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Support our troops, but you don't have "to get behind" troops

21-03-2003 05:25

Pilger has called Blair "effete". Now we know why.

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21-03-2003 04:45

The Hero
Bye Klaco
'Dave died a hero,' the mother said,
And then put the letter down she'd read.
‘The Colonel writes so nicely.' her sorrowful voice broke
and choked. As She stared into the empty space beside her.
‘I am so proud of my brave soldier son.'

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Walking away from War

21-03-2003 04:43

Its time to boycott US products and businesses, dump the US dollar for Euros or gold...

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School Kids Teach Anarchy to Anarchists

21-03-2003 04:28

The days events in Brighton, as the spontanous protests against the war erupts.

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Greens Call Bush Indictable for War Crimes.

21-03-2003 04:16

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." (Roosevelt) Please repost on other U.S. Indymedia sites. Please help US and support our troops by bringing them home now!

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Exeter Stop the War Coalition Announcement Thurs 20th March

21-03-2003 04:16

In total approx 1200 people protesting in the city during the day. The main road bridge over the River Exe was blockaded by school students (the police went in very heavily). Also the Tax Office was occupied – as protesters said "we don’t want our taxes to fund this war" – the occupation lasted for 45 minutes. 8 protesters were arrested after chaining themselves across the main road bridge over the River Exe.

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21-03-2003 03:59

An innocent busdriver was bombed by the US military due to a "massive intelligence failure" allowing one of the most dishonorable war crimes in US history to take place by the only dictator ever to declare war on the United States and make it surrender.

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Dublin anti-war (VIDEO)

21-03-2003 03:46

Over 3000 people gathered outside the American embassy in Dublin early Tuesday evening to show their solidarity with the people of iraqui in their time of need. People also chanted anti-government slogans an this time they had a particular edge to them due to the governments latest blinding obedience to every demand of the most right wing American government in recent history.

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The war started! (by Latuff)

21-03-2003 03:17

The war started! (by Latuff)
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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21-03-2003 03:07

Remember : at Seattle, Black Bloc has stopped OMC in 1999 !

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York Peace Camp

21-03-2003 02:51

Support York Peace Camp!
At Fulford Ings, Millennium Bridge, York

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Blockade of Trafalgar Square - 8pm-9.30

21-03-2003 02:46

Trafalgar Square barricaded for an hour & a half

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Pictures from Oxford

21-03-2003 02:45

Pictures from Oxford
Pictures from the demo and direct action in Oxford this evening (March 20th). (article 1)

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glasgow streets tonight

21-03-2003 02:44

some of the scenes tonight at Charing Cross, Glasgow

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vibrant parliment square protest 20th march

21-03-2003 02:37

lively protest outside parliment ....

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21-03-2003 01:55

Inspirational kids bunk for peace. Up and down the country, people like this are enlightening the future. Maximum respect. At last, a place for A4 banners ;)

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Oxford against war!

21-03-2003 01:31

A couple of thousand people protested against the war in Oxford this evening, with all kinds of action going on, including the temporary blocking of all three main routes into the City Centre. Also featured was heavy police repression against students and others.

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Pro-democracy protestors take to the streets of Bristol

21-03-2003 01:13

Pro-democracy protestors take to the streets of Bristol.

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Damn, it feels good to be on strike!

21-03-2003 01:05

Just got home after walking out of work 11 hours ago, with tired legs and no voice. It's really difficult to put this in any kind of order because so much of today was about spontaneity.

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Yeovil anti war activists blockade Esso

21-03-2003 00:55

Account of direct action by Yeovil and Sherborne stop the war. Main Esso garage blockaded and pumps switched off.