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Police Cancel G8 March

06-07-2005 11:02

Police have declared that the march is to be postponed.

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the march is going ahead as planned.

06-07-2005 11:01

Confirmed: 11:38 According to G8 Alternatives spokeperson Mike Arnott, the announcement that the march has been cancelled is the result of a unilateral decision by the police. As far as G8 Alternatives is concerned, the march is going ahead as planned.

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M2N: News from the G8 Front Line

06-07-2005 10:55

Unspecified brief, add @@brief blablabla to your messages

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Low level policing is over

06-07-2005 10:53

Chief Constable Peter Wilson just released a statement: low level policing outside G8 is now over.

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George Monbiot: ‘Climate change is the most important issue on our agenda’

06-07-2005 10:51

We have so far seen two drafts of the climate agreement that the G8 summit is meant to be coming up with. The first one was disastrous — and the second was even worse.

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The Games Must Go On!

06-07-2005 10:33

The issue dominating the news today is... you guessed it, the bid to host a sporting event seven years in the future, the Olympics!

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Police ban G8 March?

06-07-2005 10:33

The BBC are reporting that the police have ordered the Gleneagles G8 march not to take place today "due to concerns for public safety".

The BBC are also reporting that around 1500 people are ready to march and want to go ahead.

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Gay Turk hunger striker wins concessions

06-07-2005 10:28

International solidarity campaign gets results
OutRage! backs call for Mehmet Tarhan's release
Write him letters of support, urges OutRage!

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George Galloway — Battle cry for radical change

06-07-2005 10:13

G8 - They are a gigantic siphon sucking up vast quantities of wealth from the poor — whether they live in the poorest countries or in the G8 states themselves. The G8 is not the solution — it is the problem.

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Police presence still around Bristo Place

06-07-2005 10:07

Police stopping people outside IMC Centre
10am this morning.

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G8 prisoner support (more info)

06-07-2005 09:57

If you have any more information, please contact the above phone numbers as we and the legal team are still trying to et a definitive list of the names of people who have been remanded.

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The Daft World of Lobbying the State or Make Bob Geldof History

06-07-2005 09:51

Food for thought for believers in state-managed poverty relief.

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harrassment outside IMC

06-07-2005 09:46

police harrass people outside the imc in edinburugh

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Picture of Beacon on Blairdenon Hill

06-07-2005 09:44

The sender gave no brief - see attached photo

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Stop and search - a taste of things to come.

06-07-2005 09:34

Even Joe Public needs a pass now
As protestors drifted away from the Sheraton and the "ordinary public" started to arrive for work, we got a taste of what Britain might be like post the introduction of ID cards.

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Japanese delegates detained

06-07-2005 09:25

A very small group of demonstrators managed to block buses leaving the Sheraton Hotel carrying Japanese delegates to the G8 Summit.

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Early morning at the Sheraton

06-07-2005 09:09

6.30am front
If Scotland's cops want to look a bit slicker, they want to take a few more cabs.

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Blair/Brown proposal inadequate; Full debt cancellation needed

06-07-2005 08:56

Global south campaigners spell out a demand and a moral case for full debt cancellation, without conditionalities and with reparations for the damage already done.

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Situation in Stirling

06-07-2005 08:41

Situation in Stirling, 9.30 am.

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[G8] Pics from the stirling area blockades early this morning

06-07-2005 08:32

Police stopped the demo and deviated it (near Stirling)
These are the pictures that a coleague took very early this morning.