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Novelist Masako Bando causes uproar by admitting to killing kittens in column

24-08-2006 14:47

Award-winning novelist Masako Bando has caused an uproar by admitting in a newspaper column that she killed kittens that her pet cats gave birth to.

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Indymedia is overtaken by racists and Bush-Blair propagadndists

24-08-2006 14:42

This is seen daily.

Every time there is a post with a Muslim or Arabic named contributor, within seconds almost there appears a most various hateful retort.

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Cambridge eye witness to Israeli anti-war movement

24-08-2006 13:15

Cambridge activist Genevieve Passamonte was in Israel at the height of the war against Lebanon and Gaza I spoke to her recently about what she saw of the movement against the war and the wall.

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Mersey waste dumped on Wrexham - report on today's protest

24-08-2006 12:46

Mersey Waste Holdings faced determined opposition this morning when the first lorry carrying waste arrived at Hafod Quarry, Johnstown, near Wrexham. Anxious to get the lorry into the site with the minimum of delay, the Police used heavy-handed tactics to drag protesters out of the way with scant regard for health and safety. Welsh media were in attendance but didn't manage to film the blockaders being dragged away.

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©Muhammad Haque/AADHIKARonline 2006

24-08-2006 12:24

The Daily Mail has teamed up with the Blairing BBC bureaucracy in promoting the image of
one of the BBC's ethnicity-linked peddlers, George Alagiah. The project is Bash the Pakis. Alagiah has a strange sounding name. It is curious that someone who is so full of poison against Muslims should have a non-Arabic origin and yet carry an Arabic-sounding surname. He is being flaunted as one of the Blair state's acceptable ethnic surrogates now defending society from Muslims! Ruth Kelly, a reportedly devout Roman catholic, is also being projected as another saviour of society from over-reported Muslim 'threat'! These people are aiding and abetting crimes against society and must be halted. They are breaking ALL the tenets and values that the social struggles of the past 60 years have been about establishing in this country.

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24-08-2006 12:00


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BNP lost 'discrimination' claim

24-08-2006 11:40

A BNP member who worked as a driver was sacked by his firm once he was found out.

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Evidence that Israel has in fact struck military targets - Wed 23rd Aug

24-08-2006 11:33

After three weeks of searching Beirut and South Lebanon for evidence that Israel were striking military targets I have finally found it! I was beginning to give up hope. Twenty long days of visiting bombed schools, hospitals, factories and residential areas. Not a scrap of military metal to be found. I was beginning to think that Olmert was a liar. I was wondering if all that hanging out with Bush and Blair was beginning to rub off on him? Now I am standing on a hill high above the village of Khiam in south Lebanon, and all around me lie the debris of destroyed Tanks, Jeeps, Artillery weapons and APCs. The airstrike that took this place out was certainly efficient. Just one problem. All this hardware is… erm… Israeli.

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Israel’s ‘special’ forces in spectacular cock up - Sun 20th Aug

24-08-2006 11:29

On Friday morning it was announced that Israel had bombed a rural area in the Bekka province. This was a blatant violation of the ceasefire, which had been in place for just 4 days. When asked for an explanation by the UN, the Israelis retorted that they could not discuss the operation for reasons of security. Replace the word ‘security’ with ‘embarrassment’ and the statement makes a lot more sense.

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Ali el-Nahri Remember Their Dead - Sat 19th Aug - Photo Report

24-08-2006 11:27

Over 1000 people are packed into the Mosque at Ali el-Nahri, to remember 5 of the town’s Martyrs who died in the recent war. All were civilians. They had been hastily buried during the hostilities, in some cases before their relatives had even been informed. Today is a chance for them to be remembered. The security seems tighter than usual – my credentials are checked several times. The reason why becomes apparent when the main speaker arrives. Dr Hussain Al Hajj Hassan is a senior figure in Hizbollah and someone who the Israelis have vowed to assassinate. He is a powerful and charismatic speaker. Most of his address is given over to paying tribute to the towns Martyrs. However he is not lost for words on subjects like Israel, Olmert and Bush.

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Phoney's legacy; corruption institutionalized

24-08-2006 10:24

Runs by itself now.
The cops, judges and CPS all gone down the corruption road.

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Jeffrey Blankfort :From Deuteronomy to Lebanon

24-08-2006 09:41

In June of 1982, when Israel invaded Lebanon with 80,000 soldiers, killing 17,000 Lebanese and Palestinian in a matter of a few weeks, my father, who had known some of the early Zionist leaders, ....

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US administration rejects Iran’s offer of “serious negotiations”

24-08-2006 09:37

The Bush administration yesterday signalled its rejection of Iran’s offer of “serious negotiations,” setting the stage for punitive economic sanctions and an escalating confrontation with Tehran.

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Chalk4Peace2006 SEPT 16/17- OUR STREETS 'R OUR MEDIA -WE have TOTAL access

24-08-2006 08:01

Print up this flyer
The following has been e mailed to hundreds and thousands all over the world to activate the first simultaneous Chalk4Peace

People young and old from all over the world are being activated to participate in this GLOBAL Art/Peace project taking place in communities everywhere Sept 16/17th

This effort follows the success of smaller localized Chalk4Peace events in London since 2003
and in various locations around the world notably @ The Museum of Modern ARF

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Climate Change Camp Established

24-08-2006 07:48

More than 100 climate activist spent all Wednesday night secretly erecting a double tripod and marquees in the shadow of Drax power station. The situation with the police is calm. Help is needed realise the full potential of the first camp for climate action.

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Iranian War Games: Exercises, Tests, and Drills or Preparation and Mobilization

24-08-2006 06:31

The sequence of these terror alerts based on phony information, repeated over several years, inevitably creates amidst the British and American public, a sense of disbelief: an uncomfortable feeling that both Scotland Yard and the British Home office are lying. The counter-terrorism apparatus is desperately crying wolf, which could potentially trigger in the United Kingdom, a political crisis of immeasurable consequence.

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Depleted Uranium is WMD

24-08-2006 02:47

by Leuren Moret

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Art of War : The Neo-Con Agenda

24-08-2006 01:51

Neo-Con Agenda
Neo-Con Agenda

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The Lasting Dangers of Unexploded Israeli Cluster Bombs

23-08-2006 23:11

Special Democracy Now! Report from Southern Lebanon: Ana Nogueira Investigates the Lasting Dangers of Unexploded Israeli Cluster Bombs.