. regulators the results of a large study suggesting that a widely used heart-surgery medicine might increase the risks of death and stroke, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced. NY Times .
Plus Comment by Vera Hassner Sharav

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Stop the G8+5, Defend Oaxaca! Virtual Sit-In!

02-10-2006 18:37

The borderlands Hacklab [], Electronic Disturbance
Theater [] and Rising Tide North
America call for a virtual sit-in against the websites of the G8+5 and
the Mexican government during the G8+5 meetings on October 3-4th,
2006 in Mexico.

To join the action, click here:

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Indymedia at the Camp for Climate Action 2006: Report & Personal View

02-10-2006 18:12

Front view of the IMC Public Access Point

During the Climate Camp, the field IMC media centre was open for a minimum of five hours each day (two and a half each morning and evening), with these limited opening hours primarily aimed to conserve power. Some days it was open longer, and it ran fully all day for two days until about midnight during the main day of action.

Mostly the imc ran on bio-diesel, but there was also a renewables power feed and some battery capacity. Twelve P1 laptops running via an LTSP server from Bristol Wireless provided the core public access, plus varying at different times up to five more modern laptops were running.

Two tents provided the main structures, one for the main imc / Public Access Point and one more as storage and kitchen. Chairs came from a social centre in Manchester, and table tops were donated by TRIM timber recycling of Manchester. 6 tables were set up balanced on top of hay bales (looking very rustic) while another 6 table tops had very sturdy legs masterfully constructed from scrap timber. The satellite dish providing connectivity from Psand was similarly balanced on top of four hay bales, but was in fact rock solid once ratcheted down - again a nice mix of rustic charm with hi tech.

Around 145 pictures were published direct from the field IMC, including two mobile phone pics (non-automated). Dispatch had over 50 phone reports on the main day of action. Several audio interviews and video clips were published. One freelance videographer was arrested and had their footage seized by cops. There was lots of good filming going on, and on the Friday night, over one hour of rushes were screened in two different tents to an appreciative audience! Several different sections of these are now fully published in IMC UK's Climate Camp page.

A big well done to all involved in setting up, running, participating and taking down the centre!

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Palestine Today

02-10-2006 18:07

Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre , For Monday October 2nd, 2006.

One resident was killed after the Israeli Naval forces fired at residents at the beach in Khan Younis, and in the West Bank one resident was killed in Jericho as armed men enforce the general strike. These stories and more coming up stay tuned.

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Mexico: Oaxaca Facing Imminent Attack

02-10-2006 17:27

September 30, 2006 - The below is from Nancy Davies, who is based in Oaxaca and writes frequently on the situation there for Narco News. While the threat of a mass attack has seemed to always be in the air, the situation in recent days has really escalated. Now an attack seems imminent.