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Public sector anger latest. Bus workers hit the streets.

26-07-2008 11:15

On Thursday Bus workers took to the streets for a demo called by the Unite Trade Union. Since the deregulation (privatisation) of the buses by the Tories life has become increasingly difficult on the buses. Not least because a driver heading down Oxford Street employed by one company is more than likely to pass another bus whose operator pays his colleague up to ten grand more for the same hours.

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Staples dealings with HLS cost them thousands

26-07-2008 10:37

Staples supply to HLS, they have been subject to many demos and some direct action. We have decided to take this economic boycott further and stop our company purchasing from Staples.

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Victory Day for Seals in Europe

25-07-2008 22:51

Victory for the Seals
News Release: 23/07/08

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ALF Respond to Roundup of Lawful Activists by Freeing Animals

25-07-2008 22:26

On May 21st in Austria, the government carried out an unprecedented round-up of the country’s most prominent, above-ground, lawful animal advocates. Some of them have been on hunger strike in protest. The Guardian reports that “shelter workers, animal welfare teachers and public campaign organizers” are held “under suspicion of membership in ‘a criminal organisation.’”

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HLS Customer & Supplier Demos in the South

25-07-2008 21:37

Today SHAC southern held a handful of loud and visual protests right across the South against customers and suppliers of the notorious HLS.

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Police try and enter Bodge House

25-07-2008 20:28

Earlier today (25 July) several police turned up to look at a hole in the field, in actual fact it is a tunnel, but hey!

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Sizewell Blockaded yet again

25-07-2008 19:49

As we arrived
6am and nine anti nuclear power activists head to sizewell for a day on the beach, well almost the beach, they actually stop at the entrance of Sizewell A and B nuclear power stations and lock themselves together with a number of things and seal the entrance for health and safety reasons.
Sizewell looks to be the next place for a new nuclear power station, with two reactors larger than the existing sizewell ‘B’ reactor.
After two previous blockades in the last few months, security had been stepped up and they had put a land rover and two security guards at the gate, but must have decided that this was no longer needed as when we arrived they were not there and yet again we were not spotted.

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News from the Austrian Prisoners

25-07-2008 19:27

Sad Birthday Party for Jürgen infornt of the Jail
Last week we “celebrated” Kevin’s, Jürgen’s and Felix’s birthdays outside the prisons. These were not normal vegan birthday parties.

More info (English solidarity website) and

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No Border Patras 08 -Greece

25-07-2008 19:17


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It’s Chilling: Iraq Before Liberation

25-07-2008 18:58

Often forgotten are the children whom the British Government also sought to "liberate" before rendering an estimated 4.5 million extra Iraqi children as orphans through "liberation"

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Hijacker Legend is RACIST but how to lay down this gauntlet?

25-07-2008 18:14

‘There comes a time when silence is betrayal’ (Martin Luther King) - Is it racist and/or Islamophobic to continue to subscribe to the official story of 9/11? Should we not denounce it as a racist rumour?

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MashCan Org: Canadian Doctors Exposed!!!

25-07-2008 18:14

The consuming public is very vulnerable to any value judgment made by a medical professional.

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Irish Plougshhares Retrieve $7 Million Disarmament Hammer from Shannon Gardai!

25-07-2008 16:04

* Photos of retrieved ploughshares hammers, youtube, skype interviews, more background on the $U.S.7 million ploughshares hammer and info on Harry Browne's forthcoming book "Hammered by the Irish - How the Pitstop Ploughshares Disabled a U.S. Navy Plane with Ireland's Blessing" ( ) on the Pitstops on

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This Week in Palestine – Week 30 2008

25-07-2008 16:00

This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for July 19th, through July, 25th, 2008.

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It all ends with a T-shirt - Chavez & the King of Spain hug & make up.

25-07-2008 14:50

neither of them do shut up. therein lies the twain lie of global class war
The Spanish speaking world gave the English speaking world a simple phrase to remember & as many millions did put on their mobile as a ringtone at the 17th Iberian Americas summit in 2007. Hugo Chavez speaking out of turn heckled the Spanish PM Zapatero gurgling away in fine form over how Aznar was a fascist. To which Zapatero (ZP) replied in exasperation that Aznar had been democratically elected (presumedly by the fascist half of Spain's voters). Hugo "the man" Chavez didn't stop his harrangue. Finally the King of Spain, Mr Bourbon shouted "porque no te calles" complete with upside down question and exclamation marks in the familiar form meaing "Why don't you shut up?!"

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Open letter to The Camp for Climate Action from NUJ.

25-07-2008 14:47

An open letter to The Camp for Climate Action from the National Union of Journalists.

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The Story of Stuff

25-07-2008 14:15

The more you buy, the better person you are, we are told. Corporations obeying the law of profit depend on products breaking down and being replaced. Nature is our partner and foundation of future survival, not merely a free good, external or sink.

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Around the Campaigns Friday 25th July 2008

25-07-2008 13:15

Elizabeth, Hilary & John - Still detained, Still facing removal


Anselme Noumbiwa - Back in Middlesbrough where he belongs

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Rough Music Outlawed In Brighton

25-07-2008 12:03

On 23rd July 2008 in Hove Crown Court Judge Hayward and two lay magistrates dismissed the appeal of an anti-arms trade protestor against his conviction under a council bylaw enforced under section 235 of the Local Government Act 1972 which makes it an offence not to desist from shouting, singing, drumming,or playing loud music in a street or public place when asked to do so by a police constable or anyone else. Marcus Wise is the first political protester in Brighton to be convicted under the bylaw since it came into force in 1998.